Opposite of COAX – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for coax are words that convey the opposite meaning of persuading or sweet-talking someone into doing something. While coax implies gently urging or convincing, antonyms for coax involve more forceful or direct methods of influencing behavior or decision-making. These contrasting words provide alternative approaches for interacting with others and achieving desired outcomes.

When looking for antonyms for coax, it is important to consider words that reflect a lack of subtlety or finesse in communication or manipulation. These opposites of coax can range from straightforward demands to intimidation tactics, depending on the context and desired effect. By exploring antonyms for coax, individuals can broaden their understanding of different communication styles and enhance their ability to navigate various social interactions.

In contrast to coaxing, antonyms for coax may encompass actions or methods that are more assertive, commanding, or even coercive. By recognizing these opposing strategies, individuals can better adapt their communication style based on the situation and the response they hope to elicit. Considering antonyms for coax provides a richer vocabulary and a deeper perspective on the nuances of interpersonal communication.

35 Antonyms for COAX With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for coax. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding COAX antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Coax Sentence with Antonym
Force She coaxed him into going to the party. She forced him into going to the party.
Deter The salesman tried to coax us into buying a car. The salesman tried to deter us from buying a car.
Discourage She coaxed him to apply for the job. She discouraged him from applying for the job.
Repel The smell of the food coaxed us to the kitchen. The smell of the food repelled us from the kitchen.
Compel The coach coaxed the team to victory. The coach compelled the team to victory.
Dissuade He tried to coax her into taking the job. He tried to dissuade her from taking the job.
Repulse His aggressive behavior coaxed her away. His aggressive behavior repulsed her.
Push She coaxed the cat out from under the bed. She pushed the cat further under the bed.
Frighten She coaxed the child from the dark room. She frightened the child into the dark room.
Force The sweet music coaxed him to dance. The loud music forced him to dance.
Discourage She tried to coax him back to school. She tried to discourage him from leaving school.
Deter The tempting offer finally coaxed her to agree. The warning signs finally deterred her from agreeing.
Compel Her arguments were enough to coax him into agreeing. Her arguments were enough to compel him to agree.
Repulse The bad smell coaxed her to leave the room. The bad smell repulsed her from entering the room.
Intimidate She tried to coax him into skydiving. She tried to intimidate him from skydiving.
Avoid She successfully coaxed him into the meeting. She successfully avoided him from the meeting.
Force Their persistence coaxed him into joining. Their persistence forced him into joining.
Discourage They tried to coax him into the risky venture. They tried to discourage him from the risky venture.
Compel Her pleading coaxed him to help. Her pleading compelled him to help.
Dishearten She tried to coax him to continue playing. She tried to dishearten him from playing.
Deter The exciting job offer coaxed him to stay. The negative feedback deterred him from staying.
Coerce The teacher coaxed the students to participate. The teacher coerced the students to participate.
Repel The happy music coaxed her to stay. The annoying noise repelled her from staying.
Intimidate She tried to coax him to confront his fears. She tried to intimidate him from confronting his fears.
Persuade She coaxed him into buying the new phone. She persuaded him not to buy the new phone.
Prevent The tasty treat coaxed the dog out of the closet. The fence prevented the dog from entering the closet.
Plead She coaxed him to give her another chance. She pleaded with him to give her another chance.
Entice The advertisements coaxed customers to shop. The warnings enticed customers from shopping.
Pressurize She coaxed her friend to go bungee jumping. She pressurized her friend from bungee jumping.
Awe She tried to coax him into the haunted house. She tried to disenchant him from the haunted house.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of COAX

In situations where coaxing might fail, assertiveness can sometimes be more effective in getting someone to comply. Instead of gently persuading, being firm and direct can lead to better outcomes. It’s important to recognize when to use different approaches depending on the individual and the circumstances.

While coaxing often involves being subtle and patient, assertiveness requires being clear and straightforward. Both tactics have their place in communication, and understanding when to employ each can lead to more successful interactions and desired results. It’s about finding the right balance between being persuasive and being direct, depending on the situation at hand.

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