Opposite of COMPLIMENT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for compliments are words or phrases that express the opposite of praise or admiration. These terms are used to convey criticism, disrespect, or a lack of approval towards someone or something. By employing antonyms for compliments, individuals can offer constructive feedback or express dissatisfaction in a more direct manner.

These antonyms serve as a tool for expressing negative sentiments or disapproval in a straightforward and clear manner. While compliments are used to uplift and acknowledge positive traits or actions, antonyms for compliments can help communicate areas for improvement or areas of disagreement. By using these opposites of compliments, individuals can provide a balanced perspective and offer feedback that is essential for growth and development.

Understanding antonyms for compliments is crucial in effective communication, as it allows for a wider range of expression and feedback. By incorporating these contrasting terms into one’s vocabulary, individuals can provide a more well-rounded and honest assessment of situations and behaviors. With the use of antonyms for compliments, a more nuanced and balanced approach to communication can be achieved.

35 Antonyms for COMPLIMENT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for compliment. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding COMPLIMENT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Compliment Sentence with Antonym
Insult The boss complimented Sarah on her work ethic. The bully would often insult his classmates.
Criticize She complimented him on his remarkable skills. Instead of praising, he would always criticize every aspect of her work.
Disparage The teacher complimented the student’s creativity. He would often disparage others in order to feel superior.
Belittle Michael complimented her cooking skills. He would always belittle her efforts in the kitchen.
Denigrate She complimented his intelligence during the meeting. His intention was to denigrate her by making rude remarks.
Demean Despite his best efforts, she refused to compliment him. His only response was to demean her achievements.
Detract The professor complimented the student on the quality of his research. His remarks only served to detract from the student’s hard work.
Deprecate She complimented him on his impeccable taste in fashion. He would always deprecate her choices without any reason.
Diminish They complimented each other on their professional achievements. His constant need to criticize would only serve to diminish their accomplishments.
Undermine Despite the challenges, she still found a way to compliment him. His goal was always to undermine her confidence with his negative remarks.
Debase He complimented her on her presentation skills. She would often debase others with hurtful comments.
Devalue With a smile, she complimented his performance on stage. Instead of appreciation, he would try to devalue others’ work.
Dispraise She always found a reason to compliment others. He, on the other hand, would dispraise individuals without hesitation.
Slander Despite the circumstances, they still managed to compliment each other. Gossiping and slandering others was a common practice among their group.
Calumniate The coach gently complimented the player on his skill development. His way of communicating was to calumniate those around him.
Vilify Sarah would always compliment her colleagues’ efforts. Tom’s nature was to vilify others and their achievements.
Dispraise The manager complimented her team for their hard work. Her colleague would always dispraise others to boost his own ego.
Malign Even in difficult times, she never failed to compliment him. He, however, would malign her character in front of others.
Misprize The artist complimented her friend’s artistry. Jealousy led him to misprize the talent he saw in others.
Libel The professor always found a way to compliment his students’ perseverance. While some people seek to libel others, he chose the path of encouragement.
Defame She always managed to compliment her coworkers. His tendency to defame others for his benefit was quite apparent.
Offend The customer was complimented on her pleasant demeanor. Instead of appreciating, he managed to offend everyone in the room.
Oppose Rather than criticize, she chose to compliment people’s efforts. His nature was to always oppose others and their viewpoints.
Contradict He couldn’t help but compliment her on her quick thinking. She, however, chose to contradict him at every opportunity.
Neglect Despite everything, she decided to compliment his achievements. Neglecting others’ accomplishments, he only focused on his own success.
Scorn She would always find a reason to compliment those around her. His default reaction was to scorn others’ actions.
Reproach Even when it was hard, she would compliment him sincerely. His quick temper often led him to reproach people for trivial things.
Deny She chose to compliment others for their contributions. Denying recognition, he would never deny an opportunity to criticize.
Taunt Despite the tension, she managed to compliment him. His way of interacting was to taunt and provoke others.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of COMPLIMENT

In social interactions, expressing criticism or insults to someone should be avoided, as it can lead to hurt feelings and strained relationships. Conversely, offering sincere compliments can build rapport and uplift others. It is essential to remember the impact our words have on others and choose them wisely.

Criticism, negativity, and insult can harm relationships and create a negative atmosphere, while admiration, positivity, and praise can foster connections and boost morale. It is always beneficial to focus on spreading kindness and appreciation, rather than dwelling on negativity and criticism. Choosing to offer compliments over criticism can lead to more positive interactions and stronger relationships in both personal and professional settings.

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