Opposite of DEFY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Are you looking for words that are the opposite of “defy”? Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a given word. In this case, antonyms for “defy” are words that convey submission, compliance, or obedience.

When we explore antonyms for “defy,” we delve into a range of terms that suggest yielding, conforming, or adhering. These terms provide a contrasting perspective to the act of defiance, offering options that imply conformity, agreement, or acquiescence.

By examining antonyms for “defy,” we can gain a deeper understanding of the various ways in which individuals can choose to respond to authority, rules, or challenges. These contrasting words shed light on the spectrum of attitudes and behaviors that exist in relation to defiance, highlighting the diversity of approaches people may adopt in different situations.

35 Antonyms for DEFY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for defy. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DEFY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Defy Sentence with Antonym
Obey The rebels decided to defy the government’s orders. The students unanimously agreed to obey the teacher’s rules.
Submit The athlete refused to defy the referee’s decision. The worker had no choice but to submit to the company’s new policies.
Comply The protesters continued to defy the restrictions imposed by the authorities. It is advisable to comply with the rules to avoid any consequences.
Yield The fearless leader was known to always defy conventions. Some individuals find it harder to yield to societal norms.
Surrender The detective refused to defy the criminal mastermind. The soldiers were forced to surrender after a long-lasting battle.
Acquiesce The activist preferred to defy the unjust laws rather than acquiesce. It’s easier to acquiesce to demands rather than stand up against them.
Abide by The rebellious teenager liked to defy his parents’ rules. As citizens, we must abide by the laws of the land.
Concede The defendant chose to defy the allegations made against him. In the end, the lawyer advised his client to concede for a lighter sentence.
Accept It is in his nature to always defy authority. It’s important to accept the rules that are set for a purpose.
Respect The child has a tendency to defy his teachers. Teachers appreciate students who respect their authority.
Honor The soldier chose to defy the general’s reckless orders. It is expected for soldiers to honor and follow their commanding officer’s directives.
Heed The rebellious teenager constantly defies his parents’ advice. It’s wise to heed the advice given by experienced individuals.
Enforce The company had to deal with employees who constantly defied company policies. Employers have the authority to enforce rules to ensure a productive work environment.
Embrace The artist always chooses to defy traditional artistic standards. It’s important to embrace the foundations of a craft before creating something new.
Emulate The explorer decided to defy the geographical boundaries and explore the unknown territories. Some prefer to emulate the works of renowned pioneers rather than breaking new ground.
Comform The students who chose to defy the dress code faced consequences. It’s easier to conform to the dress code rather than face disciplinary action.
Succumb The politician refused to defy the pressure from the opposition. Some leaders succumb to the temptation of corruption and power.
Acknowledge The student deliberately defied the professor’s instructions. It’s important to acknowledge the expertise of those who teach us.
Adhere to The rebels felt it was their duty to defy the oppressive regime. It is essential for citizens to adhere to the laws of the country.
Comprehend The athlete decided to defy the coach’s game plan. The student took the time to comprehend the complex instructions given by the teacher.
Confirm The criminal chose to defy the law despite facing consequences. It is prudent to confirm the legality of one’s actions before proceeding.
Listen to The teenager tends to defy his parents’ authority at every opportunity. Children should learn to listen to and learn from their parents’ guidance.
Support The citizen chose to defy the government’s ruling on the matter. Citizens are expected to support the decisions of their elected officials.
Agree with The activist would rather defy the unjust laws than stay silent. It’s easier to agree with societal norms than to challenge them.
Follow The manager had to deal with employees who constantly defied company regulations. Employees are expected to follow company guidelines to maintain a harmonious work environment.
Bow to The revolutionary leader inspired his followers to defy the oppressive regime. The subjects are expected to bow to the authority in power for a peaceful society.
Heed The child defied the instructions given by the teacher. It’s necessary for students to heed the advice given by educators for academic success.
Embrace The inventor opted to defy the limitations of conventional technology. Innovative minds like to embrace challenges that push beyond traditional boundaries.
Persist with The athlete chose to defy the coach’s training regimen. Successful individuals tend to persist with the guidance provided by their mentors.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DEFY

In conclusion, embracing instead of defying differences can lead to unity and understanding among individuals. Rather than resisting opposition, accepting and accommodating diverse perspectives can promote harmony and cooperation. When we choose to comply with, respect, and adapt to contrasting viewpoints, we foster a more inclusive and harmonious society. By recognizing and valuing the various opinions, beliefs, and identities within our communities, we can build stronger relationships and create a more tolerant and compassionate world.

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