Opposite of DESPISE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for despise refer to words that express feelings of admiration, respect, or fondness towards someone or something. In contrast to despise, antonyms convey a sense of appreciation, approval, or even love.

These antonyms serve as opposites to the intense dislike or hatred associated with despise, offering a more positive and favorable perspective. They provide a diverse range of emotions and attitudes towards people, objects, or situations that stand in opposition to contempt or disgust.

By understanding antonyms for despise, individuals can explore the spectrum of emotions and attitudes that exist beyond disdain. These contrasting words offer insight into the complexity of human feelings and the nuances of positive regard that can counterbalance the negativity of despise.

35 Antonyms for DESPISE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for despise. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DESPISE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Despise Sentence with Antonym
Admire She despises the dress I bought her. She truly admires the dress I bought her.
Appreciate He despises the effort put into the project. He genuinely appreciates the effort put into the project.
Love I despise his arrogant attitude. I love his humble and kind demeanor.
Value She despises cheap imitations. She values authentic and high-quality items.
Respect They despise his lack of manners. They respect his impeccable manners.
Adore He despises her taste in music. He adores her taste in music.
Cherish She despises old traditions. She cherishes old traditions.
Accept John despises changes in plans. John accepts changes in plans without hesitation.
Embrace She despises new technologies. She is eager to embrace new technologies.
Delight in She despises the rainy weather. She delights in the rainy weather.
Treasure He despises old family photographs. He treasures old family photographs.
Applaud The critics despise the new play. The critics applaud the new play.
Commend She despises his lack of effort. She commends his hard work and dedication.
Praise He despises her choice of career. He praises her choice of career.
Esteem She despises his lack of integrity. She holds him in high esteem for his honesty.
Honor He despises public speaking. He considers it an honor to speak in public.
Regard They despise laziness. They regard hard work highly.
Like I despise their constant bickering. I actually like their lighthearted banter.
Enjoy She despises attending formal events. She actually enjoys attending formal events.
Admiration He despises showing vulnerability. He finds admiration in showing vulnerability.
Affection She despises his cold demeanor. She craves affection from him.
Devotion She despises his lack of commitment. She wants a partner who will show devotion.
Reverence He despises the local customs. He holds reverence for the local customs.
Approve They despise his irresponsible behavior. They approve of his responsible behavior.
Commendation She despises his dishonesty. She gives him a commendation for his honesty.
Gratify She despises waiting in long lines. She is gratified by the fast checkout process.
Celebrate He despises his own birthday. He loves to celebrate his own birthday.
Revere She despises the lack of ethics in the industry. She reveres the strong ethical values in the industry.
Value He despises fake personalities. He values genuine and authentic individuals.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DESPISE

In essence, while despise signifies a strong feeling of dislike or hatred towards something, its antonyms such as adore, cherish, or love convey a sense of deep affection, admiration, and fondness. Embracing these positive emotions not only fosters harmony and understanding but also contributes to a more compassionate and empathetic society. By choosing to appreciate rather than scorn, we can cultivate goodwill, acceptance, and respect towards others. It is through embracing love, admiration, and appreciation that we can build stronger connections and promote a more harmonious and inclusive world for all.

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