Opposite of DEFECTIVE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for defective are words that represent qualities opposite to that of something being faulty, imperfect, or flawed. In essence, antonyms for defective are terms that signify excellence, perfection, or adherence to standards without any faults or shortcomings.

These antonyms serve as powerful linguistic tools to convey the idea of something being in optimal condition, meeting specifications accurately, or performing tasks flawlessly. By using antonyms for defective, writers can effectively highlight superior quality, functionality, or usability in their descriptions or narratives.

In everyday conversations or professional contexts, incorporating antonyms for defective can bolster clarity and precision in communication. These opposing terms help to underscore the positive attributes and desirable characteristics of a product, service, or situation, providing a balanced and nuanced perspective in various discussions or debates.

35 Antonyms for DEFECTIVE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for defective. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DEFECTIVE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Defective Sentence with Antonym
Flawless The defective product had several issues that needed to be addressed. The product was flawless and had no issues.
Functioning The car was defective and required repairs before it could start functioning properly. The car is now functioning perfectly without any issues.
Intact The defective package arrived with items missing and contents damaged. The package arrived completely intact with all items and contents undamaged.
Perfect The defective painting had noticeable imperfections and flaws. The painting turned out to be perfect without any imperfections or flaws.
Operational The device was defective and would not turn on, rendering it inoperable. After repairs, the device became fully operational and could be used without any issues.
Faultless His defective argument was full of errors and fallacies, weakening his position in the debate. Her argument, in contrast, was flawless and faultless, convincing everyone with its logic and precision.
Intact The defective helmet shattered upon impact, failing to protect the rider. The new and improved helmet remained fully intact, ensuring the safety of the rider in case of any accidents.
Perfection The defective dress had loose threads and stitching errors, far from the perfection the designer aimed for. The final dress was a masterpiece, a symbol of perfection with impeccable stitching and flawless details.
Fault-free The defective software crashed frequently, burdening users with errors and glitches. The updated version of the software is now fault-free and runs smoothly without any crashes or technical issues.
Operative The machine was defective and needed repairs in order to become fully operative. Once the repairs were done, the machine was back to being fully operative, functioning effectively as intended.
Sound His defective arguments were easily rebutted, lacking any logical reasoning or validity. In contrast, her arguments were profoundly sound, based on facts and reasoning that couldn’t be easily refuted.
Functional The defective phone had a broken screen, making it difficult to use functionally. The new phone was completely functional with no issues, allowing for smooth and efficient operation.
Whole The defective plan fell apart due to critical flaws, leaving the team with incomplete and insufficient solutions. The revised plan, however, was well-thought-out and whole, addressing every aspect comprehensively and effectively.
Impeccable His defective work showed signs of carelessness and mistakes, far from the impeccable standards expected by his employer. Her work, on the other hand, was impeccable, meeting and even surpassing the high standards set by her employer.
Fixed The defective computer required repairs to be fully fixed and operational. After being fixed, the computer worked perfectly, no longer showing any signs of being defective.
Faultless The defective theory lacked crucial evidence and had fatal flaws, far from being considered faultless or indisputable. The faultless theory, in contrast, was supported by solid evidence and was free of any errors, making it impossible to be disputed.
Intact The defective vase arrived shattered in pieces, no longer intact or usable. The carefully packed vase arrived fully intact, without a scratch, ready to be displayed in its original form.
Superior The defective product did not meet the quality standards set by the company, falling far short of the superior products they produced. The company prided itself on its superior products that were known for their exceptional quality and performance.
Perfect Her defective memory would often lead to misunderstandings and forgetfulness, lacking the precision of a perfect memory. His perfect memory, on the other hand, captured every detail accurately, never failing to recall even the slightest information.
Fixed The defective appliance needed professional assistance to be fixed and brought back to working condition. Once fixed, the appliance operated flawlessly, showing no signs of being defective anymore.
Sound The defective plan had numerous loopholes and errors, far from being considered sound or reliable. The new plan was meticulously crafted and thoroughly sound, ensuring a strong foundation and robust strategy for success.
Intact The defective package arrived with torn wrapping and missing contents, no longer intact as when it was sent. The replacement package arrived fully intact, with no damages or missing items, ready to be opened without any worries.
Functional The defective laptop showed signs of slow performance and technical issues, hindering its functional abilities. The new laptop, on the other hand, was fully functional, operating smoothly and efficiently without any glitches or slowdowns.
Effective His defective approach to problem-solving often led to more confusion and complications, not proving to be effective at all. Her effective approach, however, was clear and successful, resolving issues efficiently and achieving desired outcomes flawlessly.
Sound The defective reasoning in his argument was weak and flawed, lacking any basis in sound logic. Her argument, in contrast, was grounded in sound reasoning, backed by data and logical inferences that were irrefutable.
Fixed The defective tire needed to be fixed promptly to ensure safe driving conditions. Once fixed, the tire was as good as new, guaranteeing a safe and smooth driving experience on the road.
Intact His defective shirt had holes and loose buttons, no longer intact or wearable. In contrast, the new shirt arrived fully intact, without any defects, ready to be worn without any concerns about its condition.
Perfect The project team struggled with defective solutions that fell short of the perfect outcome they aimed for. The team’s efforts paid off when they finally achieved the perfect solution, meeting all requirements and exceeding expectations.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DEFECTIVE

In summary, ensuring products are flawless is crucial in maintaining customer satisfaction. By using antonyms for defective such as flawless, perfect, and impeccable, businesses can emphasize the quality and reliability of their products. Customers appreciate flawless items that are free from faults, errors, or imperfections. This attention to detail can enhance brand reputation and loyalty, leading to increased sales and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to prioritize quality control and strive for excellence in their products to meet customer expectations and stay competitive in the market.

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