Opposite of BREAK – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for break refer to words that convey the opposite meaning of breaking or shattering something into pieces. These antonyms signify the act of keeping something intact, whole, or unharmed. By using antonyms for break, we can enhance our vocabulary and express ideas of continuity, preservation, and permanence in various contexts.

One significant antonym of break is to mend or repair, which suggests the act of fixing or restoring something that was damaged or broken. This antonym conveys the notion of rejuvenation and care towards maintaining the integrity of an object or situation. Rather than breaking down, mending implies the process of improvement and renewal.

Another antonym for break is to preserve or protect, indicating the act of safeguarding something from harm, damage, or decay. This antonym emphasizes the importance of maintaining the original form, condition, or functionality of an object or concept. Choosing antonyms for break allows us to communicate the idea of safeguarding, nurturing, and cherishing elements that we value and wish to keep intact.

35 Antonyms for BREAK With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for break. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BREAK antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Break Sentence with Antonym
Repair He tried to fix the broken vase. He asked a professional to repair the vase.
Build The children decided to destroy the sandcastle. She watched as the workers began to build a new house.
Connect Please do not disconnect the power supply. The technician was able to connect all the wires properly.
Continue Let’s stop for lunch and then continue the journey. She decided to end the relationship and not continue seeing him.
Recover She needs to rest in order to recover from the flu. The patient was able to recover fully after the surgery.
Attach Can you help me detach the photographs from the album? He needed to attach the document to the email before sending it.
Combine The recipe required her to separate the eggs, not combine them. They were able to combine their efforts to finish the project ahead of schedule.
Unite The two rival factions finally decided to break apart and not unite. The communities came together to unite in the face of adversity.
Remain He chose to leave rather than remain at the party. The job offer required her to remain in the city for at least a year.
Fix The mechanic was able to repair the broken engine. She needed to call a plumber to fix the leaky pipe.
Heal The doctor gave her medicine to help with the healing process. The wound took a long time to heal properly.
Start It’s time to end this relationship and start fresh. She was excited to start the new job next week.
Preserve The museum works hard to preserve historic artifacts. Unfortunately, the ancient manuscript was unable to preserve in its original state.
Strengthen The physical therapist recommended specific exercises to strengthen the injured muscle. They needed to find ways to weaken the enemy’s defenses.
Arrange She carefully disorganized the books on the shelf that she had previously arranged. The event planner needed to carefully arrange the seating for the upcoming conference.
Unfasten She asked him to buckle up his seatbelt before starting the car. He needed to unfasten the lock before opening the old chest.
Close Can you please open the window? It’s too hot. She decided to close the book and go to sleep.
Integrate The different departments chose to segregate their work rather than integrate. The social worker worked hard to integrate the new immigrant families into the community.
Flush He needed to empty the toilet tank and flush it. The toilet automatically flushed and refilled after use.
Stay He needed to leave early for the flight and not stay. She decided to stay for a few more days before going back home.
Fill Please do not empty the water tank before I fill it. He needed to fill out the application form before submitting it.
Maintain She diligently kept her car well-maintained. He needed to take better care of the garden to maintain its beauty.
Unblock She used a plunger to clear the clogged drain and unblock it. The debris was causing the pipeline to block up and unblock.
Release He was finally able to hold onto the tension and release it. The company decided to release a new product into the market.
Keep She decided to throw away the old clothes instead of keep them. He needed to keep his promise and not break it.
Reconcile They couldn’t resolve their differences and reconcile. The couple sought counseling to reconcile their marriage.
Erect The strong winds caused the tent to collapse. The workers were able to erect the new building in record time.
Shut Please remember to open the door after you shut it. The store decided to shut early for the holiday weekend.
Rise The sun was beginning to set as the moon started to rise. The dough needed time to rise before baking.
Secure She made sure to lock the door and secure the house before leaving. He needed to secure the ropes before climbing the mountain.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BREAK

In conclusion, synonyms for *break* include words such as repair, mend, fix, and heal. These actions involve restoring or maintaining the integrity of something that is damaged or fragmented. By replacing “break” with its antonyms in sentences like “Please fix my phone instead of breaking it further,” or “Let’s mend our relationship instead of tearing it apart,” we can emphasize the opposite actions and outcomes associated with these words. Understanding the nuances of these antonyms can help us communicate more precisely and effectively in various contexts where the concept of *break* is involved.

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