Opposite of CHEER – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for cheer are words that represent the opposite of joy, happiness, or positive emotions. These words convey a sense of sadness, melancholy, or negativity in contrast to cheerfulness. They serve as a counterpoint to expressions of celebration or contentment, providing a diverse range of emotional vocabulary for communication.

When utilizing antonyms for cheer, individuals can effectively convey feelings of sorrow, disappointment, or disillusionment in their writing or conversations. By incorporating these contrasting words, speakers can create a more nuanced and balanced depiction of emotions, capturing a broader spectrum of human experiences beyond just happiness and positivity.

Exploring antonyms for cheer allows for a deep dive into the complexities of human emotions, shedding light on the interplay between joy and sorrow, hope and despair. These words offer a valuable tool for expressing a wide array of feelings with richness and depth, enriching communication by embracing the full range of emotional experiences.

35 Antonyms for CHEER With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for cheer. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CHEER antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Cheer Sentence with Antonym
Sorrow The news of her promotion filled her with cheer. The tragic accident left them with deep sorrow.
Melancholy Despite the gray skies, his heart was filled with cheer. Her heart was heavy with melancholy on the gloomy day.
Misery She couldn’t help but feel a sense of cheer after the good news. He was drowning in a sea of misery over his loss.
Despair The feeling of cheer washed over her as she achieved her goal. They were consumed by despair after their plan failed.
Gloom The sun shining brightly filled her with cheer. The dark clouds hanging overhead brought an air of gloom.
Despondency The sight of her family waiting for her brought cheer to her heart. The thought of being alone filled her with despondency.
Dejection Despite the challenges, she held onto a glimmer of cheer. His face showed a clear expression of dejection.
Hopelessness The small act of kindness filled her with cheer. Their situation seemed to convey an air of hopelessness.
Dismay A sense of cheer spread through the room after the good news. There was a collective feeling of dismay in the room.
Depression His face lit up with cheer upon hearing the good news. She was weighed down by a thick cloud of depression.
Suffering The sight of her children playing filled her heart with cheer. He couldn’t hide the signs of his physical suffering.
Pain She watched the sunset with a sense of cheer in her heart. His anguished face revealed the depth of his pain.
Agony Her eyes shone with cheer upon hearing the good news. He couldn’t hide the signs of his agony after the loss.
Woe The sound of laughter filled the room with cheer. The sobs of grief echoed through the hall, bringing woe.
Regret Her heart swelled with cheer when she saw her loved ones. He was filled with a sense of regret over his choices.
Disappointment Despite the setbacks, she maintained a sense of cheer. His face showed his disappointment clearly.
Unhappiness The news brought a wave of cheer to her worried heart. The constant feeling of unhappiness wore her down.
Dismal Despite the storm, she felt a glimmer of cheer in her heart. The weather matched his dismal mood perfectly.
Bleak His face broke into a smile, showing glimpses of cheer. The outlook for the future seemed bleak at that moment.
Discouragement Her spirit was lifted by a feeling of cheer within her. He struggled with the weight of discouragement on him.
Heartache Her heart swam with a sense of cheer on her special day. His face showed the signs of deep heartache in his eyes.
Mourning The sounds of laughter filled the room with cheer. The room was filled with the solemn air of mourning.
Anguish Despite the challenges, she maintained a sense of cheer. He couldn’t hide his sharp expressions of anguish.
Distress She managed to find a hint of cheer amidst the chaos. The look in her eyes revealed the depth of her distress.
Dejection Her heart lightened with a sudden sense of cheer. His posture and demeanor reflected his feelings of dejection.
Grief A sense of cheer washed over them in that moment. They were enveloped in a deep sense of grief after the loss.
Pain Her eyes shone with cheer as she heard the good news. He was clearly in pain as he tried to hide his emotions.
Wretchedness The sight of her children playing brought cheer to her heart. He was consumed by feelings of wretchedness after the incident.
Downcast She couldn’t hide the sense of cheer in her eyes. He couldn’t shake off the downcast expression on his face.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CHEER

Overall, while cheerfulness can bring joy and positivity into our lives, the absence of cheer can lead to feelings of gloominess and despondency. Being able to recognize and address the factors that contribute to a lack of cheer is essential for maintaining emotional well-being. Therefore, it is important to cultivate resilience and seek support when experiencing negative emotions like sadness and melancholy.

In times when cheerfulness is elusive, it is crucial to engage in self-care practices, seek assistance from loved ones or professionals, and focus on activities that bring comfort and peace. By acknowledging and accepting moments of low cheer, individuals can work towards finding inner contentment and emotional balance. Remember, it’s okay not to be cheerful all the time, but it’s important to take steps to nurture your mental health.

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