Opposite of CORRECTNESS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for correctness refer to words or phrases that are opposite in meaning to the concept of being accurate, right, or proper in a given context. These terms exist to provide contrast and convey opposite ideas or interpretations in communication and language use.

In everyday conversation and writing, antonyms for correctness play a crucial role in adding depth and dimension to the expression of ideas and concepts. By understanding and using these contrasting words thoughtfully, speakers and writers can convey shades of meaning, highlight differences, or introduce nuances to their message.

Exploring antonyms for correctness can also help individuals develop a richer vocabulary and improve their language skills. By familiarizing themselves with words that represent the opposite of correctness, individuals can enhance their ability to communicate effectively and express themselves with greater precision and creativity.

35 Antonyms for CORRECTNESS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for correctness. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CORRECTNESS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Correctness Sentence with Antonym
Inaccuracy Make sure your answers are correct before submitting them. Double-check your answers for inaccuracy before turning them in.
Error The teacher marked all the correct answers on the test. The teacher found an error in your test paper.
Mistake It is important to provide correct information in your report. Please correct any mistakes in your report.
Wrong Sarah’s guess about the murderer turned out to be correct. Unfortunately, your assumption was wrong.
Faulty He ensured all the calculations were correct before presenting the report. It appears there is a faulty figure in your calculations.
False The news article provided correct details about the event. Be cautious of false information circulating online.
Improper It is vital to follow the correct procedures for safety. Not following the guidelines may lead to improper handling.
Inexact The scientist must ensure the data is correct for the study. Even small deviations can lead to inexact results.
Untrue His claim that he was innocent was proven correct in court. The information you provided was found to be untrue.
Invalid Only answers that are correct will be considered for full credit. Your argument seems invalid based on the evidence.
Falsehood The review accurately highlighted the correct aspects of the product. Any falsehoods should be addressed in the upcoming meeting.
Incorrect Be sure to select the correct answer for each question. You marked most of the answers as incorrect.
Flawed The plan was executed flawlessly with all details correct. There seems to be a flawed step in the process.
Amiss It is crucial to set things correct right at the beginning. Something seems to be amiss with the calculations.
Exaggerated The witness’s statement was confirmed to be correct by the evidence. He has a habit of exaggerating details to make his story more interesting.
Fallacious Ensure all your assertions are correct to build credibility. Your argument is fallacious and lacks supporting evidence.
Defective The product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is correct. The last batch proved to be defective, leading to a product recall.
Inadequate The instructions provided were comprehensive and correct. His response was vague and inadequate in addressing the issue.
Unethical It is crucial to handle the situation with correct ethical standards. Your decision seems to be unethical according to company policies.
Improper The report included all the correct data points for analysis. Cutting corners may lead to improper conclusions.
Illegitimate The document was reviewed to ensure it was correct and valid. The contract was deemed illegitimate due to missing signatures.
Unrealistic The project timeline was realistic and based on correct estimations. Your proposed budget seems unrealistic and unsustainable.
Made-up His story turned out to be correct when verified by witnesses. We need to verify your facts as they seem made-up.
Unfounded The accusations were baseless, and the defendant was proven correct. Do not spread unfounded rumors without verifying the information.
Fabricated The evidence presented was correct and backed by reliable sources. His version of events appears fabricated to shift blame.
Deficient The team ensured all sections of the project were correct and complete. The report you submitted was deemed deficient and lacked crucial details.
Specious His claims were corroborated, proving his statements were correct. Your argument seems specious and lacks credibility.
Unreliable The source of information was reputable and provided correct data. Avoid using unreliable sources as they may contain false information.
Faulty The program underwent testing to guarantee it was correct in every aspect. An error occurred due to a faulty component in the system.
Defected The product was inspected to ensure it met the quality standard and was correct. The returned item is deemed defected and will be replaced.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CORRECTNESS

It is crucial to be aware of different perspectives and approaches, as there are numerous antonyms for correctness that people may follow. While some may prioritize precision and accuracy in their work, others may value creativity and flexibility more. Both perspectives have their own merits, and it is important to strike a balance between them to achieve well-rounded results.

By understanding and embracing the diversity of opinions and methods that exist beyond just the concept of correctness, individuals can foster a more inclusive and innovative environment. It is through this acceptance of various approaches and ideas that progress and growth can be achieved, leading to a more dynamic and collaborative society.

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