Opposite of BUILD – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for build refer to actions that involve dismantling, demolishing, or destroying structures. These antonyms are the opposite of constructing or erecting buildings or other physical objects. Instead of creating something new, antonyms for build involve breaking down existing structures or reducing them to their original components.

To build is to assemble, create, or establish something, while its antonyms involve actions that result in the opposite outcome. Antonyms for build encompass a variety of activities that involve tearing down, demolishing, or taking apart structures or objects. These actions may involve removing materials, deconstructing frameworks, or destroying buildings to render them unusable or reduce them to rubble.

Understanding the antonyms for build provides insight into the process of dismantling or deconstructing structures, highlighting the opposite actions to construction. By exploring these antonyms, one can grasp the variety of ways in which existing constructions can be dismantled or taken apart, leading to the opposite outcome of building or creating something new.

35 Antonyms for BUILD With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for build. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BUILD antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Build Sentence with Antonym
Demolish The construction workers will build a new house. The old house was demolished to make room for a park.
Dismantle They plan to construct a new bridge next year. They had to dismantle the old bridge due to safety concerns.
Destroy The engineers are working hard to erect the new skyscraper. A tornado came through and destroyed the entire town.
Take down The company decided to build a new office building. They have to take down the old building first.
Ruin A team of architects is going to raise a new structure. Vandals came and ruined the historical monument.
Raze The goal is to build affordable housing for families. The decision was made to raze the abandoned warehouse.
Level The city wants to construct a new public library. The hurricane leveled the entire neighborhood.
Wreck The construction workers will erect a new shopping mall. The earthquake wrecked many buildings in the city.
Flatten They have a permit to build a new apartment complex. The plan is to flatten the empty lot before construction.
Annihilate The team is excited to build a state-of-the-art stadium. The natural disaster seemed to annihilate the city.
Raze They want to construct a new playground for the community. The decision was made to raze the old playground.
Topple The architects are designing plans to erect a new tower. A series of severe storms threatened to topple the buildings.
Wreck The company is going to build a new headquarters. The fire completely wrecked their old office building.
Dismantle The team of builders will raise a new school building. The authorities had to dismantle the unsafe structure.
Undo Funding has been secured to construct a new hospital. The hurricane’s strength seemed to undo all their progress.
Flatten The goal is to build a new community center. The bulldozers will flatten the area before construction.
Demolish They are planning to erect a new housing development. The decision was made to demolish the old apartment complex.
Shatter The city council approved plans to construct a new park. The explosion seemed to shatter the buildings around it.
Abolish A team of architects will build a new shopping center. The new government policy aimed to abolish the old structures.
Raze The developers are eager to raise a new office building. The authorities will need to raze the condemned building.
Knock down They are working on building a new sports arena. The plan is to knock down the old arena before construction.
Flatten The goal is to erect a new warehouse for storage. The tornado managed to flatten the entire industrial complex.
Abolish The city is planning to construct a new cultural center. The intent was to abolish the old cultural norms.
Wreck The company is set to build a new residential complex. The storm threatened to wreck the construction site.
Raze The architects have designs to raise a new skyscraper. The decision was made to raze the abandoned factory.
Demolish They were able to build a new playground for the kids. The city council chose to demolish the old playground.
Take apart The plans are in place to construct a new office tower. They will need to take apart the old tower first.
Undo A team of engineers will erect a new bridge over the river. The flood seemed to undo all their progress on the project.
Shatter The city aims to build a brand new cultural institution. The earthquake managed to shatter many historical buildings.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BUILD

In various languages, the antonyms for ‘build’ encompass words like demolish, dismantle, and destroy. While construction involves putting together materials to create something new, deconstruction involves taking things apart. A building can be torn down, disassembled, or demolished instead of being constructed. This variety of vocabulary reflects the diverse processes involved in altering structures, whether it’s bringing something new to life or breaking it down.

Understanding the opposite of ‘build’ provides insight into the different stages of a structure’s existence. By exploring synonyms and antonyms related to construction, we gain a more nuanced perspective on the cyclical nature of creation and destruction in the built environment.

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