Opposite of CONQUER – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we consider the concept of antonyms for conquering, we are essentially exploring words that represent the opposite action or outcome of conquering. These antonyms denote situations where dominance, victory, or control are not achieved, highlighting the diversity of ways situations can unfold.

Antonyms for conquering encompass a range of actions and results that go against the idea of achieving mastery over something. These words bring forth the notion of yielding, submitting, or failing to overcome obstacles, shifting the focus towards different perspectives and outcomes in various scenarios.

By understanding antonyms for conquering, we gain insight into the multifaceted nature of human endeavors and the varied paths to success or failure. Exploring these contrasting terms widens our vocabulary and helps illuminate different dynamics at play in the pursuit of goals, emphasizing the rich tapestry of experiences that shape our lives.

35 Antonyms for CONQUER With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for conquer. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CONQUER antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Conquer Sentence with Antonym
Surrender The army conquered the enemy territory. The army was forced to surrender.
Yield Despite many obstacles, they conquered the challenges. Instead of yielding, they overcame the challenges.
Lose They set out to conquer the mountain. In the end, they had to lose the battle.
Retreat Their aim was to conquer the market. Due to heavy competition, they had to retreat.
Fail The general lead his troops to conquer new lands. The failure to conquer the territory was a setback.
Surrender She conquered her fear of public speaking. Instead of surrendering, she faced the audience confidently.
Overcome The team worked hard to conquer their opponents. Instead of being defeated, they managed to overcome the obstacles.
Submit The king sent his army to conquer the neighboring kingdom. The other kingdom refused to submit to the conqueror.
Yield Throughout history, different empires have tried to conquer new lands. The indigenous people were not willing to yield their territory.
Vanquish The army was determined to conquer the enemy. The enemy put up a fight but was eventually vanquished.
Succumb Determination helped them conquer the challenges. Others may succumb to the challenges, but not them.
Capitulate Despite facing many difficulties, they managed to conquer new horizons. They refused to capitulate in the face of adversity.
Lose She was determined to conquer her fears. Giving up was not an option; she couldn’t afford to lose to fear.
Capitulate They were on a mission to conquer the industry. Their competitors were made to capitulate by their innovative strategies.
Fail The army followed the plan and managed to conquer the enemy base. If they had failed, the consequences of not conquering would have been dire.
Surrender Despite the challenges, they were able to conquer their doubts. Giving up was not in their vocabulary; they didn’t want to surrender to their fears.
Overcome The team was determined to conquer the tournament. They knew they had to overcome their rivals to emerge victorious.
Submit The conqueror’s army set out to conquer new territories. The indigenous people decided they would not submit to the conqueror’s rule.
Yield The emperor’s goal was to conquer as much land as possible. The people of those lands were not willing to yield to the emperor’s demands.
Vanquish The conqueror’s army marched forward to conquer the enemy stronghold. In the end, they were able to vanquish the enemy forces.
Succumb Their will to conquer the illness was unwavering. They refused to succumb to the disease.
Capitulate The team prepared to conquer the competition. Their competitors were made to capitulate in the face of their outstanding performance.
Lose Despite various obstacles, the leader was able to conquer the challenges. It was crucial not to lose the battle against those challenges.
Capitulate The army set out to conquer the region. The defending forces refused to capitulate.
Fail The brave soldiers managed to conquer the enemy camp. Failure to conquer the camp would have meant defeat.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CONQUER

Struggling or yielding to challenges instead of conquering them can lead to frustration and a sense of defeat. By surrendering to obstacles, we miss out on the opportunity for growth and development that comes with overcoming difficulties. Embracing challenges, instead of shying away from them, allows us to build resilience and confidence in our abilities.

Avoiding rather than facing challenges can hinder personal progress and success. It is important to actively tackle obstacles and setbacks, as they provide valuable learning experiences and opportunities for self-improvement. By reframing our mindset to view challenges as opportunities for growth, we can cultivate a mindset of perseverance and determination, ultimately leading to personal and professional advancement.

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