Opposite of CONTRARY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for contrary refer to words that express a similar or related meaning as opposed to the term “contrary.” When exploring antonyms for contrary, it is essential to identify words that convey a wholly different or contradictory notion compared to the initial term. These antonyms serve to provide clarity and variety in language, offering readers or speakers alternative options for expressing their thoughts or ideas.

Antonyms for contrary can help enhance communication by offering choices that convey the opposite meaning of the original term. By utilizing these antonyms, individuals can effectively articulate their thoughts and intentions with precision, reinforcing the message they wish to convey. Understanding and incorporating antonyms for contrary in written or verbal communication can enrich language and promote clearer expression of ideas.

By incorporating antonyms for contrary, individuals can add depth and nuance to their language, thereby enhancing their ability to communicate effectively. These antonyms provide an expanded vocabulary that allows for more nuanced and precise expression, enabling individuals to convey their thoughts and emotions with greater accuracy. In essence, antonyms for contrary serve as valuable tools in language, offering a spectrum of options to choose from and enriching the richness of one’s linguistic repertoire.

35 Antonyms for CONTRARY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for contrary. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CONTRARY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Contrary Sentence with Antonym
Similar She loves coffee, contrary to her sister who prefers tea. She loves coffee, similar to her sister who also enjoys it.
Agreeable His response was contrary to what we had expected. His response was agreeable and aligned with our expectations.
Match The data does not show a trend contrary to our hypothesis. The data shows a trend that is a match to our hypothesis.
Accord His actions are contrary to his words. His actions are in accord with his words.
Harmony Their personalities are contrary, creating conflict. Their personalities are in harmony, resulting in cooperation.
Consent She did not approve, much to our contrary expectations. She did not consent, as expected.
Parallel The two plots are contrary to each other. The two plots run parallel to each other.
Alike Their preferences are contrary in nature. Their preferences are alike and almost identical.
Equal The opportunities provided were contrary for all applicants. The opportunities were equal for all applicants.
Correspond His view on the issue is contrary to mine. His view on the issue corresponds with mine.
Match The packaging did not match the item, contrary to the description. The packaging matched the item as described.
Consensus Their opinions are contrary on the matter. They have reached a consensus on the matter.
Unified The team was not aligned and their approach was contrary. The team is now unified in their approach.
Comparable The two products are contrary in quality. The two products are comparable in quality.
Assent His response was contrary to our requests. His response did not assent to our requests.
Coincide His actions do not coincide with our values; they are contrary. His actions coincide with our values, not contrary.
Parallel Their goals are contrary, leading to conflict. Their goals are parallel, leading to cooperation.
Mutual Their feelings towards each other are contrary. Their feelings are mutual and reciprocated.
Assent Her decision was contrary to what we had discussed. Her decision did not assent with what we had discussed.
Alike Their tastes are contrary, always choosing different things. Their tastes are alike, often choosing the same things.
Identical Their statements are contrary as they have opposing views. Their statements are identical as they agree completely.
Consistent Her behavior is contrary to the rules we have in place. Her behavior is consistent with the rules we have in place.
Conform He refused to conform and acted in a contrary manner. He chose to conform instead of acting contrary.
Match His expectations did not match the reality, being contrary. His expectations matched the reality, not being contrary.
Unanimous Their opinions were contrary during the discussion. They reached a unanimous decision, eliminating the contrary views.
Concur His views were contrary to the rest of the group. His views concurred with the rest of the group.
Correspond Their accounts are contrary, with no agreement. Their accounts correspond, showing consistency.
Unified Their approach was contrary, leading to confusion. They are now unified in their approach, avoiding confusion.
Concur Our opinions were contrary, we could not agree. We concurred on our opinions and reached an agreement.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CONTRARY

In conclusion, understanding and recognizing antonyms for contrary is essential for effective communication. By being mindful of words that convey opposing meanings, individuals can avoid confusion and express themselves clearly. Using antonyms skillfully can enhance writing and verbal exchanges, ensuring that messages are conveyed accurately and succinctly.

By mastering antonyms for contrary, individuals can articulate their thoughts more effectively, navigate conversations with precision, and avoid misunderstandings. Developing a strong understanding of antonyms can improve overall communication skills and enable individuals to convey their intended meaning with clarity and coherence. It is important to appreciate the role that antonyms play in language comprehension and expression, as they are valuable tools for ensuring effective and accurate communication.

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