Opposite of BOURGEOIS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for bourgeois refer to terms that serve as opposites or contrasting concepts to the characteristics associated with the bourgeois lifestyle. The bourgeois class typically embodies values such as materialism, conformity, and conservatism. Antonyms for this term aim to encapsulate ideas and behaviors that deviate from or challenge the norms of the bourgeois mindset.

In contrast to the bourgeois way of life, antonyms may encompass notions of nonconformity, counterculture, and unconventional attitudes towards wealth and social status. These antonyms represent alternative perspectives that resist the materialistic and traditional values often associated with the bourgeois class, offering different ways of understanding and engaging with society.

Exploring antonyms for bourgeois can provide insight into different social, economic, and cultural perspectives that diverge from mainstream views. By examining these contrasting concepts, a deeper understanding of societal norms and values can be gained, shedding light on the complexities and diversity within communities beyond the bourgeois framework.

35 Antonyms for BOURGEOIS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for bourgeois. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BOURGEOIS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Bourgeois Sentence with Antonym
Bohemian The bourgeois woman only shops at designer stores. The bohemian woman loves thrifting.
Unconventional He always followed bourgeois traditions at family gatherings. He was known for his unconventional approach to life.
Anti-establishment The bourgeois class is often associated with the elite. They were known for their anti-establishment views.
Nonconformist The bourgeois lifestyle is all about conforming to societal norms. She prides herself on being a nonconformist.
Radical The bourgeois members of society resist change. He was an advocate for radical social movements.
Rebellious The bourgeois values hard work and obedience. Their daughter was known for her rebellious nature.
Free-spirited She found the bourgeois lifestyle stifling. He embraced a free-spirited approach to life.
Avant-garde The bourgeois art collectors prefer traditional paintings. The museum showcases avant-garde artwork.
Progressive The bourgeois mindset tends to be conservative. She believes in progressive ideas.
Unorthodox The bourgeois family is known for their traditional values. He has always had an unorthodox approach to problem-solving.
Iconoclastic The bourgeois tend to adhere to established norms. The artist was known for his iconoclastic work.
Maverick They are often criticized for their bourgeois attitudes. He is known as a maverick in the industry.
Edgy The bourgeois fashion trends are safe and predictable. She likes to experiment with edgy styles.
Eccentric The bourgeois homeowners adhere to a traditional decor style. Their house is filled with eccentric decorations.
Nontraditional Bourgeois customs are deeply rooted in tradition. They prefer a more nontraditional approach to their lifestyle.
Alternative The bourgeois crowd tends to shun alternative lifestyles. They are drawn to alternative ways of living.
Boho She felt out of place in the bourgeois neighborhood. The neighborhood had a boho vibe to it.
Countercultural The bourgeois flock to mainstream trends. She identifies as countercultural.
Nonconventional The bourgeois values following societal norms. He has always been drawn to nonconventional ideas.
Hippy Their bourgeois ideals clashed with the hippy lifestyle. She found solace in the hippy community.
Nonstandard The bourgeois lifestyle is centered around conventional norms. They prefer a nonstandard way of living.
Unregenerate The bourgeois refuse to adapt to changing times. He is seen as an unregenerate rebel.
Radical The bourgeois are resistant to radical change. They advocate for a radical overhaul of the system.
Progressive The bourgeois tend to resist progressive ideas. She is known for embracing progressive views.
Unconventional The bourgeois conform to conventional societal norms. He has always been attracted to unconventional thinking.
Nontraditional The bourgeois adhere to traditional values. They prefer a more nontraditional lifestyle.
Avant-garde The bourgeois prefer traditional art forms. The artist is known for his avant-garde work.
Iconoclastic The bourgeois maintain established norms. The writer’s work is often seen as iconoclastic.
Bohemian She felt suffocated in the bourgeois environment. Her heart was always drawn to the bohemian lifestyle.
Maverick The bourgeois are criticized for being conventional. He thrives as a maverick in his field.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BOURGEOIS

In examining various antonyms for bourgeois, we have explored contrasting qualities such as unconventional, bohemian, and alternative to the conventional middle-class values. These terms represent a departure from the mainstream societal norms and traditions associated with bourgeois lifestyles. Embracing these antonyms can lead to a more diverse and varied understanding of social behaviors and identities, encouraging individuals to explore new perspectives and ways of life beyond the conventional standards.

By recognizing and embracing the antonyms for bourgeois, individuals can appreciate a broader spectrum of values and lifestyles that exist beyond the confines of traditional middle-class ideals. This expansion of perspectives can lead to a more inclusive society that celebrates diversity and promotes understanding of different ways of living and thinking.

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