Opposite of CRITICISM – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for criticism refer to the opposite expression of disapproval or negative judgment towards something or someone. These words or phrases are used to convey positive feedback, praise, or approval instead. In essence, antonyms for criticism serve as a way to commend, support, or appreciate the qualities or actions of a person, object, or idea.

Contrary to criticism that points out flaws, shortcomings, or areas for improvement, antonyms for criticism focus on highlighting strengths, virtues, successes, or commendable aspects. They contribute to fostering a constructive and uplifting environment by acknowledging achievements, virtues, and positive attributes without disparaging remarks or negative feedback. Encouragement, support, and praise are commonly associated with antonyms for criticism, enhancing motivation and self-esteem.

By utilizing antonyms for criticism, individuals can effectively communicate positive reinforcement, gratitude, and admiration towards others. These expressions help build rapport, strengthen relationships, and boost morale by focusing on the good rather than the negative. Embracing antonyms for criticism promotes a culture of appreciation, recognition, and encouragement, fostering a more positive and supportive atmosphere in various personal and professional settings.

35 Antonyms for CRITICISM With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for criticism. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CRITICISM antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Criticism Sentence with Antonym
Praise The art exhibit received harsh criticism from the reviewers. The art exhibit received high praise from the reviewers.
Approval His severe criticism of the project dampened the team’s spirits. His enthusiastic approval of the project boosted the team’s morale.
Commendation The book review was filled with negative criticism. The book review was filled with glowing commendation.
Acclaim Despite the constructive criticism, the play was well received. Despite the harsh acclaim, the play was poorly received.
Flattery She could not be swayed by unwarranted criticism of her work. She could not be swayed by empty flattery of her work.
Admiration The painting received mixed criticism from the art critics. The painting received unanimous admiration from the art critics.
Endorsement The new policy faced harsh criticism from the employees. The new policy received strong endorsement from the employees.
Applause The speech was met with severe criticism by the audience. The speech was met with enthusiastic applause by the audience.
Appreciation His criticism without merit had no effect on her confidence. His appreciation and recognition bolstered her self-esteem.
Kudos Despite the unfair criticism, the project was a success. Despite the deserved kudos, the project failed to meet expectations.
Compliment The performance received sharp criticism from the judges. The performance received warm compliments from the judges.
Approval His constant criticism of her work was demoralizing. His constant approval of her work was motivating.
Acknowledgment Her constructive criticism helped improve the project. Her lack of acknowledgment hindered the project’s progress.
Applause The novel was met with critical acclaim from readers. The novel was met with indifferent silence from readers.
Recommendation Despite harsh criticism, the product maintained its popularity. Despite glowing recommendations, the product failed to sell well.
Praise The teacher’s constructive criticism encouraged student growth. The teacher’s praise and admiration boosted student morale.
Support His unwarranted criticism of her decision was hurtful. His unconditional support of her decision was comforting.
Boasting She could not handle constant criticism of her abilities. She could not handle constant boasting of her abilities.
Applause The play received negative criticism from theater critics. The play received rousing applause from theater critics.
Favor Despite the excessive criticism, the project was successful. Despite the overwhelming favor, the project flopped.
Approval His blunt criticism of her appearance was unwarranted. His gentle approval of her appearance was heartwarming.
Recognition The artist found it hard to cope with incessant criticism. The artist found it hard to cope with universal recognition.
Acclaim The film received harsh criticism from movie reviewers. The film received glowing acclaim from movie reviewers.
Approval Her constructive criticism helped the team refine their strategy. Her wholehearted approval encouraged the team to execute the plan.
Applause The performance elicited harsh criticism from the audience. The performance elicited thunderous applause from the audience.
Encouragement His unhelpful criticism demotivated the new employees. His positive encouragement motivated the new employees.
Recommendation Despite sincere criticism, the book became a bestseller. Despite high recommendations, the book failed to gain readership.
Kudos They faced constant criticism for their innovative methods. They faced constant kudos for their traditional approach.
Recommendation The restaurant garnered mixed criticism for its new menu. The restaurant garnered unanimous recommendations for its new menu.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CRITICISM

It is important to remember that feedback comes in many forms, not just criticism. Constructive feedback, praise, and encouragement are valuable tools for personal and professional growth. Embracing a mindset of openness to different perspectives and feedback styles can lead to richer communication and more positive outcomes.

By fostering an environment that values diverse opinions and embraces a range of feedback types, we can create a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. Instead of solely focusing on criticism, let’s also recognize the importance of constructive feedback and praise in nurturing innovation and growth.

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