Opposite of CIVILIZED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for civilized, it is important to explore contrasting terms that represent the absence of advanced social organization, cultural development, and refinement. These antonyms typically denote a lack of sophistication, order, and adherence to societal norms commonly associated with civilization.

One key antonym for civilized is primitive, which refers to a state of simplicity, rawness, and a lack of complex societal structures. Another antonym is untamed, which highlights a lack of control, restraint, and refinement commonly found in a civilized society. These contrasting terms help to illustrate the difference between a society that is developed and organized, and one that lacks sophistication and order.

Exploring antonyms for civilized can provide valuable insight into the various ways in which societies can differ in terms of cultural development, organization, and social norms. By identifying and understanding these contrasting terms, we can gain a better understanding of the diverse range of societal structures and behaviors found in different cultures and communities around the world.

35 Antonyms for CIVILIZED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for civilized. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CIVILIZED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Civilized Sentence with Antonym
Primitive The civilized society prioritizes education and progress. The tribe lived a primitive lifestyle, relying on hunting and gathering for survival.
Barbaric His actions were anything but civilized, showing kindness and compassion. The warlords ruled with a barbaric disregard for human life.
Savage Despite their differences, they managed to have a civilized conversation. The wild animals were fiercely savage and untamable.
Uncultured The art exhibit showcased the civilized nature of the artist. He was criticized for his uncultured behavior at the formal dinner.
Wild The city had a civilized atmosphere with well-maintained streets and buildings. The remote jungle was filled with wild animals and dense vegetation.
Unrefined She carried herself with a civilized grace and sophistication. His jokes were often crude and unrefined, offending those around him.
Rough The council members conducted themselves in a civilized manner during the meeting. The boys’ behavior was rowdy and rough, disrupting the classroom.
Coarse The artist’s work reflected a civilized understanding of color and form. His language was often coarse and offensive, lacking refinement.
Unpolished The royal court was the epitome of civilized elegance and poise. The new employee’s manners were unpolished and unrefined, reflecting his lack of experience.
Rustic The city was a hub of civilized activity and culture. The small village had a quaint and rustic charm, untouched by modern influences.
Backward The society had embraced technology and innovation, becoming more civilized with each passing year. The tribe’s customs seemed backward and ancient compared to modern standards.
Feral In the civilized world, cooperation and diplomacy were valued. The feral cats roamed the streets, untamed and feral.
Impolite The guests were expected to conduct themselves in a civilized manner at the formal event. His impolite remarks offended those around him, making everyone uncomfortable.
Crude The civilized culture valued education and artistry. His crude behavior and language were a stark contrast to the refined atmosphere.
Unmannered The king ruled with a sense of civilized authority and wisdom. The peasant was unmannered and disrespectful, earning him a reputation for being rude.
Gross The wealthy elite lived in civilized luxury, surrounded by opulence and comfort. The conditions in the slums were gross and unsanitary, a stark contrast to the affluent neighborhoods.
Unseemly The diplomat’s civilized approach to negotiations helped prevent conflict. The protesters’ unseemly behavior disrupted the peace and order of the demonstration.
Rude The teacher encouraged civilized discourse and respectful communication in the classroom. His rude comments and aggressive tone alienated his coworkers.
Raw The city had a civilized infrastructure with modern amenities and conveniences. The rural area lacked these comforts, feeling raw and untouched by progress.
Indelicate The society prided itself on its civilized manners and sophisticated customs. His indelicate jokes and inappropriate behavior embarrassed those around him.
Ignorant In the civilized world, knowledge and education were highly valued. The remote village was filled with ignorant people, unaware of the advancements made elsewhere.
Vulgar The civilized culture celebrated art, music, and literature. The rowdy crowd’s vulgar behavior disrupted the peaceful gathering.
Ungracious The queen displayed a regal and civilized demeanor in public. His ungracious attitude and lack of manners made him unwelcome in social circles.
Inelegant The ballroom was filled with civilized guests, dancing and conversing with grace. Her inelegant movements and clumsy behavior stood out in the refined setting.
Unfashioned The civilized society embraced fashion, elegance, and style. The remote village’s inhabitants were unfashioned and unaffected by trends.
Backward The city was considered civilized due to its advanced infrastructure and society. The tribe’s traditions seemed backward and archaic by modern standards.
Bucolic The civilized metropolis was a thriving hub of culture and commerce. The rural countryside offered a bucolic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Opprobrious The diplomat’s civilized negotiations helped ease tensions between the nations. The journalist’s opprobrious comments only served to escalate the conflict further.
Disorderly The civilized society had laws and regulations to maintain order and justice. The unruly mob’s disorderly conduct threatened the peace and stability of the city.
Uncultivated The city’s parks and gardens reflected the civilized appreciation for nature and beauty. The uncultivated land was wild and overgrown, untouched by human hands.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CIVILIZED

In exploring antonyms for civilized, we’ve encountered terms like primitive, uncivilized, and barbaric. These contrasting words highlight behaviors or societies that lack refinement, order, or adherence to established norms. Examples such as “sophisticated” versus “uncivilized” underscore the vast differences in temperament, decorum, and societal structure.

By examining the antonyms for civilized, we gain a deeper understanding of the diverse behaviors and cultures that exist in the world. This exploration prompts us to reflect on the values of civility, respect, and social harmony that are essential for a functioning and inclusive society.

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