Opposite of CONSIDER – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for consider are words that convey the opposite meaning of contemplating, evaluating, or regarding something. They are terms that suggest a lack of attention or thought towards a particular subject or object. While considering involves analyzing and contemplating various aspects of a situation, antonyms for this concept indicate a casual approach or disregard for such contemplation.

Contrary to “consider,” antonyms encompass words that indicate a dismissal, neglect, or ignorance of a topic or matter. These terms suggest a lack of thought, reflection, or deliberation. By understanding the antonyms of consider, it becomes clear that they convey a sense of indifference or nonchalance towards the importance or significance of a particular subject.

In contrast to actively considering and evaluating different perspectives, antonyms for consider express disinterest or inattention towards a specific issue or idea. They denote a lack of concern or regard for examining a topic thoroughly. Familiarizing oneself with the antonyms for consider can enhance comprehension of language and promote a deeper understanding of contrasting concepts.

35 Antonyms for CONSIDER With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for consider. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CONSIDER antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Consider Sentence with Antonym
Disregard Consider all options before making a decision. We disregard any options without a second thought.
Ignore She considers his advice before making a choice. He ignores his advice completely.
Overlook It is crucial to consider all the possible consequences. It is careless to overlook the potential outcomes.
Reject He considers her proposal carefully. They reject her proposal without discussion.
Neglect Considering the cost, we decided not to proceed. We neglect the cost and proceed anyway.
Dismiss They considered the idea but decided against it. They quickly dismissed the idea as unimportant.
Forget We considered his input during the meeting. Later on, we completely forgot his input.
Oversee Before making a decision, it is wise to consider all perspectives. Letting one person oversee the decision is not ideal.
Disregard Considering the circumstances, we need to act quickly. We cannot disregard the circumstances any longer.
Exclude We must consider all possible solutions to this problem. We should exclude the less practical solutions.
Refuse After considering his argument, she accepted his solution. Without even listening, she refused his argument.
Overrule After considering all options, we decided on the best course of action. They overruled the decision and went with their choice.
Disavow It is important to consider all perspectives in this matter. She disavowed all perspectives except her own.
Omit We should consider every detail before finalizing the plan. Let’s omit unnecessary details in our final plan.
Skip Considering the various outcomes, we need to proceed cautiously. Instead of skipping any steps, we should follow the process.
Disapprove Considering all the facts, we support this initiative. Others disapprove of the initiative without discussion.
Drop Let’s consider every option before deciding. We can’t just drop options without evaluating them.
Neglect He considered all factors before making his decision. He shouldn’t neglect any factors in his decision-making process.
Exempt Considering all the applicants, she chose the best fit. She decided to exempt certain applicants from consideration.
Shun Before making a choice, it is good to consider all possibilities. Do not shun any possibilities, no matter how unlikely.
Miss We carefully considered every possible scenario. It is risky to miss any scenarios during planning.
Overthrow We considered all options before selecting the plan. They wanted to overthrow the plan in favor of something else.
Disown After considering the evidence, we believe he is innocent. They disowned the evidence and came to a different conclusion.
Deny She considers his suggestion before deciding. She openly denies his suggestion without hesitation.
Frown upon It is essential to consider all perspectives in this matter. We should not frown upon alternative perspectives.
Rid Before making a decision, be sure to consider all options. We need to rid ourselves of any biases affecting our decision.
Disappear We considered all aspects of the problem before solving it. The problem did not disappear despite overlooking its aspects.
Oppose Considering the benefits, we decided to implement the new policy. They fiercely oppose the new policy without understanding its benefits.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CONSIDER

When pondering contrasting viewpoints, it is crucial to acknowledge a spectrum of opinions rather than adhere to a singular perspective. By disregarding narrow-mindedness and embracing inclusivity, individuals can foster a more open and tolerant society. Instead of fixating on one outlook, opting to respect divergent beliefs can lead to enriched discussions and a deeper understanding of complex issues.

Choosing to disregard prejudices and biases, and embracing diversity of thought, can ultimately promote empathy and cooperation among individuals with differing viewpoints. By rejecting close-mindedness and valuing varied perspectives, we can create a more harmonious and inclusive community where constructive dialogue and collaboration can flourish.

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