Opposite of BUFFOON – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When searching for antonyms for buffoon, it is essential to understand that a buffoon is someone who behaves in a ridiculous or clownish manner. Therefore, by looking for antonyms, we seek words that describe individuals who are serious, sensible, or dignified in their conduct.

Antonyms for buffoon generally encompass individuals who display traits such as sophistication, decorum, and seriousness. By exploring opposite terms to buffoon, we aim to identify words that represent individuals who behave with restraint, propriety, and intelligence, avoiding foolish or comical behavior.

In the quest for antonyms for buffoon, we delve into vocabulary that conveys traits such as sobriety, tact, and gravity. This search aims to highlight individuals who exhibit maturity, wisdom, and astuteness in their actions, contrasting the antics typically associated with a buffoon.

35 Antonyms for BUFFOON With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for buffoon. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BUFFOON antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Buffoon Sentence with Antonym
Serious The buffoon made everyone laugh with his antics. The meeting was serious and focused.
Dignified His buffoonery was entertaining but lacked dignity. She carried herself with poise and dignified grace.
Sober He was known for his buffoonish behavior, never taking things seriously. The atmosphere at the funeral was sober and respectful.
Delicate His buffoonish jokes often lacked delicacy. She handled the situation with delicate care.
Composed Despite his buffoonish exterior, he was internally composed. She remained composed even in the face of adversity.
Serene The buffoon brought laughter, but the room lacked serenity. The garden was peaceful, exuding a sense of serenity.
Polished His buffoonish mannerisms contrasted with her polished demeanor. She was always well-groomed and polished in her appearance.
Intellectual The buffoon amused the crowd with humor, not with intellectual discussions. The conference was full of intellectual discussions, lacking any buffoonery.
Refined His buffoonish jokes were a far cry from her refined wit. She had a refined taste in art and music, unlike the buffoon.
Couth His rude behavior marked him as a buffoon, lacking any couth. She handled herself with couth and elegance, a stark contrast to the buffoon.
Astute While he appeared as a buffoon, his remarks showed astuteness. Her astute observations were a far cry from the buffoon’s antics.
Tactful His lack of tact often branded him as a buffoon. She always knew to be tactful and avoided any buffoonery.
Well-behaved The buffoon at the party was the opposite of well-behaved guests. The children were well-behaved and polite, unlike the buffoon.
Urbane His buffoonish jokes clashed with her urbane sense of humor. She had a sophisticated and urbane charm, nothing like the buffoon.
Poised The buffoon caused chaos, while she remained poised. She always maintained her poise and composure, unlike the buffoon.
Gracious His behavior bordered on buffoonery, lacking any gracious manners. She greeted everyone with graciousness and warmth, unlike the buffoon.
Regal His buffoonish attire contrasted with her regal elegance. She carried herself with regal grace, the opposite of the buffoon.
Refined His buffoonish antics were crude compared to her refined charm. Her manners were refined and polished, unlike the buffoon.
Cultured While he was a buffoon, she was the epitome of culture. She was well-read and cultured, unlike the buffoon.
Respectable The buffoon lacked any sense of respectability. He was a respectable gentleman, not a buffoon.
Gracious The buffoon lacked grace or graciousness in his demeanor. She moved with grace and graciousness, the opposite of the buffoon.
Civilized His buffoonery contrasted with her civilized behavior. The society was civilized and sophisticated, far from the buffoon’s antics.
Tactful He lacked any tact and often came across as a buffoon. She always handled situations with tact and never resorted to buffoonery.
Refined His buffoonish jokes were a stark contrast to her refined humor. She appreciated refined art and literature, not the buffoon’s antics.
Mannered The buffoon lacked manners in his interactions. She was always well-mannered and polite, unlike the buffoon.
Poised While he was a buffoon in the meeting, she was poised. She always maintained her poise and composure, unlike the buffoon.
Austere His clownish behavior was anything but austere. The room had an austere atmosphere, devoid of any buffoonery.
Sensible The buffoon showed a streak of nonsense instead of sensible remarks. She always provided sensible solutions, unlike the buffoon.
Civil His buffoonery disrupted the civil atmosphere of the event. The discussion remained civil and respectful, free of any buffoonery.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BUFFOON

In contrast to a buffoon who acts foolishly, someone with poise demonstrates grace and elegance in their actions. While a buffoon may provoke laughter through silly antics, a person with tactfulness shows sensitivity and discretion in their behavior. The difference between a buffoon and a polished individual lies in their approach to communication, where a buffoon may be raucous, a refined person is composed and well-spoken, fostering respect and admiration from others.

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