Opposite of CHASE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we discuss antonyms for chase, we are referring to words that represent the opposite action or concept to pursuing or following someone or something eagerly. Antonyms are words with opposite meanings to one another, providing a clear contrast within the language.

In the context of chase, the antonyms help us understand the various ways in which an action can be expressed differently through language. By knowing the antonyms for chase, we can accurately convey the absence of pursuit or the act of moving away from something.

Exploring the antonyms for chase can enrich our vocabulary and language skills, enabling us to communicate ideas with precision and depth. Understanding these contrasting terms can offer us a more nuanced perspective on actions and dynamics that involve pursuing or fleeing, ultimately enhancing our ability to express ourselves effectively.

35 Antonyms for CHASE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for chase. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CHASE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Chase Sentence with Antonym
Relax The dog loves to chase after squirrels in the park. After a long day at work, I just want to relax at home.
Retreat The police officer started to chase the suspect. As soon as the suspect saw the police, he began to retreat.
Ignore Sarah tends to chase after every new trend. I try to ignore the latest fads and stick to what I like.
Avoid The cat will often chase after the laser pointer. To prevent any accidents, make sure to avoid the busy streets.
Disregard The children love to chase each other around the yard. It’s important not to disregard safety guidelines during play.
Calm The predator will chase its prey across the savanna. The prey must remain calm and collected to outwit the predator.
Retreat The car thief attempted to chase down his target. The target managed to retreat into a nearby building.
Evade The detective must chase down the criminal. The criminal is trying to evade capture by the authorities.
Avoid In a game of tag, the kids will chase each other. The goal is to avoid getting tagged by the other players.
Relax Rex will often chase after the ball in the yard. After playtime, the dog will finally relax in its bed.
Retreat The hound will chase the rabbit across the field. The rabbit senses danger and decides to retreat into its burrow.
Ignore Some dogs will chase cars that pass by the house. It is important to ignore distractions while driving.
Approach The paparazzi will chase after the celebrity. Instead of running, the celebrity decides to calmly approach the photographers.
Still The young cat loves to chase after the toy mouse. The older cat prefers to sit still and observe.
Surrender The cops will chase down the escaped convict. The convict, realizing he can’t escape, decides to surrender.
Release The hounds are trained to chase after escaping prisoners. Handlers are then called in to release the dogs.
Defend The soldier will chase after the enemy in battle. The enemy will do their best to defend their position.
Await The kids will chase the ice cream truck down the street. The driver will then await the children to make their choices.
Steady The border collie will chase after the sheep in the field. Meanwhile, the shepherd uses a steady tone to keep the dog steady.
Slow down The sports car will chase after the race car ahead. However, the race car will then need to slow down for a pit stop.
Loosen The lion will chase after the gazelle in the grasslands. The gazelle tries to loosen its grip on the earth for a quick escape.
Forward The traffic officer will chase down the speeding vehicle. However, the driver will continue to drive forward without stopping.
Retreat The adventurers will chase after the treasure in the cave. As they go deeper into the cave, they realize they should retreat for safety.
Disengage The piranhas will chase after any prey in the water. Larger fish will then disengage from the situation to avoid being bitten.
Advance The soldiers were ordered to chase after the retreating enemy troops. The troops made a strategic decision to advance on a different front.
Exhale During a workout, the athlete will chase after their personal best. After crossing the finish line, they will exhale deeply in relief.
Stay put The playful puppy will chase after its own tail for hours. The older dog prefers to simply stay put and watch for intruders.
Ultimately stop The investigators will chase after the criminal mastermind. Until they ultimately stop and confront the villain in an intense showdown.
Block In a soccer game, the team captain will chase after the ball. A defender will then step in to block the captain’s advance.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CHASE

Relax, unwind, and stay calm. Instead of pursuing and hurrying, take this time to slow down, pause, and enjoy the present moment. Eliminate the stress of constant movement and cease the relentless pursuit of goals. Embrace the serenity of stillness and appreciate the tranquility that comes with letting go of the need to chase. By allowing yourself to rest, you can find peace and contentment in simply being, rather than constantly striving. So, take a break, sit back, and savor the beauty of the present without the pressure to chase after what lies ahead.

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