Opposite of CONDUCTION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for conduction, it is essential to understand the concept of conduction itself. Conduction refers to the transfer of heat or electricity through a substance or material without any apparent movement of the substance itself. In contrast, antonyms for conduction embody the opposite process, where heat or electricity is not transferred through a substance in a similar manner.

One antonym for conduction involves situations where heat or electricity is not transmitted through a material but rather blocked or impeded. This contrast to conduction is essential in understanding how different materials interact with thermal or electrical energy in various circumstances. Additionally, antonyms for conduction can also encompass processes where heat or electricity is not transferred through a substance but is instead redirected to another path or location.

By exploring antonyms for conduction, we gain a deeper understanding of the various ways in which heat and electricity can interact with different materials. Recognizing these antonyms allows us to broaden our perspectives on how energy transfer occurs and the role that different materials play in these processes.

35 Antonyms for CONDUCTION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for conduction. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CONDUCTION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Conduction Sentence with Antonym
Blockage The conduction of heat through metal The blockage of heat through metal
Insulation Proper conduction keeps the house warm Insulation prevents conduction of heat
Resistance Electric conduction in a copper wire High resistance inhibits conduction
Obstruction The conduction of electricity in a circuit There is an obstruction to conduction in the circuit
Inhibition The conduction of sound through the walls The materials used have an inhibition to sound conduction
Blockade The conduction of information in the network A blockade disrupts the conduction of information
Repulsion The conduction of heat through the air The repulsion of heat through the air hinders conduction
Halt Uninterrupted conduction of electricity A sudden halt in the conduction of electricity
Impediment The conduction of light through the glass The dirt on the glass causes an impediment to light conduction
Interruption Smooth conduction of traffic on the highway An unexpected interruption occurred in traffic conduction
Cessation The constant conduction of impulses in neurons The sudden cessation of impulses in neurons
Inactivity Proper conduction of blood in the veins There is a state of inactivity in the conduction of blood
Discontinuity The conduction of heat along the bar The presence of a gap causes discontinuity in the conduction
Halting The conduction of signals in the nervous system A sudden halting of signal conduction occurred
Impasse The conduction of energy through the system The issue resulted in an impasse in energy conduction
Dead end Successful conduction of the experiment The project reached a dead end in conduction
Stagnation Efficient conduction of the project There is a stagnation in the conduction of the project
Abolish The conduction of current in a circuit The decision was made to abolish the conduction in the circuit
Hinder The conduction of water through the pipes The debris in the pipes is hindering the conduction of water
Repel The conduction of heat in the material The properties of the material are repelling heat conduction
Reverse Electric conduction in a closed circuit The mechanism allows for reverse conduction in the circuit
Stifle The conduction of aroma in the kitchen The strong smell can stifle the conduction of aroma
Suspending The conduction of electricity in the wire The loose connection is suspending the conduction of electricity
Stopping The uninterrupted conduction of data The unexpected error is stopping the conduction of data
Prevent The conduction of sound in the auditorium Soundproof materials are used to prevent conduction
Termination The continuous conduction of the process The unexpected event led to the termination of conduction
Arrest The conduction of information in the network A security breach can cause the arrest of information conduction
Impede The conduction of light through the fiber The dense fog may impede light conduction
Stoppage The conduction of electricity in the circuit A sudden stoppage occurred in the conduction of electricity
Block The conduction of blood in the arteries A blood clot can block the conduction in the arteries
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CONDUCTION

In conclusion, the contrast between conduction and its antonyms reveals the diverse ways in which different processes and actions can be carried out. While conduction implies the transfer of heat or electricity through a medium, its antonyms like blockage, hindrance, and stoppage indicate a lack of progress or flow. By understanding these antonyms, we can appreciate the importance of unimpeded conduction in various systems and activities, emphasizing the need for efficient transfer and communication.

Examining the antonyms for conduction also highlights the potential barriers and challenges that can impede the smooth flow of energy or information. Overcoming blockages, hindrances, and stoppages is crucial for maintaining optimal functioning and connectivity in both physical and metaphorical contexts. By addressing these obstacles and facilitating unrestricted conduction, we can promote efficiency, productivity, and seamless interactions in our daily endeavors.

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