Opposite of COMPRISE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for the word “comprise” are terms that convey the opposite meaning or idea. While “comprise” indicates inclusion or composition, antonyms for this term signify exclusion or separation. By understanding these antonyms, one can effectively communicate ideas by emphasizing what is not part of a whole or collection.

One antonym for “comprise” is a word that suggests division or separation, highlighting what is not encompassed within a specific group or entity. Such terms serve to identify components that are not part of a whole or set, allowing for clear differentiation and distinction in communication. By recognizing these antonyms, one can articulate ideas precisely and avoid ambiguity in expressing concepts that involve division or separation.

Another antonym for “comprise” denotes exclusion or absence, indicating elements or aspects that are not part of a particular combination or arrangement. This type of antonym is useful in distinguishing what is lacking or missing from a whole, providing a comprehensive view of what is not included in a given context. Understanding these antonyms enhances one’s ability to express the exact nature of a situation by emphasizing what is excluded or absent from a specific entity.

35 Antonyms for COMPRISE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for comprise. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding COMPRISE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Comprise Sentence with Antonym
Exclude The team comprises of five members. The team excludes two members.
Omit The book comprises ten chapters. The book omits three chapters.
Lack The package comprises all necessary supplies. The package lacks essential items.
Remove The playlist comprises a variety of songs. The playlist removes unwanted tracks.
Oust The committee comprises representatives from each group. The committee ousts members from some groups.
Eliminate The course comprises several exams. The course eliminates the final test.
Excise The menu comprises dishes from around the world. The menu excises the foreign cuisine.
Oust The board game comprises multiple playing pieces. The board game ousts one of the player’s pieces.
Omit The report comprises detailed analysis. The report omits key findings.
Exclude The package comprises all required tools. The package excludes unnecessary items.
Reject The selection comprises works from emerging artists. The selection rejects submissions from new artists.
Dismiss The play comprises various acts. The play dismisses one act.
Withdraw The course comprises lectures and hands-on projects. The course withdraws lab sessions from the syllabus.
Ostracize The community comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds. The community ostracizes those from different cultures.
Forgo The package comprises add-ons for a complete experience. The package forgoes additional features for simplicity.
Expel The organization comprises staff from different departments. The organization expels workers for misconduct.
Abandon The collection comprises rare artifacts. The collection abandons valuable pieces.
Deviate The recipe comprises traditional ingredients. The recipe deviates from the classic cooking methods.
Lack The film comprises scenes shot in various locations. The film lacks scenes filmed in exotic places.
Eliminate The tournament comprises teams from different countries. The tournament eliminates teams from the same nation.
Reject The exhibition comprises masterpieces from renowned artists. The exhibition rejects works by famous painters.
Refuse The playlist comprises songs in different genres. The playlist refuses tracks in a specific music style.
Ostracize The club comprises members who share a common interest. The club ostracizes individuals with varied hobbies.
Remove The package comprises useful tools for everyday tasks. The package removes unnecessary gadgets.
Dismiss The team comprises players from different backgrounds. The team dismisses members with similar skillsets.
Expel The organization comprises professionals in various fields. The organization expels incompetent individuals.
Abandon The project comprises key milestones to achieve success. The project abandons critical steps for completion.
Exclude The curriculum comprises courses on diverse subjects. The curriculum excludes electives from the selection.
Forgo The package comprises accessories for convenience. The package forgoes additional items for simplicity.
Withdraw The program comprises workshops and seminars. The program withdraws lectures from the schedule.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of COMPRISE

Other terms that can be used in place of “comprise” include “exclude,” “divide,” and “separate.” Instead of saying “The team is comprised of experts from various fields,” you could say “The team excludes individuals lacking expertise in different areas.” Finding alternative words can enhance the clarity and precision of your writing.

By knowing antonyms for “comprise,” you can diversify your vocabulary and communicate more effectively. Practice using these different terms to develop a richer and more varied writing style while maintaining clarity and accuracy in your expressions.

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