Opposite of COMPARISON – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for comparison are words that express opposite or contrasting meanings when discussing two or more things. While comparisons highlight similarities or differences between objects or concepts, antonyms provide a direct contrast by showing opposites in meaning. These words serve as a helpful tool in emphasizing differences and drawing attention to contrasting aspects.

By using antonyms for comparison, individuals can effectively communicate distinctions and contrasts in a clear and concise manner. These words help to convey opposing ideas or characteristics, making it easier for readers or listeners to understand the differences being presented. Antonyms enhance the depth and clarity of communication by highlighting the polar opposite qualities of subjects under discussion.

When exploring antonyms for comparison, it is important to consider the context and intended message to accurately convey the desired meaning. By utilizing antonyms, individuals can elucidate contradictions and contrasts in a more vivid and impactful way, leading to a deeper understanding of the subjects being assessed.

35 Antonyms for COMPARISON With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for comparison. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding COMPARISON antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Comparison Sentence with Antonym
Larger The elephant is bigger than the mouse. The mouse is smaller than the elephant.
Lighter This box is heavier than that one. That box is lighter than this one.
Inferior The first painting is better than the second one. The second painting is inferior to the first one.
Overcome They won the match with a great effort. They surrendered in defeat.
Stronger The tiger is fiercer than the rabbit. The rabbit is weaker than the tiger.
Above The temperature was higher than average. The temperature was below average.
Faster He ran quicker than his friend. His friend ran slower than he did.
Richer She is wealthier than her neighbors. Her neighbors are poorer than she is.
More This book is more interesting than the last one. The last book was less interesting than this one.
Better She is smarter than her classmates. Her classmates are worse students than she is.
Older The dog is aged compared to the puppy. The puppy is younger than the dog.
Win They lost the final match. They lost the final match.
Forward He took a step ahead of his competitors. He took a step back from his competitors.
Superior The first team performed better than the second team. The second team performed inferior to the first team.
Greater Her passion for music is stronger than her love for dancing. Her love for dancing is weaker than her passion for music.
Clearer This explanation is more understandable than the first one. The first explanation was less clear compared to this one.
After He finished his presentation before the deadline. He finished his presentation after the deadline.
Tall The tree is taller than the bush. The bush is shorter than the tree.
Stop They continued their journey. They finally halted their journey.
Front She was standing at the back of the line. She was standing at the front of the line.
Farther The city is closer than I thought. The city is farther than I anticipated.
Less She has fewer books than her brother. Her brother has more books than she does.
Success She faced failure in her attempt. She achieved success in her endeavor.
Pull He pushed the door open. He pulled the door shut.
Above The artist painted the sky below the horizon. The artist painted the sea above the horizon.
Backward She took a step forward into the room. She took a step backward out of the room.
Inferior The first version of the song is superior to the new one. The new version of the song is inferior to the first one.
Lesser His role in the movie was more significant. His role in the movie was less significant.
Follow She decided to lead instead of follow. Instead of leading, she chose to follow the group.
Below The temperature is above normal for this time of year. The temperature is below normal for this time of year.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of COMPARISON

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