Opposite of BILLOW – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for billow are words that represent the opposite of a swelling or rolling motion. When we think of billowing, we imagine something expanding or moving in a wave-like manner. Therefore, antonyms for billow refer to words that describe stillness, stability, or lack of movement.

In the realm of vocabulary and language, antonyms for billow are pairs of words that have opposite meanings. These antonyms offer contrast and depth to our communication, allowing us to express ideas with more precision and nuance. By understanding antonyms for billow, we can enrich our ability to articulate the various states of movement or lack thereof in our surroundings and experiences.

Exploring the antonyms for billow can not only enhance our language skills but also expand our knowledge and perception of the world around us. By recognizing the opposites of billow, we develop a more comprehensive understanding of motion, stillness, and everything in between. This deeper insight into antonyms for billow can sharpen our communication skills and offer a fresh perspective on how we describe the dynamics of movement in our daily lives.

35 Antonyms for BILLOW With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for billow. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BILLOW antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Billow Sentence with Antonym
Still The billow of the waves crashed against the shore. The water was still as a mirror on the serene lake.
Settle The curtains billowed in the breeze. The curtains finally settled after the wind stopped.
Calm The sails billowed gently in the wind. The storm passed, leaving behind a calm sea.
Flatten Smoke billowed from the chimney. The smoke quickly flattened and dissipated into the air.
Quiet Distant thunder echoed as the clouds billowed. The storm moved on, leaving behind a quiet sky.
Quell The flags billowed proudly in the wind. The wind did nothing to quell the motion of the flags.
Settle The dust billowed up from the desert floor. As quickly as it rose, the dust slowly settled down.
Subside The mushroom cloud billowed into the sky after the explosion. Gradually, the cloud of smoke subsided into nothing.
Stagnant The furrows of smoke billowed upwards from the factory chimneys. The air over the city was stagnant, with no movement.
Diminish Dark clouds billowed ominously overhead. As the day wore on, the clouds began to diminish and clear.
Freeze The sails billowed in the icy wind. The wind made the sails seem to freeze in their movement.
Tame The flag billowed fiercely in the storm. With effort, the flag was eventually tamed in the gusts.
Dull The curtain billowed as the window was opened. The fabric lay flat as soon as the air current dulled.
Ease Smoke billowed from the burning building. The firemen worked to ease the smoke out to save the building.
Tame The flag billowed in the strong gusts of wind. It took hours to tame the unruly flag to stay in place.
Sink The smoke billowed from the chimney and dissipated into the sky. As if by magic, the smoke began to sink back down to earth.
Cease Thick smoke billowed from the factory’s chimney stack. Suddenly, the smoke started to cease as the fire was put out.
Halt Smoke billowed from the engine as it came to a stop. With a sudden jolt, the smoke immediately came to a halt.
Rest The flag billowed in the wind, denoting victory. Later, the flag was lying rest in a calm and dormant state.
Settle Clouds of smoke billowed from the burning building. Eventually, the smoke began to settle after the fire was extinguished.
Drift The curtains billowed in the summer breeze. The curtains started to lose their motion and simply drift lazily.
Pacify The flag billowed in the windy storm. After hours, the wind finally began to pacify leaving a gentle breeze.
Quiet The sails billowed gracefully in the ocean breeze. Once the storm passed, the sea became quiet and serene.
Calm White sails billowed under the blue sky. The wind suddenly stopped, leaving the water calm and still.
Settle Smoke billowed vigorously from the factory chimney. It took a long time for the smoke to finally settle down.
Disperse The smoke billowed from the campfire into the night sky. Soon after, the smoke started to disperse in the open air.
Diminish The dark clouds ominously billowed overhead. As the day went on, the clouds began to diminish and drift away.
Lull The flag billowed proudly in the wind. Slowly, the wind began to lull and the flag hung limp.
Quell Thick black smoke billowed from the smoldering wreckage. Efforts to quell the flames caused the smoke to disappear.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BILLOW

In contrast to billow, which means to swell or surge, a calming effect is achieved when something flows or trickles gently. While billow conveys a sense of force and turbulence, a tranquil atmosphere is created by a soft and gentle motion. These contrasting antonyms highlight the difference between intense movement and peaceful flow, offering a clearer understanding of the varying dynamics and sensations associated with different forms of movement or disturbance.

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