Opposite of BOISTEROUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for boisterous refer to words that convey a sense of calmness, quietude, or restraint in comparison to the lively and loud nature of boisterous behavior. These antonyms serve as opposite descriptors, providing an alternative way to describe individuals or situations that are not characterized by high energy or noise.

In language, antonyms for boisterous are essential for creating a variety of tones and moods in writing or speech. By using these contrasting terms, writers and speakers can accurately convey a sense of tranquility, peace, or moderation, offering a balanced and nuanced perspective in their communication.

Understanding antonyms for boisterous allows individuals to expand their vocabulary and articulate a broader range of emotions and experiences. By incorporating these words into their expression, individuals can more effectively capture the diverse nuances of human behavior and the world around them.

35 Antonyms for BOISTEROUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for boisterous. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BOISTEROUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Boisterous Sentence with Antonym
Quiet The boisterous party next door kept us up all night. The quiet surroundings were soothing and peaceful.
Calm The children were boisterous at the playground. The atmosphere became calm as the sun began to set.
Subdued The audience’s laughter was boisterous during the comedy show. The mood in the room was subdued after the sad news was shared.
Muted The boisterous fans cheered loudly at the concert. The music started softly, then gradually muted to a whisper.
Serene The stormy weather outside contrasted with the boisterous argument inside. The waterfall created a serene atmosphere in the forest.
Mild His usual boisterous personality was toned down at the formal event. The disagreement was settled in a mild and peaceful manner.
Hushed The boisterous winds rattled the windows of the old house. As the children fell asleep, the room fell into a hushed silence.
Tranquil Despite the boisterous traffic, the park felt tranquil. The lake was mirror-like and tranquil, disturbed only by the occasional birdcall.
Placid The usually boisterous dog was surprisingly placid today. The lake was so placid, it looked like a sheet of glass.
Peaceful The otherwise boisterous meeting ended on a peaceful note. The rural town was peaceful and quiet, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Sedate The boisterous celebrations were followed by a sedate gathering. The sedate atmosphere in the library was perfect for reading.
Mellow After a busy day, the group of friends preferred a mellow evening over a boisterous one. The mellow music playing in the background contrasted with the boisterous chatter.
Relaxed The university campus was bustling and boisterous during the day. In the evening, everything was relaxed and calm.
Mild-mannered The boisterous customer was a stark contrast to the mild-mannered cashier. The mild-mannered teacher’s classroom was always quieter than the boisterous halls.
Soothing The boisterous storm outside made it difficult to sleep. The music played softly in the background, creating a soothing atmosphere.
Refined His boisterous behavior was frowned upon in the refined restaurant. The elegant ballroom was a stark contrast to the boisterous street outside.
Civilized The boisterous debate turned into a civilized discussion. The civilized dinner party was a welcome change from the boisterous bars.
Laconic The boisterous presentation was followed by a laconic Q&A session. His laconic response quieted the boisterous room.
Tame The boisterous puppy gradually became tame after training. The once tame forest became boisterous with the arrival of the storm.
Restrained The usually boisterous child was surprisingly restrained in the fancy restaurant. Their restrained laughter contrasted with the boisterous groups nearby.
Unruffled Despite the boisterous commotion outside, she remained unruffled. His unruffled demeanor calmed the boisterous crowd.
Demure Her boisterous laughter filled the room, a stark contrast to her usually demure nature. The party transitioned from boisterous to demure as the night wore on.
Harmonious The usually boisterous siblings found a way to live in harmonious peace. The harmonious melody contrasted with the boisterous drums in the background.
Composed She remained composed despite the boisterous argument. The boisterous protest slowly turned into a composed discussion.
Steady The boisterous waves rocked the boat, but the captain remained steady. Even as the party became boisterous, she stayed steady in her resolve.
Placid The boisterous crowd quieted down as they entered the placid garden. The placid lake was a welcome escape from the boisterous city life.
Unperturbed Despite the boisterous protest, the speaker remained unperturbed. Her unperturbed attitude calmed the previously boisterous room.
Docile The boisterous horse was trained to be docile around children. Their barking turned docile as the boisterous storm passed.
Meek His boisterous boasting was met with her meek response. The meek evening was a welcome change from the boisterous day.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BOISTEROUS

Quiet and subdued are antonyms for boisterous, capturing a sense of calm and restraint. While a lively atmosphere can be exciting, sometimes a tranquil and peaceful environment is preferred. Serene surroundings offer a chance for relaxation and reflection, in contrast to the more energetic and raucous boisterous setting.

In many situations, the opposite of boisterous, such as hushed and mellow, can provide a welcome change of pace. Striking a balance between these contrasting states can lead to a more harmonious and well-rounded experience, allowing individuals to enjoy moments of both liveliness and tranquility in their daily lives.

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