Opposite of CUNNING – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When exploring language and expanding vocabulary, it can be beneficial to understand antonyms for cunning. Cunning is the trait of being clever, deceiving, or crafty in achieving one’s goals. By familiarizing ourselves with its antonyms, we can better grasp the concept by contrasting it with its opposite qualities.

Antonyms for cunning highlight characteristics such as honesty, sincerity, and straightforwardness. These qualities are in direct opposition to cunning behaviors, focusing on transparency and authenticity in interactions and decision-making. Understanding and recognizing these antonyms can help us navigate social situations, build trust, and cultivate genuine relationships.

By identifying and internalizing antonyms for cunning, we can broaden our understanding of interpersonal dynamics and communication. This knowledge equips us to recognize signs of deceit and manipulation, as well as appreciate the value of honesty and integrity in our interactions with others. Ultimately, exploring antonyms for cunning enriches our language skills and enhances our ability to navigate social interactions with authenticity and sincerity.

35 Antonyms for CUNNING With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for cunning. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CUNNING antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Cunning Sentence with Antonym
Honest The cunning fox outsmarted the farmer. The honest man always tells the truth.
Naive She was too cunning to be caught in their trap. His naive approach led to his downfall.
Open His cunning plan succeeded in deceiving them. She was so open about her intentions.
Genuine The cunning politician manipulated the situation. Her smile was genuine and honest.
Trusting His cunning disguise fooled everyone. She was trusting and easily deceived.
Transparent The cunning criminal covered his tracks well. The investigation revealed the transparent truth.
Fair The cunning strategist won the game. Let’s ensure the competition is fair for everyone.
Sincere She used her cunning to get what she wanted. He always spoke with a sincere heart.
Guileless Their cunning actions went undetected. Her guileless nature made her vulnerable.
Honest The cunning thief stole the money without leaving a trace. The honest citizen returned the lost wallet.
Innocent With cunning precision, she executed her plan. The innocent child believed everything he was told.
Nonsly The cunning plan was a success. Let’s take a nonsly approach this time.
Forthright He used his cunning tactics to get his way. She always spoke in a forthright manner.
Authentic The cunning scheme was carefully calculated. Her smile was warm and authentic.
Trustful With cunning finesse, he manipulated the situation. She was trustful to a fault.
Revealing The cunning trickster fooled them all. Her actions were revealing of her true intentions.
Unpretentious His cunning approach was praised by his peers. She always remained unpretentious in her interactions.
Ingenuous The cunning criminal was on the loose. Her ingenuous spirit was refreshing to see.
Fair The cunning plan worked like a charm. Let’s ensure everything is done in a fair manner.
Frank She used her cunning intellect to deceive them. He was always frank in his opinions.
Ingnorant His cunning ways often got him out of trouble. Her ignorant behavior led to mistakes.
Artless The cunning fox was a master of deceit. She was so artless in her actions.
Simplicity The cunning thief had evaded capture for years. She valued the simplicity of honest communication.
Unsophisticated With cunning precision, he executed his plan. She preferred to keep things unsophisticated and straightforward.
Unmanipulative The cunning crook thought he had pulled off the perfect crime. She always remained unmanipulative in her dealings.
Honorable His cunning tactics helped him achieve his goals. She took the honorable path even when it was difficult.
Direct He used his cunning to get ahead in his career. She always believed in being direct and transparent.
Unadorned The cunning plan was a success. Let’s keep it simple and unadorned this time.
Undeceptive Her cunning ploy caught them off guard. His intentions were always undeceptive and clear.
Unscheming With cunning precision, she executed her plan. She was always unscheming and straightforward.
Undesigning The cunning fox was too clever to be caught. She was always undesigning in her actions.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CUNNING

Being straightforward and honest is important in fostering trust and building strong relationships. Avoiding deceitful or manipulative behavior leads to better communication and mutual respect. Embracing transparency and integrity promotes genuine connections and enhances credibility in interactions.

By choosing sincerity over cunningness, individuals can cultivate authenticity and integrity in their interactions with others. Prioritizing honesty and openness creates a more positive and harmonious environment, contributing to healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Ultimately, the absence of cunning brings about a sense of sincerity and trust that forms the foundation for genuine connections and meaningful interactions.

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