Opposite of CLAP – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we think of applauding in appreciation, the opposite action that expresses disapproval or lack of approval is referred to as *Antonyms for clap*. This term encompasses a range of gestures or sounds that signify a negative response or lack of approval rather than the enthusiastic clapping that is associated with praise and agreement.

*Antonyms for clap* are somber and understated reactions that convey displeasure or disapproval in contrast to the energetic and positive connotations of clapping. These responses vary in intensity and mannerism, serving as a direct contrast to the lively and upbeat nature of clapping in a social setting.

By exploring the various forms of *Antonyms for clap*, we can understand how different cultures and individuals express disagreement or disapproval through gestures or sounds that are essentially opposite to the act of clapping. This examination sheds light on the diverse ways in which people communicate their negative sentiments without resorting to verbal language or physical aggression.

35 Antonyms for CLAP With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for clap. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CLAP antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Clap Sentence with Antonym
Whisper The audience clapped politely. The audience whispered quietly.
Boo The crowd clapped in excitement. The crowd booed in disapproval.
Silence He clapped his hands to get attention. He stood in silence to show respect.
Frown She clapped happily at the performance. She frowned at the disappointing show.
Scowl The children clapped at the cute puppy. The children scowled at the scary dog.
Jeer They clapped along with the music. They jeered at the terrible performance.
Sigh The audience clapped after the speech. The audience sighed in disappointment.
Sneer She clapped enthusiastically for the team. She sneered at the losing opponents.
Whisper He clapped after the speech. He whispered to his friend about it.
Scream The fans clapped as their team scored. The fans screamed in celebration.
Hiss The crowd clapped to show appreciation. The crowd hissed in disapproval.
Mumble She clapped along to the beat. She mumbled incoherently during the song.
Sulk They clapped at the end of the play. They sat in sulk throughout the performance.
Boo The audience clapped for the soloist. The audience booed the soloist.
Whisper He clapped his hands at the concert. He whispered his appreciation quietly.
Groan She clapped enthusiastically at the award. She groaned in dismay at the loss.
Shout The audience clapped at the speech. The audience shouted in excitement.
Murmur They clapped after the performance. They murmured amongst themselves after.
Whisper The children clapped for the magician. The children whispered in amazement.
Sigh The audience clapped after the act. The audience sighed at the disappointing act.
Boo He clapped for his colleague’s speech. He booed at his colleague’s speech.
Whisper She clapped enthusiastically at the concert. She whispered her admiration to her friend.
Sneer They clapped in approval of the decision. They sneered in disapproval of the decision.
Scream The fans clapped for the winning team. The fans screamed in celebration of the win.
Hiss The crowd clapped respectfully. The crowd hissed in protest.
Mumble She clapped along to the music. She mumbled her dissatisfaction.
Sulk The audience clapped politely at the end. The audience sat in sulk at the end.
Shout He clapped in approval of the decision. He shouted in disagreement with the decision.
Groan They clapped after the show. They groaned at the poor performance.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CLAP

In conclusion, while some synonyms for clap include applaud, cheer, and praise, its antonyms encompass silence, booing, and criticism. When a performance or speech is met with solemn silence instead of thunderous applause, it can indicate disapproval or lack of enthusiasm from the audience. On the other hand, booing and criticism represent explicit forms of disapproval and negativity towards a presentation or individual.

Understanding the antonyms for clap sheds light on the varied responses and reactions that can be elicited from an audience. Silence, booing, and criticism serve as contrast points to the positive acknowledgment and approval typically associated with clapping.

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