Opposite of BUY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for buy refer to words that represent the opposite action of purchasing goods or services. These antonyms encompass a range of terms that signify various actions that are contrary to buying.

One antonym for buy is to “sell,” which involves exchanging goods or services for money. When individuals sell items, they are transferring ownership in exchange for payment, which contrasts with the act of buying.

Another antonym for buy is to “rent,” which involves temporarily using or accessing goods or services in exchange for payment. Renting allows individuals to utilize a product or service without owning it permanently, providing a different approach to acquiring items compared to buying.

35 Antonyms for BUY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for buy. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BUY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Buy Sentence with Antonym
sell She decided to buy a new dress for the party. She decided to sell her old dress before buying a new one.
give away He always buys expensive gifts for his friends. He always loves to give away things he no longer needs.
acquire They plan to buy a new house next month. They have no plans to acquire any more properties.
barter They agreed to buy the furniture for cash. Instead of buying, they decided to barter their services.
donate I decided to buy some books for the library. I decided to donate some books to the library instead.
get rid of We need to buy more storage containers for our stuff. We need to get rid of some items to declutter the space.
discard She frequently buys new clothes for herself. Rather than buying more, she decided to discard old ones.
forfeit He chose to buy a ticket to the concert. He didn’t want to forfeit his chance to attend the concert.
lose They hope to buy tickets for the championship game. Without them, they would lose the chance to see the game.
abstain The temptation to buy the latest gadget was strong. She decided to abstain from purchasing unnecessary items.
refrain She couldn’t resist buying a new pair of shoes. To save money, she chose to refrain from shopping.
procure He planned to buy a rare item at the auction. Instead of buying it, he tried to procure it by other means.
sell off They were able to buy all the items at a discount. They were planning to sell off some items at the yard sale.
dispossess She intends to buy a new car next month. With the old car sold, she would dispossess it soon.
rent We need to buy a lawnmower for the summer. It might be better to rent one while deciding the best fit.
lose out They always buy the latest tech as soon as it is out. By being hesitant, they might lose out on the early deals.
discard Sandy continues to buy things she doesn’t need. Rather than buying excessively, she should discard the excess.
divest She had to buy a new phone after losing her old one. She would have to first divest the broken phone.
forfeit Mike plans to buy tickets for the big game. He doesn’t want to forfeit cheering for his favorite team.
give away Instead of buying new furniture, she gave away some. She wanted to give away furniture she no longer used.
barter He preferred to buy the painting rather than barter. They did not want to barter their prized possession.
receive They decided to buy all the necessary supplies. It’s likely they will receive what they need as a donation.
lose Jessica plans to buy a ticket for the movie premiere. Without it, she would lose the opportunity to attend.
pay Mark would buy whatever he liked without hesitation. He was less willing to pay for things he didn’t truly value.
acquire They were relieved to buy the last two tickets. They did not wish to acquire any more tickets than needed.
rent Instead of buying a kayak, they can rent one. Renting is a more practical choice than outright buying.
abstain She vowed to buy the dress she had been eyeing. However, thinking about her budget, she chose to abstain.
get rid of He will need to buy more storage space for his things. He must first get rid of items he no longer uses.
discard Rachel continues to buy more and more plants. Instead of adding, she knew it was time to discard some.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BUY

In conclusion, instead of buying goods, consider selling or trading items you no longer need. By engaging in a barter system or swap meet, you can obtain new items without spending money. Additionally, renting or borrowing products can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing them. Instead of making a purchase, explore these options to save money and still acquire the items you desire.

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