Opposite of DEPRAVITY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for antonyms for depravity, it is essential to explore words that convey the opposite meaning of moral corruption and wickedness. Antonyms serve as valuable tools in understanding concepts by highlighting contrasting ideas, allowing for a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of a subject.

Antonyms provide a way to grasp the full spectrum of a concept by presenting opposing notions, helping to enhance clarity and depth of understanding. In the case of depravity, identifying its antonyms can shed light on virtuous qualities and ethical behavior that stand in stark contrast to immoral actions and corrupt practices.

By delving into antonyms for depravity, one can gain insight into the diverse range of values, principles, and behaviors that exemplify decency and righteousness. Understanding these antonyms can not only broaden one’s vocabulary but also deepen their appreciation for the complexities of virtue and vice, showcasing the multifaceted nature of human morality.

35 Antonyms for DEPRAVITY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for depravity. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DEPRAVITY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Depravity Sentence with Antonym
Virtue His depravity knew no bounds as he committed heinous acts. Her actions were a display of pure virtue and moral integrity.
Purity The depravity of his intentions was evident in his corrupt behavior. She embodied a sense of complete purity in her thoughts and actions.
Goodness His depravity tainted everything he touched, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Her inherent goodness shone through in every kind act she performed.
Morality The depths of his depravity were shocking, as he disregarded all sense of right and wrong. She displayed a strong sense of morality in her decisions, always choosing the ethical path.
Decency The depravity of his actions was truly disturbing, showing a complete lack of respect for basic human decency. Her behavior exemplified the essence of decency, treating others with kindness and respect.
Integrity His depravity was reflected in his dishonest dealings and lack of integrity. She stood firm in her beliefs, unwavering in her commitment to integrity in all aspects of life.
Nobility The depravity of his character was evident in his dishonorable actions, lacking any sense of nobility. She carried herself with a grace and nobility that set her apart from others.
Honor His depravity tarnished his reputation, leading to the loss of all honor. She upheld a standard of honor that was unmatched, earning the respect of all who knew her.
Wholesomeness His actions were a stark contrast to the wholesomeness that should be present, reflecting a deep depravity. She radiated an aura of wholesomeness that brought light and positivity wherever she went.
Pureness The depravity of his intentions left no room for pureness to exist in his heart. Her motives were rooted in a deep sense of pureness, guiding her towards selfless acts of kindness.
Righteousness His lack of righteousness was evident in the depths of his depravity, leading to destructive behavior. She lived a life of righteousness, upholding moral principles and always choosing the path of goodness.
Ethics His actions lacked any sense of ethics, plunging further into the depths of depravity with each step. She was guided by a strong moral compass, always adhering to a code of ethics in all her decisions.
Uprightness His lack of uprightness allowed depravity to seep into his character, corrupting his once virtuous nature. She stood tall in her uprightness, unwavering in her commitment to leading a life of integrity and honor.
Chastity The depravity of his behavior was a sharp contrast to the chastity expected in society. She embodied a sense of chastity in her actions, maintaining a pure and modest demeanor.
Innocence His actions lacked any sense of innocence, tainted by the depths of his depravity. She retained a sense of childlike innocence, approaching the world with a pure and untainted heart.
Dignity His actions stripped him of all dignity, sinking further into the abyss of depravity. She carried herself with grace and dignity, always maintaining a sense of self-respect.
Respectability His actions lacked any sense of respectability, veering into the territory of depravity. She was held in high regard by all due to her respectability and unwavering commitment to moral values.
Responsibility His lack of responsibility allowed depravity to take hold in his life, leading to destructive outcomes. She took on each task with a sense of responsibility, ensuring that her actions had positive impacts on those around her.
Blamelessness His actions left no room for blamelessness, as the shadow of depravity followed him everywhere. She lived a life of blamelessness, always mindful of the consequences of her actions and their impact on others.
Chivalry The depravity of his actions was a stark contrast to the ideals of chivalry expected of him. He displayed acts of chivalry that were a testament to his honorable and noble nature.
Rectitude His actions lacked any sense of rectitude, allowing depravity to seep into every aspect of his life. She lived a life of rectitude, always sticking to the straight and narrow path of moral uprightness.
Honesty His lack of honesty only furthered his descent into depravity, leading to a loss of trust from those around him. She was known for her unwavering honesty and integrity, earning the respect of all who crossed her path.
Sanctity The depravity of his actions desecrated any sense of sanctity that should have been present in his behavior. She held a sense of sanctity in all her actions, treating even the smallest gestures with reverence and respect.
Magnanimity His actions lacked any sense of magnanimity, plunging further into the depths of depravity. She displayed a sense of magnanimity in all her dealings, always seeking to uplift and help those around her.
Merit The depravity of his character was a stark contrast to any sense of merit or worthiness. She was recognized for her outstanding merit and achievements, standing as an example of excellence to others.
Excellence The depths of his depravity overshadowed any semblance of excellence that could have existed in his actions. She strived for excellence in all aspects of her life, continuously pushing herself to achieve greatness.
Honorableness His lack of honorableness allowed depravity to take root in his character, tarnishing his reputation. She was known for her sense of honorableness, always conducting herself in a manner befitting of respect and admiration.
Incorruption His actions were mired in depravity, devoid of any semblance of incorruption or purity. She embodied a sense of incorruption, remaining untainted by the temptations that led others astray.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DEPRAVITY

The contrast between virtue and depravity is stark, with one representing goodness and moral excellence while the other symbolizes moral corruption and wickedness. Acts of kindness and charity stand in direct opposition to depravity and cruelty. By choosing compassion over callousness, we can strive to build a more ethical and empathetic society. Instead of indulging in vice, we can uphold principles of integrity and decency, guiding our actions towards positive outcomes.

In a world full of temptations and moral dilemmas, it is essential to remember the importance of upholding values that are antithetical to depravity. Small acts of kindness and consideration can help counteract the effects of immorality and foster a community built on compassion and respect. By embodying the antonyms of depravity in our daily interactions, we contribute to a more harmonious and virtuous world.

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