Opposite of CENSOR – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Have you ever found yourself searching for an alternative to the word “censor” when expressing your thoughts or engaging in a dialogue? By exploring antonyms for “censor,” you can enhance your vocabulary and convey your ideas more effectively.

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a given word, providing diverse options for communication. When seeking antonyms for “censor,” you are looking for terms that convey openness, transparency, and freedom of expression. By using antonyms, you can express your thoughts without restriction or suppression.

Expanding your vocabulary with antonyms for “censor” allows you to communicate with clarity and precision, promoting a richer and more nuanced exchange of ideas. By understanding and incorporating these opposing terms into your language repertoire, you empower yourself to express diverse viewpoints and engage in constructive discussions.

35 Antonyms for CENSOR With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for censor. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CENSOR antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Censor Sentence with Antonym
Allow The government decided to censor the publication. The government decided to allow the publication.
Display The museum had to censor some artwork. The museum had no need to display the artwork.
Approve The board of directors chose to censor the advertisement. The board of directors decided to approve the advertisement.
Permit The school had to censor the student’s speech. The school decided to permit the student’s speech.
Publish The author was upset when the editor wanted to censor her book. The author was delighted when the editor decided to publish her book.
Accept The company chose to censor negative comments. The company decided to accept all feedback.
Acknowledge It’s unethical for the media to censor important news. It’s ethical for the media to acknowledge important news.
Promote The company decided to censor any negative reviews. The company opted to promote all positive feedback.
Share Social media platforms often censor controversial opinions. Social media platforms encourage users to share diverse viewpoints.
Support The school administration wanted to censor the student protest. The school administration decided to support the student protest.
Communicate It is crucial for democracy that governments do not censor information. It is crucial for democracy that governments openly communicate information.
Exhibit The gallery had to censor parts of the art show. The gallery was able to exhibit the complete art show.
Sanction The government threatened to censor those who spoke out. The government refused to sanction citizens for their speech.
Embrace Instead of censoring different perspectives, we should embrace them. Instead of embrace different perspectives, we should censor them.
Present The school board decided to censor the controversial topic. The school board chose to present the controversial topic.
Encourage It is against freedom of speech principles to censor opinions. It is important to encourage a diverse range of opinions.
Attend The library chose to censor certain books. The library allowed patrons to attend any books they wanted.
Distribute The government threatened to censor the newspaper. The government agreed to distribute the newspaper freely.
Disclose The company decided to censor any negative reports. The company chose to disclose all information, positive or negative.
Listen Instead of trying to censor conversations, we should listen to each other. Instead of trying to listen to conversations, we should censor them.
Encourage The movie censorship board ensures not to encourage explicit content. The movie censorship board ensures not to censor content.
Join The teacher had to censor unacceptable behavior in the classroom. The teacher invited students to freely join discussions in the classroom.
Allow The committee voted to censor the candidate’s speech. The committee voted to allow the candidate’s speech.
Support The social media platform chose to censor political posts. The social media platform decided to support a variety of political posts.
Release The studio decided to censor parts of the film. The studio chose to release the film without cuts.
Advocate Some governments heavily censor any form of dissent. Some governments actively advocate freedom of expression.
Hide The government’s decision to censor the truth caused public outrage. The government’s decision to hide the truth caused public outrage.
Reject The editor was forced to censor the controversial article. The editor chose to reject the controversial article.
Permit The strict company policy leads to censoring of employee feedback. The flexible company policy allows for permitting open discussion.
Promote The social media platform tends to censor unpopular opinions. The social media platform works to promote diverse viewpoints.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CENSOR

Embracing free expression allows for the unrestricted flow of ideas and information. Rather than suppress or restrict content, allowing the opposite of censoring fosters diversity, creativity, and open dialogue. In a society where censorship is absent, individuals are free to express themselves without fear of judgment or limitation. This environment promotes innovation, critical thinking, and the exchange of varying perspectives.

By encouraging the antonyms of censoring, such as promoting, supporting, and advocating for unrestricted communication, we cultivate a culture of openness and inclusivity. Embracing diversity of thought and expression benefits society by creating a platform for constructive debates, artistic expression, and the sharing of knowledge. Ultimately, embracing the antonyms of censoring fosters a rich and dynamic exchange of ideas that can lead to a more informed and enlightened community.

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