Opposite of COINCIDE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for coincide are words that represent the opposite or conflicting meanings of the term “coincide.” When two or more things coincide, they happen at the same time or in the same place, but antonyms for coincide indicate situations where things do not align in terms of time, location, or meaning.

These antonyms provide a contrasting perspective to the concept of coinciding events or ideas. By understanding the antonyms for coincide, we can better grasp the nuances of situations where things diverge rather than align, offering a broader understanding of the diversity of experiences and outcomes in different scenarios.

Exploring antonyms for coincide can help us appreciate the complexities of timing, location, and meanings in various contexts. By recognizing these opposing terms, we can enrich our language skills and gain a deeper insight into the diverse ways in which events, circumstances, and interpretations can unfold in our everyday lives.

35 Antonyms for COINCIDE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for coincide. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding COINCIDE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Coincide Sentence with Antonym
Differ Their schedules coincide perfectly. Their schedules differ significantly.
Disagree Their views on the topic coincide Their views on the topic disagree entirely.
Clash Our plans somehow coincided today. Our plans unexpectedly clashed today.
Deviate The results seem to coincide with the data. The results deviate from the expected outcome.
Conflict Their interests coincided on this matter. Their interests conflict on this matter.
Contrast Their stories surprisingly coincided. Their stories completely contrast each other.
Diverge Our tastes seem to coincide on this issue. Our tastes clearly diverge on this issue.
Oppose Their beliefs tend to coincide. Their beliefs strongly oppose each other.
Vary The two versions do not coincide. The two versions greatly vary from each other.
Divergence The data points greatly coincide. There is a evident divergence in the data points.
Discrepant Our accounts of the incident coincided. Our accounts of the incident were highly discrepant.
Separate Our goals coincide for the team project. Our goals significantly separate for the team project.
Disparate Our opinions on the issue seem to coincide. Our opinions are widely disparate on the issue.
Varied Their preferences do not coincide. Their preferences are quite varied.
Converse Their interests seemed to coincide. Their interests are in direct converse with each other.
Antithetical Their statements coincided unexpectedly. Their statements were completely antithetical to each other.
Distinguish The two cases appear to coincide. The two cases are easy to distinguish from each other.
Diverse Their choices do not coincide. Their choices are highly diverse.
Confute Their arguments unexpectedly coincided. Their arguments directly confuted each other.
Disparity The results perfectly coincided. There is a obvious disparity in the results.
Contrast Their perspectives surprisingly coincided. Their perspectives starkly contrast with each other.
Disunion Their actions unexpectedly coincided. Their actions caused a significant disunion between them.
Disagreeable Their opinions unexpectedly coincided. Their opinions were highly disagreeable to each other.
Discord Their tastes appeared to coincide. Their tastes led to a clear discord among them.
Different Their requests do not coincide this time. Their requests are clearly different this time.
Discriminate The colors appear to coincide at first glance. The colors are easy to discriminate upon closer examination.
Divergent Their goals do not coincide for the project. Their goals are clearly divergent for the project.
Opposite Their explanations inexplicably coincided. Their explanations are completely opposite to each other.
Incompatible Their schedules surprisingly coincided. Their schedules are highly incompatible.
Divaricate Their paths seem to coincide at this point. Their paths will likely divaricate from here onwards.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of COINCIDE

In essence, while it is common for people’s plans to conflict or differ from one another, it is also possible for individuals to have harmonious or coordinated schedules. Discrepancies in timing or events may not always align, yet there are instances where arrangements can synchronize or coincide seamlessly. Embracing the diversity of schedules and opinions can lead to valuable insights and collaborative opportunities, showcasing the beauty of contrasting perspectives and ideas.

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