Opposite of COURAGE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for courage, we are exploring words or concepts that represent the opposite of bravery and fearlessness. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings, providing a way to contrast ideas and create a fuller understanding of a concept.

Courage is often defined as the ability to face danger, difficulty, or pain without fear. Antonyms for courage encompass terms that denote timidity, cowardice, or hesitation in the face of challenges or danger.

Exploring antonyms for courage can shed light on the spectrum of human emotions and reactions when confronted with adversity. By understanding these contrasting terms, we can appreciate the complexity of bravery and the various ways in which individuals respond to situations that require strength and fortitude.

35 Antonyms for COURAGE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for courage. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding COURAGE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Courage Sentence with Antonym
Fearful She approached the challenge with courage. She faced the challenge with fear.
Cowardice His courage inspired others to act bravely. His cowardice held him back from taking risks.
Timidity With courage, she spoke up for what she believed in. With timidity, she stayed silent and avoided confrontation.
Weakness The soldier showed great courage in battle. His weakness led to his surrender.
Nervous Despite feeling nervous, she faced the situation with courage. Instead of courage, nervousness overcame him.
Panic In times of crisis, his courage shined through. His panic paralyzed him in moments of danger.
Wimp Real superheroes are defined by their courage. He was often called a wimp for his lack of bravery.
Trembling Even though she was trembling, she showed remarkable courage. His trembling hands displayed his lack of courage.
Craven The leader’s courage motivated the team. The soldier’s craven behavior demoralized the squad.
Pusillanimous Standing up against injustice takes courage. His pusillanimous nature made him hesitant to act.
Discouraged She faced each setback with unwavering courage. He became discouraged by every challenge.
Retreat His courage urged him to face his fears head-on. His decision to retreat showed a lack of bravery.
Shy With a bit of courage, she overcame her shyness. His inherent shy nature hindered him from taking risks.
Feeble The knight’s courage was as strong as his sword. His feeble attempts at bravery were evident.
Daunted Despite feeling daunted, she summoned her courage. His daunted spirit prevented him from taking action.
Faint-hearted It takes courage to stand up for what is right. Those who are faint-hearted back down at the first sign of trouble.
Frightened Instead of being frightened, she chose to show courage. His frightened expression revealed his lack of bravery.
Chicken-hearted The soldier’s courage inspired his comrades. He was often mocked for his chicken-hearted behavior.
Yellow-bellied Despite being called yellow-bellied, he displayed courage. His yellow-bellied nature prevented him from facing challenges.
Intimidated She refused to be intimidated and faced the situation with courage. His intimidated demeanor showed his lack of bravery.
Dismayed Even when things seemed dismaying, she held onto her courage. He was easily dismayed and lacked the bravery to continue.
Wary Her courage was evident in the face of danger. His wary nature made him hesitate to take bold actions.
Scared Despite feeling scared, she summoned her courage. His scared expression revealed his lack of bravery.
Cringe She faced the challenge without cringing, showing courage. He cringed from the difficult task, lacking courage.
Skittish His courage was unwavering amidst the skittish crowd. His skittish behavior revealed a lack of bravery.
Frail Despite her frail appearance, she possessed great courage. His frail demeanor indicated a lack of bravery.
Nerveless The leader’s courage inspired confidence in the team. His nerveless behavior left his followers feeling anxious.
Chicken Real leaders lead with courage, not cowardice. He was often called a chicken for his lack of bravery.
Pallid Her unwavering courage contrasted with her pallid face. His pallid expression revealed his lack of bravery.
Fainthearted It takes courage to stand up for what is right. Those who are fainthearted back down at the first sign of trouble.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of COURAGE

Having a lack of courage can often be synonymous with fear, timidity, or cowardice. When individuals are afraid, hesitant, or cowardly, they may struggle to take risks or face challenges. On the contrary, when individuals exhibit bravery, boldness, or fearlessness, they are more likely to confront obstacles head-on and achieve their goals.

Overall, the absence of courage can hinder personal growth and prevent individuals from reaching their full potential. It is important to cultivate courage in the face of adversity, as it can lead to greater confidence, resilience, and success in various aspects of life.

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