Opposite of BORN – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “born” are words that represent the opposite of being born or coming into existence. These antonyms convey the idea of nonexistence, absence, or a lack of beginning or origin. By exploring antonyms for “born,” we can delve into the concept of not being brought into the world or not having a starting point.

These antonyms serve as a contrast to the act of being born and offer a diverse range of words to express the idea of not being born or not entering life. By understanding antonyms for “born,” we can enrich our vocabulary and communicate with precision by employing words that convey the opposite meaning of birth. Through the exploration of these antonyms, we can enhance our grasp of language and its nuances.

By exploring the antonyms for “born,” we can gain insight into different aspects of existence and nonexistence, as well as broaden our understanding of language opposites. These antonyms provide a unique perspective on the idea of beginning and ending, shedding light on the diverse ways in which language expresses the concept of not being born.

35 Antonyms for BORN With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for born. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BORN antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Born Sentence with Antonym
Alive He was born in Paris. He was deceased in Paris.
Departed She was born on a stormy night. She has departed from this world.
Posthumous The born child was healthy and happy. The person was awarded a posthumous honor.
Abolish The idea was born out of necessity. The idea was abolished for being unnecessary.
End A new friendship was born in the classroom. The old rivalry came to an end.
Close She born a child with striking resemblance. The shop decided to close down for renovation.
Decease The political leader was born in a small town. The leader’s rival suffered an unexpected decease.
Destroy A hope for peace was born after the ceasefire. The revolt was meant to destroy the corrupt regime.
Fade Her talent was born from dedication and hard work. Sadly, her interest in the sport began to fade.
Lapse Celebrating the day he was born was a long-standing tradition. The tradition eventually lapsed due to lack of interest.
Disappear The photographs showed the day he was born. The evidence seemed to disappear in thin air.
Demise He was born into a wealthy family. His demise left debts and a broken business.
Vanish The idea behind the invention was born in a basement. With time, the invention seemed to vanish from public memory.
Stop The inspiration for the novel was born during a trip. Unfortunately, the writer had to stop midway due to health issues.
Halt The plan was born out of urgent necessity. Unexpected obstacles brought the project to a halt.
Extinct The tradition of celebrating the day a member is born. The ancient language had become extinct over time.
Fall The kingdom rejoiced when a prince was born. The kingdom mourned when the king began to fall ill.
Arrive He was born to lead the business empire. The awaited train finally arrived at the station.
Perish The hope for a better future was born on that day. With each passing day, the hope began to perish.
Cease The tradition where gifts were given to children on the day they were born. Due to financial constraints, the tradition had to cease.
Stop A new theory was born with groundbreaking research. With new evidence, the previous theory had to stop being accepted.
Annihilate A new art style was born from the fusion of cultures. The war was meant to annihilate the enemy.
Deplete A new era was born with technological advancements. The continuous use of resources began to deplete the world’s reserves.
Discontinue Her struggles in childhood were born out of poverty. The management decided to discontinue the outdated system.
Shattered The company was born during a recession. The dream was shattered by an unexpected event.
Eliminate A fundamental belief was born out of experience. The main goal was to eliminate any doubts within the team.
Disappear The magic show had a rabbit that was born from an empty hat. The rabbit seemed to disappear into thin air at the end.
Extinguish A talent for singing was born out of constant practice. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the singer’s career was extinguished.
Perish The bond between the siblings was born out of shared experiences. As time passed, the bond seemed to perish.
Exit He was born to take over the family business. The previous CEO was asked to exit the company.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BORN

Life doesn’t just start the moment we come into this world; it evolves gradually from various experiences and transitions. Instead of simply being *born* into existence, we grow, mature, and develop through each passing day. We aren’t just thrust into being, but rather we navigate through life’s journey, changing and adapting along the way.

While *born* signifies a singular event, the antonyms highlight a continuous process of becoming and evolving. We are shaped by our encounters, lessons, and choices, constantly in a state of transformation. It’s not just about the moment of arrival but the continuous journey of growth and change that defines our existence.

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