Opposite of BOW – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for bow are words that represent actions or gestures that are contrary to bowing. Rather than inclining the body as a sign of respect or greeting, antonyms for bow suggest actions that may convey irreverence or disdain. These contrasting terms highlight a spectrum of behaviors that differ from the traditional gesture of bending at the waist.

Some antonyms for bow can depict actions characterized by defiance, such as standing tall or even turning away. These words capture alternative ways in which individuals might express themselves without conforming to the customary act of bowing. By understanding antonyms for bow, one can gain insight into the diverse range of gestures and postures that exist across different cultures and contexts.

Exploring antonyms for bow not only broadens our vocabulary but also deepens our awareness of non-verbal communication cues. By recognizing the contrast between bowing and its antonyms, we can expand our understanding of body language and the various meanings attached to different gestures. These antonyms serve as a reminder of the complexity and richness of human expression beyond verbal communication.

35 Antonyms for BOW With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for bow. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BOW antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Bow Sentence with Antonym
Straighten The woman gave a deep bow to show respect. The man refused to acknowledge the crowd and stood up straight.
Neglect He was too busy to take care of his garden’s bow. If you don’t want to ruin your crop, do not neglect your garden.
Ignore Despite his attempt to get her attention, she’d bow and leave. She couldn’t ignore his heartfelt plea for forgiveness.
Rise The musician gave a respectful bow after his performance. The old lady struggled to rise up from the chair.
Disdain She gave him a cold bow to display her superiority. They greeted each other warmly without any hint of disdain.
Straight The dancer gracefully performed a perfect bow at the end. Make sure your back is straight while lifting the heavy box.
Welcome As a sign of respect, he gave a formal bow to the guests. The hostility of the crowd made her feel anything but welcome.
Reject The coach appreciated their effort and gave a quick bow. No matter how hard he tries, they always seem to reject his ideas.
Stand She had to physically bow down to enter the tiny room. He continued to stand tall in the face of adversity.
Regard The teacher expects a sign of bow from the students. The student’s lack of eye contact showed a lack of regard for the teacher.
Accept The knight made an honorable bow to the king. She refused to accept the terms of the agreement.
Straightforward Keep your back straight while you perform a bow. The situation was not as straightforward as he thought.
Upright He offered a humble bow before sitting upright at the table. The picture on the wall was not hanging upright.
Embrace The elders of the village would bow in respect. The town’s people were hesitant to embrace outsiders.
Detest The servant would bow with full respect to the queen. The king would openly detest the disrespectful behavior.
Disrespect It is customary to give a deep bow in that culture. Rolling your eyes is a sign of disrespect in many societies.
Standstill The orchestra paused for a brief bow and then continued playing. The project came to a standstill due to lack of funding.
Compliment His bow to the audience showed his appreciation for their support. Her rude behavior was in complete contrast to the kind compliment.
Upright The elderly lady struggled to stand up straight after the fall. The painting was not hung in an upright position.
rejection The actress took a graceful bow after the outstanding performance. His constant rejection of help was starting to affect his work.
Include In some cultures, a deep bow signifies a sign of deep respect. Everyone should be treated fairly and included in the team.
Neglect He would bow before entering the sacred temple. The owner would neglect the maintenance of the historic building.
Straighten It is important to keep your back straight while performing a bow. Make sure to straighten up the crooked lines before painting.
Equal The choir bowed to the audience after their performance. Everyone should be treated as equal regardless of their background.
Include They would bow low in the presence of the royal family. Make sure to include every member’s opinions in the discussion.
Stand The knight would bow to the king before receiving his orders. He would rather stand firm in his beliefs than compromise.
Reject He would bow his head in acknowledgment of his defeat. The student tried hard not to reject the teacher’s advice.
Embrace The performer received a standing ovation and took a deep bow. It’s essential to have an open heart and embrace new opportunities.
Welcome He would bow as a sign of greeting to the foreign delegation. The cold reception made her feel anything but welcome.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BOW

In essence, while some might bend or stoop as a sign of respect, others may straighten or stiffen in defiance. The act of lowering or inclining in deference contrasts sharply with the act of raising or standing tall in opposition. This duality of actions showcases the wide spectrum of behaviors and attitudes that can be expressed through physical gestures. Whether one chooses to submit or defy can be reflected not just in words, but also in how they carry themselves. The range of antonyms for “bow” highlights the complexity and richness of human interactions, where subtle movements can convey a world of meaning.

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