Opposite of CLEARED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we talk about antonyms for “cleared,” we are referring to words that have the opposite meaning of the term cleared. In this context, the focus is on finding words that convey a sense of obstruction, hindrance, or lack of clarity. By exploring antonyms for cleared, we can uncover a range of terms that express concepts like blocked, obstructed, or congested.

These antonyms serve as valuable linguistic tools to enhance communication and writing by providing alternative words that offer nuanced differences in meaning. By incorporating antonyms for cleared into our vocabulary, we can create more vivid and precise descriptions in our language. Whether used in verbal conversations, written texts, or creative works, these antonyms add depth and variety to our expression, allowing us to convey a broader range of ideas and emotions.

35 Antonyms for CLEARED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for cleared. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CLEARED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Cleared Sentence with Antonym
Blocked The road was cleared for construction. The road was blocked due to an accident.
Crowded She cleared the busy room to make space for the meeting. She filled the empty room with furniture.
Muddled The confusion was finally cleared after the explanation. The confusion was further muddled by contradicting information.
Occupied The officer cleared the occupied house for safety inspection. The officer entered the occupied house for investigation.
Clouded She cleared her mind of doubt before making a decision. Her mind was clouded by uncertainty, making it hard to focus.
Foggy The smog in the city had cleared away after the rain. The morning was foggy and reduced visibility on the road.
Uncertain He was finally cleared about the decision after the meeting. His mind was uncertain about his future plans.
Muddy The water in the stream had cleared after the storm. The path was muddy and impossible to walk on.
Stuffed The surgeon cleared the stuffed artery during the operation. The stuffed closet was tidied up to create more space.
Closed The case was cleared after new evidence was presented. The store was closed for the holiday.
Foggy The weather had cleared and the sun was shining brightly. The sky became foggy limiting visibility for drivers.
Darkened The skies finally cleared after a stormy night. The room darkened as the sun began to set.
Filled She cleared the plate after finishing her meal. She filled the bowl with soup for her hungry child.
Wrinkled The dry cleaner cleared the wrinkled shirt making it look brand new. The clothes were wrinkled due to being stuffed in a suitcase.
Dull She cleared her mind of negative thoughts to focus on the task at hand. The lecture was dull, putting most of the audience to sleep.
Overcast The skies finally cleared after days of rainy weather. The sky became overcast blocking out the sun’s rays.
Hidden The detective cleared the hidden evidence in the case. The treasure remained hidden in the deep cave.
Chaotic The teacher cleared the classroom after a chaotic day. The classroom became more chaotic as students started throwing paper planes.
Cloudy The day had cleared with the sun shining bright in the clear sky. The sky became cloudy blocking out the bright sunlight.
Unsettled The conflict between the two nations was finally cleared through diplomatic talks. The situation remained unsettled causing tension in the region.
Covered She cleared the covered area of leaves for better visibility. The table was covered in a beautiful cloth for the dinner party.
Cluttered She cleared the cluttered desk to make space for her computer. The room was cluttered with toys and clothes on the floor.
Strained The friends finally cleared the strained relationship between them. The relationship remained strained despite efforts to improve it.
Rusty He cleared the rust off the metal bars for a clean finish. The metal bars were old and rusty, quite challenging to work with.
Blurred Her vision cleared after putting on glasses. The words on the page remained blurred even with glasses on.
Fuzzy The image on the screen became cleared after adjusting the focus. The image was fuzzy and unclear, making it hard to distinguish details.
Blocked The doctor cleared the blocked artery for better blood flow. The blocked road caused a traffic jam, leading to delays.
Unclogged The plumber cleared the unclogged drain to allow the water to flow smoothly. The sink remained clogged and needed immediate attention.
Knotted The hair was cleared of all knotted tangles. The rope remained knotted and needed to be untangled.
Unclosed The deal was finally cleared after months of negotiations. The agreement remained unclosed leaving the terms up in the air.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CLEARED

In conclusion, while some areas may still be cluttered or disordered, many have yet to be organized or tidied up. As a result, the confusion persists in these locations. The absence of a clear perspective or understanding leaves room for doubt and uncertainty to linger, preventing a sense of resolution or clarity from emerging. It is essential to recognize the importance of addressing these unresolved issues to pave the way for a more transparent and coherent environment.

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