Opposite of BRIDESMAID – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for bridesmaid are individuals who are not part of the bridal party and who are not chosen by the bride to stand with her on her wedding day. Instead of fulfilling the traditional role of supporting the bride, antonyms for bridesmaid may include guests, friends, or family members who attend the wedding but do not have any formal responsibilities within the bridal party.

These individuals differ from bridesmaids in that they do not participate in pre-wedding events, wear matching attire, or walk down the aisle as part of the bridal party. While bridesmaids typically have specific duties leading up to and during the wedding ceremony, antonyms for bridesmaid are simply guests who are there to celebrate the special occasion without any official roles or responsibilities.

Overall, antonyms for bridesmaid encompass a wide range of people who attend a wedding but are not designated as part of the bridal party. They bring their own unique presence and support to the celebration, without the formal duties and expectations that come with being a bridesmaid.

35 Antonyms for BRIDESMAID With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for bridesmaid. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BRIDESMAID antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Bridesmaid Sentence with Antonym
Groom The bridesmaid helped the bride with her dress. The groom helped the bride with his tuxedo.
Soloist The bridesmaid walked down the aisle in a group. The soloist walked down the aisle alone.
Best man The bridesmaid stood next to the bride during the ceremony. The best man stood next to the groom during the ceremony.
Bachelor The bridesmaid arranged a bachelorette party. The bridegroom arranged a bachelor party.
Bride The bridesmaid helped the bride get ready for the wedding. The groom helped the bride get ready for the wedding.
Matron of Honor The bridesmaid made a speech at the reception. The bride’s matron of honor made a speech at the reception.
Husband The bridesmaid held the bride’s bouquet. The wife held her husband’s bouquet.
Bachelorette The bridesmaid attended the bachelorette party. The groom attended a bachelor party.
Groomsman The bridesmaid paired up with a groomsman. The groomsman paired up with a bridesmaid.
Fiancé The bridesmaid walked down the aisle with groomsmen. The bride walked down the aisle with her fiancé.
Spinster The bridesmaid caught the bouquet at the reception. The guest whispered that she was a spinster.
Single The bridesmaid danced with the best man. The bride danced with her single friend.
Bridegroom The bridesmaid helped the bride with her makeup. The bridegroom helped the groom with his hair.
Wife The bridesmaid hugged the bride happily. The husband hugged his wife lovingly.
Bridesmaid The bridesmaid wore a beautiful dress. The woman who wasn’t selected as a bridesmaid wore a regular dress.
Partner The bridesmaid welcomed guests to the reception. The bride was happy to see her partner by her side.
Marital The bridesmaid was trusted to hold the bride’s wedding ring. The guest joked about their lack of marital experience.
Couple The bridesmaid attended the couple’s first dance. The single woman envied the couple on the dance floor.
Bridezilla The bridesmaid calmed the bride’s nerves before the ceremony. The guest remarked that she was not acting like a bridezilla.
Divorcee The bridesmaid prepared to catch the bridal bouquet. The woman whispered to her friend that she was a divorcee.
Marry The bridesmaid participated in organizing wedding activities. The woman mentioned how she didn’t want to marry.
Girlfriend The bridesmaid comforted the bride before the ceremony. The man standing alone mentioned his girlfriend couldn’t make it.
Wedding The bridesmaid arrived early to help the bride dress. The woman who wasn’t a wedding guest slinked in late.
Fiancée The bridesmaid assisted in selecting the wedding gown. The woman gossiped about the groom’s fiancée.
Engaged The bridesmaid celebrated with the newlyweds. The woman mentioned she wasn’t engaged when asked about her own wedding.
Bridal The bridesmaid participated in a bridal shower. The woman who wasn’t asked to the bridal shower declined the invite. ​​​​​​​
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BRIDESMAID

The opposite of being a bridesmaid is being a groomswoman. Instead of wearing a dress, groomswomen often wear suits or other attire that matches the groom’s party. Just like bridesmaids support the bride, groomswomen support the groom on his special day. They stand by his side, participate in pre-wedding events, and help make the celebration memorable.

While the traditional roles of bridesmaids and groomsmen continue to evolve, it’s important to embrace inclusivity and flexibility in wedding customs. Whether someone is a bridesmaid or groomswoman, the goal remains the same: to support and celebrate the happy couple as they embark on their journey together.

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