Opposite of COLLABORATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When people work together towards a common goal, they collaborate. This process involves individuals combining their efforts, ideas, and resources to achieve a shared objective. In contrast, there are antonyms for collaborate, which represent actions that involve individuals working independently or in opposition to one another.

One antonym for collaborate is to work solo or individually. This means that instead of pooling talents and thoughts with others, one person takes on a task or project alone, without seeking input or assistance from anyone else. Working solo allows for complete control and independence over the outcome of the work.

Another antonym for collaborating is competing. When individuals compete, they are striving to outperform each other in a particular venture. This can involve a healthy spirit of rivalry or a more cutthroat approach, but either way, the focus is on individual success rather than collective achievement.

35 Antonyms for COLLABORATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for collaborate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding COLLABORATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Collaborate Sentence with Antonym
Compete The two companies collaborated on a project. The two companies are going to compete against each other.
Oppose The team members collaborated to achieve their goals. The team members opposed each other’s ideas.
Work solo It is better to collaborate and share ideas. Sometimes it is more efficient to work solo on a project.
Isolate Students often collaborate on group projects. Students tend to isolate themselves when they work alone.
Clash The different departments collaborated to solve the issue. The different departments had a clash of ideas.
Separate The two musicians collaborated on a song. The two musicians decided to separate and work independently.
Rival Siblings can collaborate to clean up the mess. Siblings can also be each other’s rival when it comes to scoring higher grades.
Disagree It is important to collaborate and compromise in a relationship. It can be challenging when two people disagree on everything.
Counteract Businesses benefit when they collaborate for a common goal. Businesses can lose opportunities when they counteract one another.
Standalone The authors collaborated on a best-selling book. The authors decided to write their next books standalone.
Divider The two countries collaborated to improve trade relations. The two countries are now at odds with each other, acting as a divider.
Competitor Companies often collaborate to innovate in the industry. Companies see each other as competitors in the market.
Dispute Colleagues should collaborate to make progress on the project. Colleagues should not let personal issues lead to dispute at work.
Independent The two artists collaborated on a unique painting. The two artists preferred to work independently on their own art projects.
Differ Researchers often collaborate to share knowledge. Researchers may differ in their interpretations of the data.
Alienation Family members should collaborate to plan important events. Family members should avoid causing feelings of alienation from one another.
Competitive The team was able to collaborate and win the championship. The team would not have succeeded if they were too competitive with each other.
Sever The departments need to collaborate to streamline processes. The departments cannot afford to sever ties and work in silos.
Independent It is beneficial for musicians to collaborate on songs. Some musicians prefer to work independently and create music on their own.
Rivalry The two companies decided to collaborate on a new product. The ongoing rivalry between the two companies hindered progress.
Defy Employees should collaborate to meet project deadlines. Employees should not defy instructions from their team leader.
Detach The two authors collaborated on a bestselling novel. The two authors decided to detach from each other and work on solo projects.
Conflict It is important for members of a team to collaborate. It can be detrimental if team members are in conflict with one another.
Alienation Friends should collaborate to plan an unforgettable party. Friends should avoid any behaviors that may lead to feelings of alienation.
Contentious The best results come when different departments collaborate. The workplace can become toxic if there are too many contentious interactions.
Independent Colleagues should collaborate to achieve success. Colleagues are encouraged to be independent and work without assistance.
Contrast The project was successful because team members collaborated well. The project could have been better if there wasn’t a contrast in opinions.
Discord The team’s ability to collaborate led to their victory. The lack of discord among team members helped maintain unity.
Competitor The companies decided to collaborate for a joint venture. The companies used to be fierce competitors in the industry.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of COLLABORATE

Working independently can sometimes be seen as a hindrance to progress. While autonomously working may lead to efficiency in decision-making, it lacks the diverse perspectives and expertise that come with collaboration. When individuals cooperate and work together towards a common goal, they can leverage their strengths to achieve more significant outcomes.

In conclusion, although working in isolation may have its benefits, the value of collaboration should not be overlooked. The synergy created through teamwork not only fosters innovation and creativity but also fosters a sense of unity and shared achievement among individuals.

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