Opposite of CONTENTION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for contention are words or phrases that convey agreement, harmony, or unity. These terms represent the opposite of contention, which typically involves conflict, disagreement, or discord. By using antonyms for contention, individuals can express mutual understanding, cooperation, and consensus in various situations.

Choosing to employ antonyms for contention can help foster positive interactions and relationships by promoting empathy and respectful communication. Instead of escalating conflicts or engaging in arguments, using words that indicate agreement and agreement can facilitate smoother discussions and negotiations. This approach can lead to constructive outcomes and improved outcomes for all parties involved.

In both personal and professional settings, utilizing antonyms for contention can contribute to a more peaceful and productive exchange of ideas and opinions. By focusing on areas of agreement and common ground, individuals can work together more effectively to achieve shared goals and resolve differences amicably. Ultimately, incorporating antonyms for contention into communication can lead to greater understanding, collaboration, and overall success in various interactions.

35 Antonyms for CONTENTION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for contention. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CONTENTION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Contention Sentence with Antonym
Agreement The contention among family members led to a heated argument. The family members easily reached an agreement.
Harmony The ongoing contention in the office made it difficult for coworkers to work together. The harmony in the office was evident as coworkers collaborated seamlessly.
Unity The contention within the team resulted in constant disagreements. The team worked together in perfect unity with no disagreements.
Peace The contention between neighbors disturbed the tranquility of the neighborhood. The neighbors finally resolved their issues and achieved peace.
Consensus The lack of contention during the meeting indicated that everyone was in agreement. After a long discussion, the team members reached a consensus.
Accord The continuous contention between the two political parties hindered progress. The two political parties finally reached an accord for the greater good.
Collaboration The contention between departments caused delays in the project. Improved collaboration between teams led to quicker project completion.
Agreement The contention over the project’s budget extended the deadline. The timely agreement on the project’s budget helped to meet the deadline.
Understanding Miscommunication often leads to contention between partners. Open and clear understanding between partners can prevent disputes.
Resolution The long-standing contention between the two countries led to hostility. Diplomatic efforts resulted in a peaceful resolution between the two nations.
Conciliation The lack of conciliation only fueled further contention between the parties. Conciliation efforts helped bridge the gap and reduce contention.
Concord In the absence of concord, the contention escalated between the groups. The spirit of concord created harmony and reduced contention.
Truce The ongoing contention in the community called for intervention. The decision to call for a truce was a significant step towards peace.
Unanimity The contention during the last meeting highlighted the lack of unanimity. Achieving unanimity helps in preventing contention in future discussions.
Tranquility The constant contention within the family disrupted the usual tranquility. The newfound tranquility in the household was maintained as the contention subsided.
Cooperation Lack of cooperation often leads to contention among team members. Effective cooperation can prevent unnecessary contention and foster teamwork.
Ceasefire The ongoing contention between the two rival factions called for a ceasefire. The ceasefire allowed for negotiations and reduced contention.
Reconciliation The contention among siblings could only be resolved with genuine reconciliation. Reconciliation efforts helped to mend relationships and reduce contention.
Correspondence The lack of correspondence led to contention among the project stakeholders. Improved correspondence helped in resolving issues and reducing contention.
Amity The lack of amity among the colleagues led to constant contention. Amity within the team resulted in a peaceful work environment, free of contention.
Detente The diplomatic detente aimed to reduce contention between the countries. The detente helped to ease tensions and alleviate contention.
Accord The contention during the negotiations indicated the absence of accord. Both parties worked towards finding common ground and reaching an accord to end the contention.
Support Lack of support often leads to contention within the team. Mutual support can prevent unnecessary contention and promote teamwork.
Calmness The constant contention in the workplace disrupted the usual calmness. The restored calmness in the office was maintained as the contention subsided.
Amicability The lack of amicability among team members resulted in contention. The amicability between coworkers fostered a positive environment devoid of contention.
Cordiality The formal contention during the negotiations made it difficult to establish cordiality. A gesture of cordiality helped reduce contention and build trust.
Serenity The constant contention within the community disturbed its usual serenity. The newfound serenity in the neighborhood was maintained as contention decreased.
Consistency Lack of consistency often leads to contention among team members. Maintaining consistency in actions and communication can prevent unnecessary contention.
Alliance The ongoing contention between the two allies jeopardized their alliance. Resolving the contention was essential in maintaining a strong alliance.
Reconciliation The family members sought a reconciliation after years of contention. Successful reconciliation efforts brought peace and ended the contention.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CONTENTION

In conclusion, rather than engaging in conflict and disagreement, fostering harmony and cooperation can lead to more productive outcomes. Instead of arguing and quarreling, promoting collaboration and understanding can help in achieving common goals. By focusing on unity and agreement rather than contention and discord, individuals and groups can work together more effectively and achieve greater success. Embracing concord and conciliation can pave the way for a more harmonious and peaceful coexistence, both in personal relationships and within larger society.

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