Opposite of DETECT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for detect are words that represent the opposite action of identifying or noticing something. While detecting involves recognizing or finding something, antonyms for detect refer to actions like missing, overlooking, or failing to perceive something in a given situation. In essence, antonyms for detect highlight the absence or lack of ability to identify or acknowledge something present.

One common antonym for detect is to overlook, which means to fail to notice or consider something. This contrasts with detect’s action of identifying or discovering something, emphasizing the act of missing or neglecting to observe a specific element. Another antonym is to ignore, which involves intentionally disregarding or paying no attention to something, opposite to the careful observation and attention to detail required in detecting.

Overall, antonyms for detect encompass a range of actions or states that contrast with the process of identifying or becoming aware of something. By exploring these opposing terms, one can gain a deeper understanding of the concept of detection and its contrary actions in various contexts.

35 Antonyms for DETECT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for detect. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DETECT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Detect Sentence with Antonym
Overlook Police failed to detect any evidence. The security guard decided to overlook the minor infractions.
Miss The radar system can detect incoming missiles. The police couldn’t miss the suspect fleeing the scene.
Neglect The doctor was able to detect the early signs of disease. Unfortunately, the nurse chose to neglect the patient’s complaints.
Oversee The system is designed to detect unauthorized access. Amanda was hired to oversee security measures.
Ignore The scientist used a microscope to detect tiny organisms. The teacher chose to ignore the student’s disruptive behavior.
Disregard It’s important to detect potential dangers early. The manager decided to disregard the warning signs.
Dismiss The security camera can detect motion. Despite the noise, she chose to dismiss it as the wind.
Discern Experienced detectives are able to detect lies. It was difficult to discern the truth from the lies.
Overlook The detective carefully detected the clues. Sandra made sure not to overlook any details.
Overhear The microphone can detect even faint sounds. I accidentally overheard their private conversation.
Deny The forensic team could detect traces of blood. He tried to deny any involvement in the crime.
Disprove The scientist could detect errors in the data. He hoped to disprove the theory with his research.
Misconstrue The investigator detected the hidden message. Jacob tried not to misconstrue her intentions.
Cast doubt The lie detector could detect nervousness. His unsure responses seemed to cast doubt on his innocence.
Disallow The machine can detect counterfeit money. In order to prevent fraud, they disallow cash payments.
Confuse The technology is able to detect anomalies in the system. The complex instructions might confuse some users.
Misread She could detect the reluctance in his voice. I must have misread the situation, as he seemed happy.
Turn a blind eye The experts can detect forgeries easily. Unfortunately, the authorities chose to turn a blind eye to the illegal activities.
Ignore The radar can detect intruding aircraft. The homeowner chose to ignore the warning signs of a break-in.
Miss out The security system can detect unusual activity. By leaving early, she didn’t miss out on the surprise party.
Bypass The sensor can detect movement around the property. Mary wanted to bypass the usual security checks.
Disregard The detective was able to detect the hidden compartment. It was essential not to disregard any potential clues.
Disregard The new technology can detect counterfeit products. The management decided to disregard the employees’ complaints.
Overlook The investigator could detect tampering with the evidence. It’s crucial not to overlook any suspicious details.
Undervalue The advanced software can detect anomalies. He tends to undervalue the importance of security measures.
Omit The scientist was the first to detect the new species. The article seemed to omit crucial information about the discovery.
Pay no heed The system can detect unauthorized access attempts. The careless employee chose to pay no heed to the security protocols.
Turn away The detector can detect radiation levels. Despite the warnings, she decided to turn away from the danger.
Exempt The new technology can detect counterfeit currency. The law does not exempt anyone from prosecution.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DETECT

Identifying concealed objects or hidden details can be quite challenging when using antonyms for detect. It becomes intricate to perceive lurking threats or uncover obscured truths. In circumstances where spotting anomalies is crucial, reliance on the opposites of detect can lead to oversight, making it arduous to recognize intended meanings or pinpoint discrepancies accurately.

Without the ability to acknowledge, reveal, or notice, the process of interpreting, uncovering, or revealing becomes hindered. This limitation underscores the importance of employing direct means of detection for accurate assessments and decision-making. Relying on detecting rather than its antonyms proves essential for effectively navigating tasks that require the perception of concealed information or hidden elements.

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