Opposite of DAYLIGHT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for daylight refer to the opposite of the natural light that illuminates the Earth during the day. These are words or terms that describe the darkness or nighttime period when the sun is below the horizon, and light is scarce.

Contrary to the brightness and visibility provided by daylight, antonyms for daylight symbolize obscurity and limited visibility. These words encapsulate the period when the world is shrouded in darkness, leading to decreased vision and the need for artificial lighting to navigate through the environment.

By exploring antonyms for daylight, we gain a deeper understanding of the contrasting conditions that exist during the night when natural light is absent. These opposite terms help us appreciate the significance of light in our daily lives and the unique characteristics of both day and night environments.

35 Antonyms for DAYLIGHT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for daylight. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DAYLIGHT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Daylight Sentence with Antonym
Darkness She preferred to work during daylight hours. She enjoyed the peace and quiet of the city in darkness.
Night The campground was bustling with activity during daylight hours. The city transformed into a magical place at night.
Dusk The daylight faded away as the sun set in the horizon. The sky turned a beautiful orange hue during dusk.
Twilight The sky was a palette of colors during daylight hours. The world seemed ethereal and enchanting during twilight.
Morning She loved to go for a run in the daylight hours. The world slowly woke up as morning approached.
Sunlight The flowers bloomed beautifully under the warm daylight. The room was dimly lit, devoid of any sunlight.
Brightness The room was filled with natural daylight. The room was dim, lacking any brightness.
Illumination The daylight filled the room with warmth. The illumination in the room was soft and ambient.
Radiance The landscape looked stunning under the golden daylight. The night sky sparkled with a deep, mysterious radiance.
Sunup The town was already bustling with activity at daylight. The birds greeted the sunup in peaceful serenity.
Sunrise They watched the stunning daylight break over the mountains. The sunrise painted the sky with warm colors.
Light The daylight streamed through the window. The room plunged into darkness as they turned off the light.
Sun The beach was a beautiful sight under the warm daylight. The world grew cold and dark as the sun disappeared.
Gleam The lake shimmered in the golden daylight. The forest was shrouded in shadows, lacking any gleam.
Dawn The warm daylight gradually filled the room. The chirping birds heralded the arrival of a new dawn.
Daybreak The sky glowed with gentle daylight at daybreak. The stars faded away with the approaching daybreak.
Resplendence The garden looked magnificent in the glowing daylight. The castle seemed hauntingly beautiful in the absence of resplendence.
Luminosity The world sparkled with bright daylight. The shadowy forest seemed to thrive in its luminosity.
Afternoon They enjoyed a picnic in the warm daylight of the afternoon. The temperature dropped as they ventured out in the evening.
Noon The heat was most intense during the middle of the daylight. The plaza was deserted during the quiet hours of noon.
Daytime People were out enjoying the daylight of the daytime. The world grew silent and still as nighttime fell.
Midday The middle of the daylight was a time of high activity. The middle of the night was a time of eerie quietness.
Day The bright daylight made the beach look inviting. The school was empty and quiet during the holiday day.
Morningtide The waves sparkled under the gentle daylight of morningtide. The forest was serene in the cool eveningtide.
Sunlight The flowers blossomed in the warm daylight and sunlight. The room felt cold and lifeless without sunlight.
Daytime The streets were bustling with activity during daytime hours. The town grew quiet as nighttime approached.
Luminescence The room was filled with a soft, gentle daylight and luminescence. The cave was dark and devoid of any luminescence.
Sunshine They basked in the warmth of the golden daylight and sunshine. The garden felt chilly and lifeless without sunshine.
Sunlight The cat curled up in a patch of warm daylight and sunlight. The room felt cold and dim without sunlight.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DAYLIGHT

In conclusion, the different synonyms for daylight represent the variations in the illumination of the sky during the day. From dawn to dusk, the sun’s presence or absence influences the brightness of our surroundings. As we transition from darkness to light and back again, these antonyms for daylight offer a poetic glimpse into the changing cycles of nature and time. Whether it’s the break of day or the fall of night, each phase brings its own beauty and significance to our everyday lives.

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