Opposite of DEFIANT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for defiant are words that express obedience, compliance, and submission. They represent behavior that is respectful, deferential, and cooperative. In contrast to defiance, these antonyms signify a willingness to follow rules, adhere to authority, and show deference to others.

Opposite of defiant, these antonyms denote a demeanor that is accommodating, meek, and docile. They convey an attitude of deference, submissiveness, and acquiescence towards figures of authority or societal norms. By understanding these antonyms, one can grasp the spectrum of behaviors that exist in response to rules and regulations.

When looking for antonyms for defiant, one will encounter words that epitomize compliance, obedience, and submission. These terms offer a window into the alternative attitudes and actions individuals may choose to adopt in various situations where defiance is not the chosen route.

35 Antonyms for DEFIANT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for defiant. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DEFIANT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Defiant Sentence with Antonym
Compliant The defiant student refused to follow the rules. The compliant student obediently followed the rules.
Timid She was anything but defiant in the meeting. She was timid and shy during the meeting.
Submissive His attitude was far from defiant during the debate. He was submissive and yielded to others’ opinions during the debate.
Obedient The defiant toddler refused to listen to his parents. The obedient toddler followed his parents’ instructions without question.
Accepting Her defiant response showed she wasn’t ready to give up. Her accepting demeanor demonstrated her willingness to compromise.
Complying They were defiant in their refusal to comply with regulations. They were complying dutifully with all the regulations.
Yielding Despite being defiant, he eventually yielded under pressure. He was yielding and flexible in his approach to handling the situation.
Tame The defiant horse refused to be tamed by the trainer. The wild horse became tame and obedient after the trainer’s intervention.
Meek Her defiant attitude contrasted with her normally meek demeanor. She was meek and submissive in contrast to her defiant behavior.
Tractable The defiant child was difficult to manage in the classroom. The tractable child was easy to manage and cooperative.
Docile The group was defiant and unwilling to follow orders. The group was docile and obedient, readily following orders.
Passive She was not one to remain defiant in the face of criticism. She was passive and non-confrontational when receiving criticism.
Malleable The artist’s vision was unyielding in the face of defiant opinions. The artist’s vision was easily malleable to incorporate various opinions.
Subdued They were defiant in their refusal to be subdued by authority. They were subdued and compliant in the presence of authority figures.
Tamed The beast remained defiant despite attempts to be tamed. The once defiant beast was now tamed after consistent training.
Peaceful The defiant protest turned chaotic. The protesters gathered peacefully and chanted for change.
Calm His defiant outburst was unexpected. His calm demeanor was a stark contrast to his usual defiant behavior.
Acquiescent Despite facing pressure, her response was defiant. She remained acquiescent and agreed to the terms without resistance.
Obliging He was usually defiant, but today he was surprisingly obliging. He was obliging and quick to fulfill requests, much unlike his defiant nature.
Tolerant The situation called for a defiant stand against injustice. The situation required a tolerant and calm approach to resolve conflict.
Temperate The defiant stance of the group led to heated arguments. Their temperate response prevented further escalation during the disagreement.
Agreeable She remained defiant despite attempts to reach an agreeable conclusion. She became agreeable and open to compromise after the discussion.
Cooperative Their defiant behavior hindered the progress of the project. Their cooperative efforts helped move the project forward smoothly.
Gentle Despite being defiant, she spoke in a gentle manner. She was gentle and composed, avoiding any defiant behavior.
Conforming The team’s defiant approach clashed with the company’s policy. The team started conforming to the company’s policy instead of remaining defiant.
Modest She was usually defiant, but today she was acting modest. She remained modest and humble, a stark contrast to her usual defiant demeanor.
Amenable His defiant reaction was unexpected in such a situation. He was amenable and open to suggestions, displaying no signs of being defiant.
Pacified The once defiant crowd was now pacified after negotiations. The crowd that was pacified was now defiant due to lack of communication.
Flexible The defiant team was unyielding in their decision. The flexible team was open to suggestions and adaptable to change.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DEFIANT

In the face of disobedience, submission can be a powerful way to show respect and cooperation. Instead of being rebellious, embracing compliance can foster a harmonious and productive environment. It is essential to recognize the value of obedience as a virtue that promotes unity and stability within a group or organization.

Choosing compliance over defiance can lead to smoother interactions and facilitate effective communication. By being accommodating instead of resistant, individuals can build trust, strengthen relationships, and work towards common goals more efficiently. Embracing submission as an alternative to defiance can bring about positive outcomes and contribute to a more cohesive and collaborative community.

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