Opposite of BULWARK – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When seeking antonyms for bulwark, it’s important to understand the concept of a bulwark. A bulwark is a defensive wall or barrier designed to protect against external threats. It serves as a stronghold or fortress, providing security and defense.

The antonyms for bulwark can thus be understood as terms that represent the opposite of protection or defense. These antonyms signify vulnerability, exposure, or lack of safeguarding. By exploring antonyms for bulwark, we can gain insight into words that convey the idea of being open, defenseless, or unprotected.

Through examining antonyms for bulwark, we can expand our vocabulary and understanding of contrasting concepts related to security and protection. This exploration can enhance our ability to communicate effectively and express nuances in meaning related to strength, fortification, and defenselessness.

35 Antonyms for BULWARK With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for bulwark. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BULWARK antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Bulwark Sentence with Antonym
Weakness The fortified walls acted as a bulwark against enemy attacks. The country’s weakness was exploited by the invading armies.
Vulnerability The strong community support served as a bulwark against negative influences. Their lack of resources left them in a state of vulnerability.
Expose The tall trees acted as a natural bulwark shielding the house. Without any cover, they were exposed to the harsh weather conditions.
Insecurity Having a good insurance plan can serve as a bulwark against financial insecurity. The lack of stability in the job market heightened insecurity among the workers.
Peril The strong military presence formed a bulwark against potential dangers. Navigating the treacherous waters without a plan put them in peril.
Endanger The safety measures implemented by the company were a bulwark against endangering the employees. The lack of safety protocols endanger the lives of workers in the factory.
Defenseless The high walls of the fortress provided a secure bulwark for the kingdom. With no means of protection, they were left defenseless against the attackers.
Vulnerable Having a strong support system can be a good bulwark against feeling vulnerable. Her emotional state made her more vulnerable to criticism.
Exposed The privacy settings on social media act as a bulwark for keeping personal information from being exposed. Without any barriers, their data was exposed to cyber threats.
Insufficient The backup generator acted as an bulwark against insufficient power supply. The insufficient funding led to the project being left incomplete.
Inadequate Strong leadership can serve as a bulwark against inadequate decision-making. Their lack of experience resulted in inadequate judgment calls.
Helpless Their strong bond acted as a bulwark against feeling helpless in times of need. The absence of support made them feel helpless while facing challenges.
Unprotected The security cameras served as a bulwark against leaving the premises unprotected. Without any security measures, the building was left unprotected overnight.
Undefended The legal team acted as a bulwark for the company, ensuring that they were not undefended in court. In the absence of legal representation, the defendant felt undefended against the accusations.
Unarmored The steel gates acted as a strong bulwark against being unarmored in battle. The soldiers without proper gear were left unarmored in the face of the enemy.
Assistance Having a mentor can be a great bulwark against the lack of assistance in achieving goals. Struggling on your own without any assistance can be challenging.
Open The closed gates served as a bulwark against being open to unauthorized entry. Leaving the doors open invites strangers to enter the premises.
Hazard Wearing seat belts can be a bulwark against potential hazards on the road. Disregarding safety measures increases the risk of facing hazards while driving.
Weaken Regular exercise can act as a bulwark against weakening the body’s immune system. A lack of nutrients can weaken the body and leave it susceptible to illnesses.
Stranded The map provided a bulwark for not being stranded in the wilderness. Without a map, they were stranded and lost in the unfamiliar terrain.
Exclusion Inclusivity acts as a bulwark against exclusion in social settings. Discrimination often leads to the exclusion of marginalized groups.
Unprotected The security system acted as a bulwark for the house being unprotected from burglaries. With no security measures in place, the property was left unprotected overnight.
Unreinforced The additional support serves as a bulwark against being unreinforced during the earthquake. Buildings that are unreinforced pose a higher risk of collapsing during seismic activities.
Offense The peace talks between the nations were seen as a bulwark against offense and hostility. The harsh words exchanged during the argument led to mutual offense among the parties.
Danger Strict safety protocols serve as a bulwark against danger in the workplace. Ignoring safety guidelines increases the risk of facing danger while working.
Exile Family support can act as a strong bulwark against being exiled from the community. In ancient times, those who disobeyed the rulers faced exile as a punishment.
Harmful The warning labels on products act as a bulwark against harmful effects. Failure to adhere to safety precautions can lead to harmful consequences.
Resistance A strong immune system can act as a bulwark against resistance to diseases. The lack of vaccinations increases the resistance to certain illnesses.
Neglected The renovation of the old building served as a bulwark against being neglected by the community. Historical landmarks at risk of being neglected require preservation efforts.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BULWARK

In times of vulnerability and weakness, the absence of a protective barrier can lead to exposure and risk. Without a bulwark, defenses are weakened, leaving individuals and entities susceptible to threats and harm.

By overlooking the importance of a bulwark, one could unknowingly create openings for potential dangers to penetrate. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the significance of establishing strong defenses and barriers to safeguard against harm and ensure security.

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