Opposite of CRUMBLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for antonyms for “crumble,” we are seeking words that represent the opposite action of breaking or falling apart into small pieces. Antonyms provide us with words that carry contrasting meanings and help us understand the concept of stability, durability, or integrity.

An antonym for “crumble” would be a word that signifies strength, solidity, or coherence. These words stand in opposition to the idea of something breaking or disintegrating, offering a sense of wholeness and resilience instead.

By exploring antonyms for “crumble,” we can enhance our vocabulary and gain a deeper understanding of the diverse range of words that exist in the English language. This exploration allows us to appreciate the richness and complexity of language, as well as providing us with alternative terms to express ideas of strength and durability.

35 Antonyms for CRUMBLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for crumble. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CRUMBLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Crumble Sentence with Antonym
Build The old house began to crumble into pieces. The construction workers worked hard to build a new skyscraper.
Assemble The cake started to crumble as she cut into it. She carefully assembled the puzzle pieces to reveal a beautiful image.
Solidify The sand castle slowly crumbled under the force of the waves. The ice cream sundae started to solidify as the cold air touched it.
Strengthen The relationship crumbled under the weight of constant arguments. Counseling sessions helped them strengthen their bond.
Repair The fabric of the old shirt began to crumble after years of wear and tear. She took her broken phone to the store to repair the cracked screen.
Construct The worn-out bridge crumbled when a heavy truck drove over it. The engineers worked together to construct a sturdy new bridge.
Develop The old film reel had started to deteriorate and crumble with age. Thanks to modern technology, the new film was able to develop without issues.
Mend The friendship between them crumbled after a series of misunderstandings. They decided to have an open conversation to mend the broken relationship.
Uphold The company’s reputation crumbled after the scandalous revelations. It was important for her to uphold the ethical standards of her profession.
Strengthen The army’s morale began to crumble as they faced defeat after defeat. The training exercises were designed to strengthen the soldiers’ resolve.
Join The old stones of the castle walls appeared to crumble and fall apart. The workers used cement and bricks to join the new wall sections together.
Establish The trust between them started to crumble as secrets were revealed. They worked together to establish a new set of rules and guidelines.
Connect The cables in the old building were so old they started to crumble apart. The electrician made sure to connect the new cables securely.
Consolidate The team’s effort seemed to be crumbling due to lack of communication. The manager decided to have a team meeting to consolidate their efforts.
Patch The old road had so many potholes that it looked like it would crumble soon. The maintenance crew came to patch up the potholes on the road.
Reconstruct The old ruins of the castle had started to crumble after centuries of neglect. Archaeologists worked tirelessly to reconstruct the history of the site.
Preserve The ancient manuscripts were in danger of crumbling due to exposure to moisture. The librarian took special care to preserve the delicate documents.
Reinforce The weakened structure of the building began to crumble under the weight. Steel beams were added to reinforce the building and make it stronger.
Nourish The neglected garden was full of dead plants that seemed to crumble in the wind. With proper care and attention, the garden started to nourish new growth.
Improve The neglected town’s infrastructure started to crumble after years of disrepair. The local government initiated projects to improve the town’s facilities.
Hold The ice cream cone crumbled in her hand as she tried to eat it on a hot day. She made sure to hold the cone carefully so it wouldn’t fall apart.
Strengthen Their relationship hit a rough patch and appeared to be crumbling. They decided to attend couples counseling to help strengthen their bond.
Fortify The old fortress walls seemed to crumble under the pressure of the advancing army. The builders worked diligently to fortify the walls for the upcoming siege.
Connect The old wiring in the house was so old that it started to crumble and cause power outages. The electricians were called in to connect new wiring throughout the house.
Bolster The team’s spirit began to crumble as they faced defeat after defeat. The coach gave them an inspiring pep talk to bolster their confidence.
Protect The tablets are delicate and could easily crumble if not handled with care. The protective case was designed to protect the delicate equipment inside.
Weld The metal beams were so rusted that they were starting to crumble under their own weight. They used a blowtorch to weld the metal beams together securely.
Rebuild The old town buildings had started to crumble after the earthquake. Volunteers came together to help rebuild the town from the ground up.
Strengthen The company’s financial stability appeared to be crumbling due to poor investments. They hired a financial advisor to help them strengthen their portfolio.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CRUMBLE

In summary, we have explored a range of antonyms for “crumble,” such as “thrive,” “flourish,” “stabilize,” and “strengthen.” These words convey the opposite meaning of falling apart or breaking down, suggesting growth, stability, and resilience instead. By using these antonyms, we can paint a picture of something that is intact, resilient, and thriving, rather than deteriorating or disintegrating. It is important to consider these antonyms when describing the opposite of crumbling, whether in a physical, metaphorical, or emotional sense, to convey a sense of strength, growth, and stability.

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