Opposite of COMPASSION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for compassion refer to the opposite qualities or behaviors that contrast with kindness, empathy, and understanding towards others. While compassion involves showing care and concern for people’s well-being, its antonyms typically involve indifference, apathy, and cold-heartedness. These contrasting traits demonstrate a lack of emotional connection and support for those who are suffering or in need.

Individuals who exhibit antonyms for compassion may display a lack of sympathy or consideration for others’ feelings and struggles. Instead of offering support or comfort, they may show callousness or even cruelty towards those who are experiencing difficulties. In contrast to the warmth and understanding that compassion conveys, its antonyms highlight the absence of emotional resonance and human connection.

Recognizing antonyms for compassion is crucial in understanding the spectrum of human behaviors and emotional responses. By acknowledging these contrasting qualities, we can better appreciate the significance of showing empathy and support towards others. Understanding the antonyms of compassion sheds light on the importance of fostering a more caring and understanding society where individuals can empathize and support one another in times of need.

35 Antonyms for COMPASSION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for compassion. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding COMPASSION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Compassion Sentence with Antonym
Indifference She showed empathy and compassion towards the homeless man. He displayed indifference to the suffering of others.
Cruelty His acts of kindness and compassion touched everyone’s hearts. Her cruelty towards animals was shocking.
Apathy The nurse treated the patients with great care and compassion. He was known for his apathy towards those in need.
Harshness The teacher comforted the student with gentle words of compassion. His harshness towards his employees made the work environment toxic.
Neglect The charity organization provides support and compassion to the needy. The child suffered from neglect due to his parents’ indifference.
Brutality The doctor’s compassionate care helped the patient recover. The perpetrator’s brutality towards his victims was inhumane.
Unkindness Showing understanding and compassion can help resolve conflicts. His unkindness towards his colleagues created a hostile work environment.
Hostility The volunteer showed empathy and compassion towards the refugees. Their hostility towards newcomers was unwelcoming.
Inhumanity The social worker’s compassion for the elderly was evident in her actions. The soldier’s inhumanity towards prisoners of war was disturbing.
Disregard The community came together with sensitivity and compassion after the natural disaster. His disregard for others’ feelings often led to misunderstandings.
Hatred The organization’s mission is to spread love and compassion to all. His hatred towards people of different backgrounds was evident in his actions.
Insensitivity The nun showed forgiveness and compassion towards those who wronged her. His insensitivity towards the feelings of others hurt many people.
Animosity The counselor’s compassion helped the grieving family cope with their loss. His animosity towards his ex-partner was apparent to everyone.
Coldness The therapist showed empathy and compassion towards the patient. Her coldness towards her family alienated her from them.
Harsh The community responded with kindness and compassion in times of crisis. Her harsh words lacked compassion and understanding.
Ruthlessness The group operates with empathy and compassion for all its members. His ruthlessness in business dealings made him successful but unpopular.
Hostility The volunteer showed empathy and compassion towards the refugees. Their hostility towards newcomers was unwelcoming.
Inhumanity The social worker’s compassion for the elderly was evident in her actions. The soldiers’ inhumanity towards prisoners of war was disturbing.
Disdain The caregiver treated the elderly with respect and compassion. Her disdain for those less fortunate was evident in her actions.
Intolerance The organization promotes empathy and compassion for all beings. Their intolerance towards different beliefs led to conflicts.
Brutishness The doctor’s compassionate care helped alleviate the patient’s pain. His brutishness towards his subordinates created a toxic work environment.
Insensitivity The teacher showed understanding and compassion towards struggling students. His insensitivity towards the feelings of others caused many misunderstandings.
Hostility The nurse provided care and compassion to all her patients. His hostility towards customers led to a decline in business.
Indifference The social worker’s empathy and compassion made a difference in the community. His indifference towards social issues was concerning.
Barbarity The organization’s compassion and support helped victims of abuse. The ruler’s barbarity towards his subjects led to unrest in the kingdom.
Brutality The caregiver’s kindness and compassion brought comfort to the sick child. His brutality towards animals was condemned by animal rights activists.
Harshness The therapist’s gentle words and compassion soothed the patient’s anxiety. His harshness towards his students demotivated them.
Inhumanity The volunteer showed love and compassion towards the orphans. The war criminal’s inhumanity towards civilians was horrifying.
Antipathy The community responded with empathy and compassion during the crisis. His antipathy towards his neighbors led to conflicts.
Cruelty The firefighter showed empathy and compassion in rescuing the trapped dog. Their cruelty towards prisoners violated human rights.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of COMPASSION

It is crucial to recognize the various antonyms for compassion, such as indifference, cruelty, and harshness, as they demonstrate the lack of empathy and kindness towards others. While compassion fosters understanding, support, and empathy, its antonyms lead to apathy, callousness, and insensitivity. By understanding and embracing compassion, individuals can build stronger connections, practice empathy, and make a positive impact on the world around them. Conversely, neglecting compassion can result in a disconnect from others, a lack of care for their well-being, and a missed opportunity to create a better and more compassionate society.

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