Opposite of CONDEMNATION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for condemnation refer to expressions or sentiments that convey approval, support, or appreciation instead of disapproval or criticism. These contrasting terms or phrases serve to negate the notion of strong disapproval or censure, instead imparting a sense of acceptance, validation, or admiration. In essence, antonyms for condemnation embody positive judgment or endorsement rather than negative judgment or rebuke.

By utilizing antonyms for condemnation, individuals can convey varying degrees of encouragement, praise, or validation towards a subject or individual. These contrasting terms allow for a more nuanced and balanced expression of opinions and emotions, offering an alternative perspective that fosters understanding, empathy, and goodwill. Antonyms for condemnation play a crucial role in promoting positive communication and cultivating a culture of support, respect, and affirmation.

In conversations, debates, or written communication, incorporating antonyms for condemnation can help create a more positive and constructive dialogue. By choosing words that express approval or appreciation instead of disapproval or blame, individuals can foster a more harmonious and inclusive environment where diverse opinions and perspectives are valued. Embracing antonyms for condemnation enables individuals to engage in meaningful discussions that prioritize encouragement, understanding, and mutual respect.

35 Antonyms for CONDEMNATION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for condemnation. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CONDEMNATION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Condemnation Sentence with Antonym
Praise The condemnation of the artwork was harsh. The praise for the artwork was overwhelming.
Acquittal The condemnation of the defendant was swift. The defendant received an acquittal in court.
Approval Her condemnation of the decision was evident. The board’s approval of the decision was unanimous.
Commendation The students faced condemnation for their behavior. The students deserved commendation for their hard work.
Admiration He faced condemnation for his reckless behavior. Instead, he received admiration for his courage.
Pardon The judge’s condemnation was unexpected. The judge later offered a pardon to the defendant.
Appreciation The lack of condemnation for the effort was surprising. The team deserved appreciation for their dedication.
Vindication The condemnation of her work was unfounded. The subsequent praise was a clear vindication of her efforts.
Honor The condemnation of his actions was unwarranted. He should instead be treated with honor for his bravery.
Approval The board’s condemnation of the proposal was unexpected. They should have shown approval for the innovative idea.
Respect The condemnation from his peers was hurtful. In return, he expected respect for his achievements.
Exoneration His condemnation in the court was shocking. Later, evidence surfaced leading to his exoneration.
Praise The artist accepted the condemnation of her work. What she truly craved was praise for her creativity.
Reconciliation The couple faced condemnation for their conflict. They need to work towards reconciliation for their relationship.
Mercy The lack of condemnation showed by the jury was surprising. They should have shown mercy towards the defendant.
Approbation The lack of condemnation left her unsure of her actions. A word of approbation would have reassured her.
Acclaim The condemnation of the singer’s performance was unexpected. Instead, there was a lot of acclaim for her outstanding vocals.
Forgiveness The lack of condemnation towards the wrongdoer was baffling. He needed to seek forgiveness for his actions.
Adoration His condemnation of the political figures was fierce. Others responded with adoration for their leadership.
Support The condemnation he faced was overwhelming. What he truly needed was some support during his challenging time.
Redemption Her condemnation regarding the incident was clear. She would later find redemption by making amends.
Appreciation The lack of condemnation for her work was disheartening. She deserved much more appreciation for her efforts.
Blessing The family faced condemnation for their traditions. Instead, they saw it as a blessing to hold on to those values.
Clemency The judge delivered a severe condemnation in court. The defense hoped for some clemency towards the accused.
Admiration The condemnation she received was unexpected. Instead, she was searching for admiration for her work.
Endorsement The lack of condemnation left him uncertain about his decision. He was hoping for a clear endorsement for his project.
Acceptance The condemnation of the new policy was blanketed. What they needed was acceptance of the changes.
Absolution The lack of condemnation for the act was glaring. The priest was there to provide absolution for the sin.
Praise The teacher’s condemnation of the students’ work was stern. The students anticipated praise for their effort and progress.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CONDEMNATION

In conclusion, instead of condemning others, we should strive to empathize and understand different perspectives. By showing compassion and tolerance, we can foster a more inclusive and harmonious society. Rather than criticize and denounce, let us choose to support and uplift one another. Embracing acceptance and kindness over censure and disapproval can lead to a more connected and compassionate world.

Ultimately, replacing condemnation with understanding and acceptance enables us to build bridges of empathy and empathy rather than walls of judgment and division. Let us choose to celebrate diversity and find common ground, promoting unity and mutual respect. By shifting our focus from blame to understanding, we pave the way for a more peaceful and empathetic coexistence.

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