Opposite of BELLY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for belly refer to words that represent the opposite of terms related to the stomach or abdomen. In language, antonyms provide contrasts, offering alternative expressions to expand vocabulary and enhance communication. Finding antonyms for belly can help individuals describe body parts with more precision and variety.

Exploring antonyms for belly can lead to a deeper understanding of anatomical terms and their opposites. By learning antonyms related to the stomach area, individuals can convey information more accurately and effectively in conversations, medical contexts, or written communication. This exploration can also inspire creativity in language use and offer opportunities to diversify expressions pertaining to the body.

Overall, discovering antonyms for belly contributes to linguistic diversity and enriches vocabulary. By incorporating a range of antonyms related to the abdomen, individuals can enhance their ability to articulate thoughts, emotions, and physical descriptions. Understanding these contrasting terms allows for clearer and more nuanced communication, offering a broader and more precise range of language choices.

35 Antonyms for BELLY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for belly. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BELLY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Belly Sentence with Antonym
Empty She felt butterflies in her belly before going on stage. After the marathon, he felt a void in his stomach.
Flat The balloon deflated, leaving a sad belly of rubber on the floor. He pressed the pump and the tire inflated, losing its flat shape.
Thin Despite eating a lot, her belly remained pudgy. He worked out regularly to achieve a slim abdomen.
Lean The boxer’s belly was toned and mean. He admired the model’s slender physique.
Shrink As she dieted, her belly began to shrink. The fabric expanded in the wash and then seemed to swell.
Svelte She wore a crop top to flaunt her flat belly. The oversized sweater concealed her tummy and did not reveal her svelte figure.
Depleted The famine victims’ bellies were empty. After the feast, the guests’ full bellies could not accommodate another bite.
Contract His belly expanded after the large meal. With regular exercise, his stomach began to contract and slim down.
Wasting The starving child’s belly protruded due to malnutrition. After the intense training, his muscular abdomen revealed a toned physique.
Emaciated The survivor’s belly was sunken and malnourished. The athlete’s bulging abdominal muscles were a testament to his training and fitness level.
Starve He clutched his belly in pain from hunger. The buffet ensured no one would starve that night.
Clean She had a smile on her face and a full belly after the hearty meal. After fasting for a day, she felt empty, but spiritually clean.
Vacant The hungry dog’s belly growled loudly. The well-fed cat’s belly was content and vacant of hunger pangs.
Vast The sumo wrestler’s belly was large and prominent. The yogi’s stomach was lean and taut, his core strength evident.
Exhausted After the race, she doubled over, clutching her belly in exhaustion. After a good night’s rest, she woke up refreshed and energized with no discomfort.
Starving The poor child’s swollen belly was a sign of chronic malnutrition. After the buffet, the party-goers’ bellies were anything but starving.
Engorged The glutton’s belly bulged after consuming a large meal. The health-conscious athlete maintained a flat stomach, never engorged with too much food.
Fat Her belly spilled over the waistband of her jeans. She followed a strict exercise routine to shed her excess weight and have a skinny stomach.
Slim The supermodel’s flat belly was the envy of many. At the health conference, attendees showed various body shapes—slim figures and rotund bellies.
Grow The pregnant woman felt her belly starting to grow as her pregnancy progressed. With every inhalation, his stomach would expand, then shrink as he exhaled.
Light After eating the light salad, she felt her belly was still unsatisfied. The sumptuous, heavy meal left her with a full belly and a heavy, lethargic feeling.
Swallow The snake’s belly bulged after swallowing its prey whole. He had to muster the courage to confront the challenge head-on, rather than swallow his fear.
Slimming The woman wore a slimming belt to shrink her belly. He indulged in the buffet, causing his full stomach to expand, far from slimming at that moment.
Expand The balloon’s belly expanded as more air was blown into it. He practiced deep breathing to make his stomach contract and not expand with each breath.
Starved The beggar clutched his empty belly, a sign of being starved. She had a sumptuous 3-course meal, leaving her belly and soul nourished, feeling anything but starved.
Bloated The heavy meal left her feeling bloated and uncomfortable. The light salad was refreshing and left her with a light, comfortable belly.
Satiate She ate until her belly was bloated and her hunger fully satiated. The glass of water was tiny, just able to take the edge off the thirst but far from satiating his belly.
Solid The weightlifter had solid abdominal muscles beneath his bulging belly. She took a deep breath, focusing on expanding her lungs without engaging her solid abdominal muscles.
Starving The child’s protruding belly revealed his long-standing starvation. The buffet was a feast, ensuring none of the attendees left feeling starving or deprived.
Relinquish The nomad’s belly growled, signaling it was time to relinquish fasting. A sumptuous feast was laid in front of him, asking him to partake and not relinquish the delight.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BELLY

In summary, there are various antonyms for the word “belly” such as “flat stomach,” “slim waist,” and “toned midsection.” These terms convey the opposite meaning of a protruding or rounded abdomen. While some people may desire a flat stomach for aesthetic reasons, it is essential to prioritize overall health and well-being over appearance alone.

Maintaining a balanced diet, staying active, and practicing good posture can contribute to achieving a flat stomach or toned midsection. Remember that everyone’s body is unique, and it’s important to embrace self-love and body positivity regardless of size or shape. A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and nutritious eating habits is key to feeling good both inside and out.

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