Opposite of CONDUCTING – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for conducting refer to the complete opposite actions or methods of leading, managing, or organizing activities. When discussing antonyms for conducting, we are identifying the contrasting approaches to overseeing or directing tasks, projects, or events. These antonyms represent the different ways in which activities can be controlled or supervised, offering alternative perspectives on managing various situations.

By exploring antonyms for conducting, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse ways in which tasks or operations can be approached. This exploration helps in broadening our knowledge of different leadership styles and practices that are contrary to traditional methods of conducting. Understanding these antonyms provides insights into alternative strategies for handling tasks and projects effectively, challenging conventional norms and practices in organizing and leading.

Overall, antonyms for conducting provide valuable insights into contrasting approaches to managing and overseeing activities. By examining these opposing methods, we can better appreciate the spectrum of leadership styles and practices available, leading to a more nuanced understanding of how tasks can be coordinated and managed.

35 Antonyms for CONDUCTING With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for conducting. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CONDUCTING antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Conducting Sentence with Antonym
Leading The orchestra’s conductor was conducting the performance. The team members were leading themselves without a conductor.
Following She is conducting a thorough investigation. He is following the orders of his superiors.
Ignoring The teacher is conducting a class on geometry. The students are ignoring the teacher’s instructions.
Observing The scientist is conducting an experiment. The researcher is observing the outcome closely.
Forgetting The manager is conducting a meeting with the board members. The employee is forgetting to attend the meeting.
Halting The police are conducting a search in the area. The authorities decided to halt the search operation.
Attending The professor is conducting a lecture on literature. The students are not attending the lecture today.
Avoiding The therapist is conducting a session with the patient. The clients are avoiding talking about their problems.
Supervising The supervisor is conducting a training session. The employees are capable of working without supervising.
Monitoring The security guard is conducting regular checks. The system is monitoring the premises automatically.
Overseeing The CEO is conducting the company’s operations. The directors are responsible for overseeing the projects.
Managing The coach is conducting the team during the match. The players are capable of managing their plays.
Facilitating The organization is conducting workshops for its employees. The organization is facilitating workshops for skill development.
Controlling The software engineer is conducting system tests. The software engineer is not controlling the system tests.
Organizing The event planner is conducting the wedding coordination. The event planner is organizing the wedding coordination.
Directing The film director is conducting the movie shoot. The actors are directing themselves during the scene.
Participating The teacher is conducting a parent-teacher meeting. The parents are participating actively in the meeting.
Governing The committee chairperson is conducting the meeting. The committee members are responsible for governing the organization.
Presiding The judge is conducting the court proceedings. The lawyer is presiding over the legal matters.
Cancelling The airline is conducting flights to various destinations. The airline is cancelling flights due to bad weather.
Closing The manager is conducting the store inventory. The employees are closing the shop for the night.
Ceding The negotiator is conducting talks with the rival company. The negotiator is ceding ground in the negotiations.
Disbanding The chairman is conducting the board meeting. The chairman is disbanding the board due to internal conflicts.
Ensuring The inspector is conducting a safety check. The inspector is not ensuring the safety standards.
Forfeiting The referee is conducting the boxing match. The player is forfeiting the match due to injury.
Sidelining The coach is conducting team selections. The coach is sidingling the star player for the next game.
Surrendering The general is conducting strategic military operations. The army is surrendering to the enemies.
Unleashing The CEO is conducting business innovations. The CEO is unleashing creativity within the company.
Releasing The research scientist is conducting experiments. The research scientist is releasing the results to the public.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CONDUCTING

In summary, there are numerous antonyms for conducting, such as mismanaging, neglecting, or disregarding. When a task is mismanaged, it often leads to confusion and inefficiency, whereas well-conducted activities are organized and productive. Neglecting responsibilities can result in overlooked details and unfinished work, contrasting with diligently conducting tasks to completion. Disregarding instructions or guidelines can hinder progress and cause errors, contrasting with carefully conducting duties according to established procedures. It is essential to recognize the importance of effectively conducting tasks to ensure smooth and successful outcomes. By avoiding behaviors such as mismanaging, neglecting, or disregarding, one can improve their ability to successfully conduct tasks and achieve desired results.

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