Opposite of BEQUEATH – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for bequeath, it’s essential to understand the concept in question. To bequeath means to leave or give something in a will or pass it on to someone after one’s death. It involves the act of formally transferring an inheritance or possession to another individual as specified in a legal document.

Exploring the opposite of bequeath involves considering actions that are contrary to leaving or passing on possessions. Antonyms in this context encompass actions that involve retaining ownership of one’s possessions, not transferring them to others, or choosing not to allocate assets in a will or testament.

Examining antonyms for bequeath reveals a range of possibilities in terms of ownership and inheritance. By understanding the opposite actions and implications of bequeath, it becomes evident that individuals have various options when it comes to handling their possessions and deciding their future distribution.

35 Antonyms for BEQUEATH With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for bequeath. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BEQUEATH antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Bequeath Sentence with Antonym
Take His mother decided to bequeath her jewelry to him. He chose to take the jewelry for himself.
Keep The wealthy man plans to bequeath his estate to charity. He decided to keep his estate within the family.
Receive The museum was bequeathed a valuable painting. The museum refused to receive the valuable painting.
Disinherit The father threatened to bequeath everything to charity. The father decided to disinherit his children.
Consume She bequeathed her entire savings to her favorite charity. Rather than consume her savings, she donated them.
Squander The millionaire plans to bequeath his fortune to his children. He is known for his tendency to squander his wealth.
Disown His will stated that he would bequeath his land to his nephew. He made sure to disown his nephew in his will.
Deny The teacher decided to bequeath her book collection to the school library. The teacher could not deny the school library her book collection.
Divest The billionaire chose to bequeath his mansion to his daughter. He decided to divest himself of his mansion.
Destroy The artist decided to bequeath her paintings to a museum. She would never destroy her art.
Refuse The generous woman plans to bequeath her wealth to various charities. The woman would never refuse to help those in need.
Abandon The elderly man had no children to bequeath his belongings to. He did not want to abandon his belongings to strangers.
Accept The elderly lady bequeathed her beautiful jewelry collection to her granddaughter. Her granddaughter was happy to accept the jewelry.
Purchase The kind philanthropist decided to bequeath his fortune to a children’s charity. He had no desire to purchase anything for himself.
Acquire The last will and testament has bequeathed the family’s ancestral home to the eldest son. The eldest son was delighted to acquire the ancestral home.
Claim The famous writer decided to bequeath his manuscripts to a university. The university was eager to claim the writer’s manuscripts.
Benefit The wealthy heiress bequeathed her estate to her loyal assistant. The loyal assistant stood to benefit greatly from the bequest.
Inherit The millionaire had no children to bequeath his wealth to. His wealth would not be inherited by anyone.
Reject The philanthropist chose to bequeath his entire fortune to medical research. He knew that the researchers would never reject his contribution.
Possess The old lady decided to bequeath her antique furniture collection to her niece. Her niece was thrilled to possess the antique furniture.
Disregard The benevolent king bequeathed his kingdom to his most trusted advisor. The advisor would never disregard the king’s bequest.
Misplace The charitable man plans to bequeath his entire savings to an orphanage. He would never misplace his savings.
Disallow His last will and testament bequeathed everything to his beloved pet. The judge decided to disallow the will.
Donate The wealthy heiress bequeathed her vast fortune to multiple charities. She was known for her propensity to donate to charities.
Discharge The general plans to bequeath his collection of war memorabilia to a museum. He could not discharge his duty to preserve history.
Lose The artist’s last will bequeathed all her paintings to her favorite museum. She had no desire to lose her paintings.
Save The generous philanthropist bequeathed her estate to a children’s hospital. Instead of spending, she chose to save her estate.
Waste The old man had no one to bequeath his antique collection to. He did not want to waste his belongings.
Dishonor The king bequeathed his crown to his son. He would never risk dishonoring the crown.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BEQUEATH

In conclusion, when someone does not leave a will or bequeath their possessions, it can lead to confusion and disputes among family members. The absence of a clear directive can result in chaos and disagreements over who should inherit what. Conversely, when individuals take the time to specify their wishes and bequeath their assets, it can prevent conflicts and provide peace of mind for loved ones. It is important to consider the consequences of not making clear arrangements for the distribution of one’s belongings to ensure a smooth transition and avoid potential discord among beneficiaries.

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