Opposite of BRIEFCASE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for briefcase refer to items that are opposite in nature or purpose to a briefcase. Antonyms are words or phrases that convey the opposite meaning of a given term. In this case, antonyms for briefcase are objects that serve a different function or are used in a contrasting context.

While a briefcase is typically used for carrying documents, laptops, or other professional items in a business setting, antonyms for briefcase may include objects that are not used for storage or transportation of materials. These could be items that serve a recreational purpose, or that are not associated with work or business activities.

Understanding antonyms for briefcase can provide insight into alternative objects that can fulfill different functions or serve different needs compared to a traditional briefcase. By exploring these contrasting items, one can expand their vocabulary and broaden their understanding of different objects and their uses in various contexts.

35 Antonyms for BRIEFCASE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for briefcase. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BRIEFCASE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Briefcase Sentence with Antonym
Backpack Sam packed his briefcase for the business trip. Sarah slung her backpack over her shoulder for the hike.
Tote Mark carried his briefcase to the meeting. Lisa brought her tote bag to the beach.
Duffel bag Emily placed her briefcase next to her desk. Alex threw his duffel bag in the trunk of his car.
Messenger bag Jason grabbed his briefcase on his way out. Emma slung her messenger bag across her chest.
Suitcase Jenny handed her briefcase to the receptionist. Tom wheeled his suitcase through the airport.
Portfolio Mike opened his briefcase during the meeting. Amanda displayed her work in a portfolio.
Backpack Sarah carried her briefcase home from work. Kevin wore his backpack to school.
Tote Peter picked up his briefcase and left the office. Rachel carried her tote while shopping.
Duffel bag Alex secured his briefcase in the office cabinet. Lisa threw her duffel bag in the closet.
Messenger bag Emma grabbed her briefcase before heading out. Jack slung his messenger bag across his body.
Suitcase Tom placed his briefcase on the table at the café. Sarah dragged her suitcase through the airport.
Portfolio Amanda closed her briefcase after the meeting. Mike showcased his art in a portfolio.
Backpack Kevin retrieved his briefcase from the car. Sarah packed her backpack for the gym.
Tote Rachel left her briefcase by the front door. Peter carried his tote for the grocery shopping.
Duffel bag Lisa locked her briefcase in the office drawer. Alex packed his gym gear in a duffel bag.
Messenger bag Jack forgot his briefcase at the office. Emma misplaced her messenger bag at the airport.
Suitcase Sarah picked up her briefcase before the meeting. Tom struggled with his heavy suitcase at the station.
Portfolio Mike balanced his briefcase on the table. Amanda presented her artwork in a portfolio.
Backpack Sarah dropped her briefcase in the hallway. Kevin wore his backpack to the park.
Tote Peter stuffed his briefcase in the overhead locker. Rachel used her tote for a day trip.
Duffel bag Alex left his briefcase in the office cabinet. Lisa hoisted her duffel bag onto her shoulder.
Messenger bag Jack searched frantically for his briefcase. Emma realized she forgot her messenger bag at the gym.
Suitcase Sarah misplaced her briefcase at the hotel. Tom hauled his suitcase down the stairs.
Portfolio Mike found his briefcase beside the door. Amanda stored her work in a portfolio.
Backpack Kevin forgot his briefcase in the car. Sarah packed her backpack for the hiking trip.
Tote Rachel slung her briefcase over her shoulder. Peter carried his laptop in a tote bag.
Duffel bag Lisa opened her briefcase on the conference table. Alex packed his clothes in a duffel bag.
Messenger bag Jack grabbed his briefcase on the way out. Emma put her notebook in her messenger bag.
Suitcase Sarah struggled with her heavy briefcase. Tom wheeled his suitcase through the airport effortlessly.
Portfolio Mike placed his briefcase next to the desk. Amanda organized her work in a portfolio.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BRIEFCASE

In search of an alternative to the traditional briefcase, individuals can explore a variety of options such as backpacks, totes, or messenger bags. These alternatives offer versatility, comfort, and style compared to the formal and rigid nature of a briefcase. Depending on personal preferences and needs, individuals can opt for a more casual and convenient option that suits their lifestyle and work environment better than a traditional briefcase.

Embracing different styles and designs beyond the conventional briefcase can add a touch of individuality and flair to one’s professional image. By choosing a more modern and functional alternative, individuals can enhance their daily commute and overall work experience while expressing their unique personality through their choice of bag.

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