Opposite of CONTRIBUTE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “contribute” refer to actions or concepts that are in opposition to the act of giving, donating, or providing support. These antonyms represent the withholding, taking away, or removal of resources, assistance, or contributions from a particular cause or individual.

One antonym for “contribute” is to “withhold,” which signifies the act of refraining from giving or holding back on providing support or aid. This can involve the deliberate decision not to contribute or offer assistance, resulting in a lack of involvement in a particular endeavor or initiative.

Another antonym for “contribute” is to “detract,” which suggests the action of taking away from rather than adding to a situation or goal. By detracting, individuals or entities diminish the positive impact or value that could have been generated through their contribution, ultimately affecting the outcome or success of a project or effort.

35 Antonyms for CONTRIBUTE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for contribute. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CONTRIBUTE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Contribute Sentence with Antonym
Hoard She contributed a large sum of money to the cause. He tends to hoard his money and never donates to charity.
Withhold The team contributed their time and effort to the project. They decided to withhold their support and not participate.
Take away His hard work contributes to the company’s success. Slacking off will only take away from the team’s progress.
Keep The volunteers contribute their skills to help the community. Some people prefer to keep their talents to themselves.
Retain The organization gladly accepts any contributions to their cause. They tend to retain the funds for their personal benefit.
Discourage Her dedication and effort contribute to the team’s victory. Constant criticism can discourage her from giving her best.
Hold back Their combined efforts contribute to the success of the project. Asking for perfection might hold back their progress.
Hinder The donations contribute to the improvement of educational facilities. Not receiving enough funds can hinder the school’s development.
Take away His creativity contributes greatly to the team’s innovation. Micromanaging can always take away the room for creativity.
Deprive Her knowledge and experience contribute to the growth of the company. Lacking opportunities can deprive employees of valuable skills.
Abstain Offering help contributes to building a stronger community. Choosing not to participate can abstain the group’s progress.
Inhibit Everyone’s input contributes to finding the best solution. Imposing restrictions can inhibit the team’s problem-solving.
Consume The volunteer work contributes positively to society. Being self-centered can consume all the energy for giving back.
Block Each member’s efforts contribute to the team’s success. Creating obstacles can always block the path to achievement.
Seize His generosity contributes to those in need. Greed can often seize the willingness to help others.
Debar Their dedication contributes to the cause. Laziness can debar them from putting in any effort.
Refrain Her skills and passion contribute to the project’s success. Choosing to do nothing would simply refrain any progress.
Consume Their actions contribute to reaching the goal. Selfishness can sometimes consume the purpose of working together.
Neglect The employees’ hard work contributes to the company’s growth. Neglecting their responsibilities can hurt and contribute to decline.
Inherently Being part of the team contributes to unity. Being divisive can inherently destroy any chance for harmony.
Misallocate Their cooperation contributes to a smooth workflow. Miscommunication can often misallocate the resources.
Waste away Volunteering her time contributes to a better community. Laziness would only cause her to waste away her potential.
Damage Everybody’s efforts contribute to the project’s success. Lack of cooperation can severely damage the outcome.
Shun Her dedication contributes to the company’s mission. Failure to work together can shun the chances of success.
Stifle His determination contributes to overcoming challenges. Doubt can often stifle his ability to keep moving forward.
Dump The union’s support contributes to the workers’ cause. Indifference will only dump their chances of making a difference.
Take away Their expertise contributes to solving complex issues. Ignorance can simply take away the possibility of finding a solution.
Rigidify Everyone’s commitment contributes to a positive environment. Being inflexible can easily rigidify any progress from happening.
Squander Her dedication contributes to the success of the team. Being careless might often lead her to squander all opportunities.
Mitigate Their dedication contributes to the success of the project. Negligence can only mitigate the positive impact they could have.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CONTRIBUTE

In conclusion, while some may withhold, hinder, or detract from a project, others may bolster, enhance, or promote its success. The absence of contribution can lead to stagnation, whereas active participation can drive growth and achievement. It is important to recognize the value of diverse perspectives and collaboration in achieving collective goals. By fostering an environment where individuals are encouraged to participate and share their ideas, we can harness the power of collective contribution and propel towards success.

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