Opposite of BIASED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for biased refer to qualities of fairness, impartiality, and objectivity when forming opinions or making judgments. Bias, characterized by a prejudiced or distorted perspective, can hinder the process of reaching balanced conclusions. Antonyms for biased encompass the opposite, representing an open-minded, neutral approach to evaluating information.

In various contexts such as decision-making, research, or reporting, the presence of bias can undermine the credibility and reliability of outcomes. Antonyms for biased are essential in promoting transparency and ensuring that assessments are free from undue influence or partiality. By adopting a nonpartisan and equitable attitude, individuals can foster trust and integrity in their actions and communications.

The presence of antonyms for biased is critical in promoting diversity of thought and fostering inclusivity. By actively seeking to understand different perspectives and avoiding favoritism or discrimination, individuals can strive to achieve a more objective and informed understanding of issues. Embracing antonyms for biased is key to cultivating a culture of fairness and respect in all forms of interactions.

35 Antonyms for BIASED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for biased. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BIASED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Biased Sentence with Antonym
Unbiased The jury was biased in favor of the defendant. The judge made an unbiased decision.
Impartial Her biased opinions influenced her judgment. He always gives a fair and impartial assessment.
Neutral The reporter’s coverage seemed biased towards one side. Journalists strive to remain neutral and unbiased.
Unprejudiced The teacher’s grading was biased and unfair. A truly good judge should always be unprejudiced.
Objective It is important for researchers to avoid being biased. A good scientist always remains objective in their findings.
Fair The referee’s calls were clearly biased. It is crucial for referees to be completely fair and unbiased.
Even-handed The boss appeared biased towards certain employees. A good manager should always be even-handed and unbiased.
Impersonal His biased views affected his ability to make a fair decision. It is important to remain impersonal and unbiased in such cases.
Equitable The supervisor’s behavior showed clear signs of being biased. Companies strive to have impartial and equitable practices.
Dispassionate Her biased approach to the situation was evident. A true professional always remains dispassionate and unbiased.
Just The judge’s decision seemed biased and unfair. The primary goal of every court is to uphold justice and remain just.
Neutral His opinions on the matter were strongly biased. He tried to remain neutral and unbiased in his judgments.
Disinterested Her biased comments were influenced by personal feelings. Professionals should always strive to remain disinterested and unbiased.
Impartial The reporter’s article seemed one-sided and biased. True journalism requires being thoroughly impartial and unbiased.
Equitable Her biased treatment of employees caused grievances. It is crucial to have fair and equitable policies in the workplace.
Nonpartisan It is important to avoid making biased decisions. The committee aims to be nonpartisan and unbiased in its choices.
Unprejudiced His biased attitudes made it difficult to trust his opinions. True objectivity requires being unprejudiced and unbiased.
Rational The politician’s statements were clearly biased. Being rational means being completely unbiased in making decisions.
Even-handed The coach’s favoritism towards certain players was evident. Coaches should always aim to be even-handed and unbiased in their actions.
Disinterested Her biased recommendations were based on personal preferences. Professionals should always remain disinterested and unbiased.
Impartial The judge was accused of being biased in the trial. It is crucial for judges to remain impartial and completely unbiased.
Open-minded Her strong opinions made her appear biased in discussions. A truly open-minded person always aims to be unbiased in debates.
Reasonable The teacher’s grading was criticized for being biased. Teachers should always aim to be reasonable and unbiased in their assessments.
Clean The investigation showed clear signs of being biased. A clean investigation should always strive to be unbiased.
Just Her biased decisions were deemed unfair. Being just means being completely unbiased in one’s choices.
Neutral Her biased views on the topic were obvious. She made an effort to stay neutral and unbiased in her opinions.
Reasonable His biased opinions clouded his judgment. Being reasonable means being completely unbiased in one’s decisions.
Detached His biased perspective prevented him from seeing the truth. A detached approach is necessary to remain unbiased in such cases.
Impartial Her biased behavior jeopardized her credibility. It is crucial for professionals to remain fully impartial and unbiased.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BIASED

By examining various antonyms for biased such as impartial, objective, and fair, it becomes clear that an individual who is unbiased approaches situations without prejudgment or favoritism. When someone is impartial, they are able to make decisions based on merit and evidence, without being influenced by personal feelings or opinions. This neutrality allows for a fair assessment of information and ensures that judgments are made objectively.

In conclusion, being impartial and fair, rather than biased, is essential for making informed and rational decisions. By striving to be objective and unbiased in our thoughts and actions, we can promote fairness, equality, and integrity in our interactions with others.

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