Opposite of COMPETITION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for competition, it is important to understand the concept of collaboration. Collaboration entails individuals or groups working together towards a common goal, sharing resources, ideas, and responsibilities in a harmonious and cooperative manner. This approach fosters synergistic relationships and mutual support rather than cultivating a competitive atmosphere.

On the contrasting end of the spectrum lies cooperation, which involves individuals or entities joining forces to achieve a shared objective. Cooperation emphasizes mutual assistance, teamwork, and the collective effort of all parties involved. By pooling together strengths and resources, cooperation promotes unity and collaboration rather than individualistic pursuits.

Lastly, the notion of harmony is another antonym for competition worth exploring. Harmony symbolizes a state of agreement, peace, and mutual understanding among different entities. In contrast to competition, which can create tension and rivalry, harmony seeks to establish balance, cooperation, and a sense of unity among all parties involved.

35 Antonyms for COMPETITION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for competition. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding COMPETITION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Competition Sentence with Antonym
Collaboration Competition can often hinder progress. Collaboration is essential for this project to succeed.
Cooperation The company encourages healthy competition. The team members value cooperation over competing with each other.
Harmony Healthy competition can lead to innovation. Harmony within the team fosters creativity and mutual support.
Cooperation There is fierce competition among the workers. The business thrives on strong cooperation among its employees.
Support Competition can create tension in the workplace. A culture of support boosts morale and productivity.
Collaboration The school promotes healthy academic competition. Teachers often encourage collaboration among students instead.
Cooperation Some people thrive in a competitive environment. Others prefer working in an environment that values cooperation.
Collaboration The athlete excels in high-pressure competitions. The athlete also thrives when engaging in team collaboration.
Cooperation The intense competition among colleagues is evident. The strong bond of cooperation among colleagues is evident.
Peace Countries often engage in fierce economic competition. True progress comes from working together in peace.
Harmony In the world of business, competition is cutthroat. Successful companies thrive on internal harmony and unity.
Support Competition fosters individualism in the workplace. A culture of support fosters teamwork and collective success.
Cooperation The player excels in individual sports competitions. However, they struggle when it comes to team cooperation.
Synergy Healthy competition can drive innovation. However, nothing beats the power of team synergy in a company.
Collaboration The professor encourages academic competition. Yet, the professor also strongly encourages academic collaboration.
Friendliness The intense competition among the sales team is evident. The atmosphere of friendliness is evident in the customer service team.
Solidarity In a highly competitive market, companies fight for market share. Companies should focus on industry solidarity for sustainable growth.
Peacemaking The intense competition often leads to conflicts. Peacemaking efforts can reduce tensions and foster cooperation.
Assistance The fierce competition creates a stressful work environment. More assistance and teamwork can alleviate work-related stress.
Congruity The culture of constant competition can lead to burnout. A culture of mutual respect and congruity is key to employee well-being.
Comradeship The competition has driven a wedge between teammates. Building a sense of comradeship can strengthen team dynamics.
Conciliation Competition often results in feelings of resentment. Conciliation can heal wounds and restore harmonious relationships.
Alliance The fierce competition among rival companies is evident. Building strategic alliances can lead to mutual growth and success.
Symbiosis Healthy competition can drive individuals to excel. However, a sense of symbiosis can lead to collective achievements.
Kindness The fierce competition for promotions causes stress. Demonstrating kindness and empathy can create a supportive work environment.
Concord The atmosphere of intense competition can be daunting. Fostering an atmosphere of concord can lead to a more positive work environment.
Generosity Competition among team members can create friction. Encouraging generosity and sharing can strengthen team bonds.
Fellowship The intense competition can breed animosity among colleagues. Embracing a spirit of fellowship can foster camaraderie and mutual support.
Sympathy The pressure of fierce competition leads to high turnover rates. Cultivating a culture of sympathy can improve job satisfaction and retention.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of COMPETITION

In a harmonious environment where collaboration and cooperation thrive, individuals work together towards a shared goal, celebrating each other’s successes and supporting one another’s growth. Instead of engaging in rivalry, they prioritize teamwork and mutual respect, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity. By embracing the antonyms for competition such as cooperation and collaboration, organizations can create a positive and inclusive atmosphere that promotes innovation and collective achievements.

When individuals shift their focus from competing against one another to working together, they are able to tap into a wealth of diverse perspectives and talents, leading to greater problem-solving abilities and overall success. By valuing each individual’s unique strengths and contributions, fostering a culture of collaboration can enhance productivity and morale, ultimately driving sustainable growth and prosperity for all involved.

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