Opposite of CELEBRATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for celebrate refer to actions or feelings that are opposite to commemorating or honoring a significant event or achievement. These antonyms encompass a range of emotions and behaviors that contrast with the joy, festivity, and praise typically associated with celebrations. They may involve expressions of sorrow, indifference, criticism, or even denunciation in response to an occasion that would conventionally be marked with jubilation.

Antonyms for celebrate can denote a variety of attitudes and reactions, such as mourning, lamenting, or disregarding an event rather than observing it with enthusiasm or approval. This category of opposing terms includes words that convey disapproval, condemnation, or disinterest towards the subject being discussed. By exploring these antonyms, one gains insight into the diverse range of responses and perspectives that can exist in contrast to the act of celebrating.

Understanding antonyms for celebrate provides a more nuanced understanding of the complexities inherent in acknowledging milestones or achievements. By examining the opposite of celebration, one can deepen their comprehension of the various emotions and actions that can come into play when considering a significant event or accomplishment. This exploration underscores the multifaceted nature of human responses and sheds light on the diverse interpretations and attitudes that can accompany moments of recognition or success.

35 Antonyms for CELEBRATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for celebrate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CELEBRATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Celebrate Sentence with Antonym
Mourn The entire town celebrated the victory in the championship. The family gathered to mourn the passing of their beloved grandmother.
Deplore We should celebrate our achievements rather than dwell on failures. The supervisor will deplore any unethical behavior at the workplace.
Lament Let’s celebrate our success with a grand party! They will lament the missed opportunity for promotion.
Bemoan The community will celebrate the unity through a cultural festival. She will bemoan the lack of support for her artistic endeavors.
Detest I celebrate the diversity of our team members. He tends to detest social gatherings and prefers solitude.
Despise Despite losing the game, the team decided to celebrate their effort. She will despise the thought of attending the party.
Disparage The school will celebrate the achievements of its students during the event. He tends to disparage any attempt to showcase talent.
Condemn Let’s celebrate the completion of our project ahead of schedule. The jury is likely to condemn the accused for their crimes.
Reject The company decided to celebrate its sustainability goals with a special event. She will reject the idea of a promotion if it means longer work hours.
Ignore The family gathered to celebrate the birth of a healthy baby boy. He tends to ignore any form of recognition or praise.
Overlook The city will celebrate its 100th anniversary with fireworks. She tends to overlook her own achievements and focus on others.
Neglect The team will celebrate their victory at the regional competition. She tends to neglect her own well-being while taking care of others.
Miss I want to celebrate my graduation with all my friends. She will miss the chance to attend the concert due to prior commitments.
Regret Let’s celebrate the completion of the project successfully. He will regret not asking for help when it was needed.
Grieve The company will celebrate its anniversary with a gala event. They will grieve the loss of their pet with a small ceremony.
Mourn The nation comes together to celebrate its independence day. The family will mourn the passing of their beloved pet.
Deprecate Let’s celebrate the achievements of each team member. He tends to deprecate every effort made by his peers.
Disapprove The company decided to celebrate its success with a staff party. She will disapprove of the company’s decision to downsize.
Condemn The community will celebrate the diversity of its cultural heritage. They will condemn any form of discrimination.
Devalue Let’s celebrate the efforts of the volunteers at the event. He tends to devalue the contributions of others.
Curse The team will celebrate their victory in the championship game. They will curse the bad luck that led to their defeat.
Dishonor Let’s celebrate the courage shown by our team during the competition. He will dishonor the memory of his ancestors by his actions.
Abhor Despite the challenges, the team decided to celebrate their progress. She tends to abhor any form of conflict.
Despise Come on, let’s celebrate our friendship with a road trip! He will despise the idea of going out and socializing.
Contempt The school will celebrate the diversity of its student body. She will regard their achievements with contempt rather than appreciation.
Reproach Let’s celebrate the completion of our project on time. He will reproach the team for any errors in the final report.
Detest The team decided to celebrate their teamwork with a day off. He tends to detest public recognition for his achievements.
Loathe Despite the setback, the team will celebrate their progress. She will loathe the thought of having to start over.
Disgust Let’s celebrate our diversity as a team with a multicultural potluck. He tends to disgust at the sight of certain foods.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CELEBRATE

Overall, it is important to acknowledge that while some may commemorate, others may mourn. While certain occasions call for reveling, there are times when we need to reflect solemnly. Recognizing the diversity of emotions and experiences, we can appreciate the complexity of human life. Instead of focusing only on jubilation, we should also honor moments of remembrance and contemplation. This balance allows for a deeper understanding and connection with others who may not always be in a celebratory mood. It’s okay to feel a range of emotions and to honor them in their own right.

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